A Night Of Games


Jenny was eighteen years old and despite already being an absolute stunner was a bit of a tom boy, all four of her closest friends were boys and she much preferred staying in and playing video games to going shopping with a bunch of screaming girls.

She was an avid user of the Internet and had been known to stay up all night on chat rooms or browsing porn sites. Although she had had very little experience with boys and sex, she had been very adventurous in the Internet porn that she browsed and masturbated often to all sorts of different fetishes. She had found her way on to sites depicting women being spanked, whipped, burned and raped and all enjoying it, she even found some sites which women performing various sexual acts on animals. As time went on Jenny searched for more and more perverse images to fuel her fantasies and often dreamed of realising them.

Friday night had come round again and Jenny packed her games console away ready to take round to Tom’s house for a night of playing games and drinking beer. Tom’s parents always stayed out overnight on a Friday and Jenny, Tom, Tim, Ben and Alan always went round there and stayed up most of the night, tonight would be no different. Jenny was wearing her usual scruffy clothes, a loose fitting jumper and holey jeans, no bra and some old panties.
Arriving at Tom’s Jenny went to the back room and set up the console, everyone was there before her which was strange considering the brothers Ben and Alan were almost always late. Once everything was set up Tom came in with the first round of beers and they got on with playing the games. They quickly finished the first game, and the first beers and Jenny got up to go get more from the kitchen, Tim jumped up and insisted that he would get the beers and ran off into the kitchen, Jenny thought this strange but soon forgot about it when Tim came back with the beers and they continued playing.

Once the next game was finished Jenny was feeling really quite drunk, it was strange as it usually took her a lot longer to feel this drunk and she usually kept up with the boys. She decided to sit this game out and have a lie down on the sofa, after checking she was ok the boys continued playing their games and she led down, soon drifting off to sleep.

Jenny woke up suddenly from her sleep, her eyes darted around but found only an empty room, she sat up and looked up at the clock, it was nearly 8am, she had slept right through! Her mum would be there and minute to pick her up so she quickly packed her stuff away and then made her way outside, on her way she passed the front room where the boys were asleep on the sofas and floor.

On the drive home Jenny began to remember dreams that she had had that night, dreams of bondage and torture as usual but this time they featured her four friends which had never happened before, she uncrossed her legs uncomfortable feeling the soggy panties between her legs, she often woke up with wet panties after a night of hot fantasies but she did notice that it seemed to be excessive today, they must have been good dreams!

Once Jenny was home she went up to her room, she wanted to check her email before she got changed, strangely there was one from Tom, she opened it…

Jenny, hope you got home ok? I have a bit of a confession to make, about a week ago I was bored and decided to hack into your computer, imagine my surprise when I found all of the pictures, stories and web links for all of this weird porn!!

Jenny’s mind raced as panic overtook her, oh my god she had been found out! She read on…

Well you’ll be happy to know that we haven’t told anyone, we decided to have a little fun with you over it. You see, last night, when you fell asleep, we actually slipped some tranquillisers into your beer!! Once you were asleep we had a bit of fun with you, don’t worry though, we took photo’s for you to see! You can take a look at them on http://www.weirdjenny.com

Jenny couldn’t believe what she was reading, what the fuck had they done to her?! She quickly clicked on the link in the email.

The site came up with a parental warning which she quickly agreed to, then there was a picture of her in her school uniform and the title of the site “Weird Jenny” in large font, they had obviously spent some time on it. There were two links, “Pictures” and “Message for Jenny”, she was eager to see what had happened last night and quickly clicked on pictures, and the first ones appeared.

As she flicked through the pictures butterflies began to flutter in her stomach, the first few were of her led on the sofa on her back, her hands were above her head and her jumper was pulled up around her neck revealing her pert breasts. She continued to flick through them, and found shots of each of the boys straddling her with they’re penises lying on her chest between her mounds. Further pictures depicted her with her hand around they’re rods seemingly wanking them off, if you didn’t look at her closed eyes and emotionless face you could be forgiven for thinking she was a willing participant in the photo’s.

A strong emotion began to build inside of her as she reached the end of the pictures, it wasn’t the anger that she had expected though, instead a wave of excitement washed over her and took her by surprise, despite how humiliated she felt looking at them she also felt herself growing wet, she was getting turned on.

Moving to the next page the pictures began to get more disturbing, the first one of this page showed some hands undoing the button on her jeans followed by further images of her zip being pulled down and apart to reveal her tatty panties. She continued through them watching her jeans being pulled down revealing her slender young legs, this pages pictures ended with a full length shot of her lying on the sofa in just her panties, she clicked ‘Next’.

For the first shot on the next page she had been sat upright, slouching on the sofa, her legs were lewdly spread apart and her panties had been removed! Her heart was beating as she looked through the close up pictures of her pussy, exposed in all its glory, she could not believe that her ‘friends’ would do this to her, violate her, like this. Any illusion that her boys, her friends, had any respect for her were shattered when she moved to the next image, it was the same as the first on this page, her lewdly slouched on the sofa only this time Tom was knelt down between her legs, her fears were confirmed when the next picture showed the same scene from the front, Tom’s hands were groping her tits and his cock was buried deep in her previously virgin cunt, raping her lifeless body, the other boys were in the background watching.

A tear ran down her cheek as the realisation washed over her, the realisation that her best friends had violated her in the worst way a woman can be violated, however the worst part of it, was that looking through these pictures had made her extremely horny, she could feel the wetness growing in her pussy and wanted relief. As she continued through the rest of the pictures of her being fucked, then him pulling out and them redressing her, she undid her jeans and opened the zip, just as they had done earlier, as her fingers slid down her slit she realised that the ‘excessive wetness’ in her crotch was actually Tom’s cum seeping out of her hole, she smeared her fingers through it, using it to lubricate herself before plunging her fingers deep into herself.

Jenny finger fucked herself right there in her computer chair, her door was open but at that point she didn’t care, she fantasised that her fingers were Tom’s cock forcing itself into her while she lay there unable to prevent it, her pussy ran with juices that mixed with Tom’s cum as she writhed in the midst of the best orgasm she had ever had.

Once Jenny had recovered she took a shower whilst she contemplated what to do about her new situation. While she felt violated and used and she knew that what had happened was bad she couldn’t help but feel excitement about it, she couldn’t believe how horny it had made her just now in her room, but it was on the Internet, anyone could go and see it, kids from school, teachers, her parents! Suddenly she remembered the message, on the front page of the site there had been a ‘Message for jenny’ link that she had completely forgotten about. She washed her body thoroughly, trying to get rid of the dirty feeling she had inside, she made sure her pussy was nice and clean inside and out, then she got dried and put on her dressing gown before rushing back to her computer.

Weird Jenny popped up again as soon as she opened her browser, somehow it had made itself her homepage, she clicked the message link…

Jenny, I assume you’ve browsed the picture page and I hope what you found wasn’t too much of a shock?

“yeah right”, she thought…

Well we have a proposal for you. If you agree to keep last nights activities to yourself, we will not tell anyone about your late night internet activities, further to that, we will only show a select few people (none that you know) the web site.

Jenny was amazed that they expected her not to tell anyone she had been raped, but then she considered what her life would be like if they revealed everything they knew about her. Maybe she would keep quiet, she read on…

We have another proposition for you, we are having another games night this Friday and would like you to come again and make it another ‘special’ one, only this time without the tranquilisers. We both know that you enjoyed looking through the pictures, there is so much more that we are willing to do to you, for you!

See you Friday, Tom

Jenny’s mind was now spiralling, she had no idea what to make of the last part of this message. The guy who had raped her the night before, her best friend, was asking her to go back round to the scene of her abuse and submit to whatever it was they had planned for her, no doubt it would be humiliating and degrading, and in front of all five of her friends. Even the idea of doing it was perverted, but she couldn’t help but feel horny at the prospect.

The rest of jenny’s weekend was uneventful as was school, she avoided the boys which wasn’t that difficult as they weren’t in any of her classes and she returned home for lunch. Despite not wanting to even make eye contact with any of them she couldn’t help but return to weirdjenny.com every lunch time and every evening, most of the time her ‘quick looks’ ended up with her writhing in another orgasm in front of the computer, she just couldn’t help herself.

By Thursday morning she could think of little else than getting back to masturbate to the images of her rape or the message that she had now read a thousand times, the invite to more abuse. At the beginning of the week she was certain that she would never be going round to Tom’s house again, but now, she wasn’t so sure.

When Jenny returned home on Friday lunch time she found she had an email, from Tom. With quivering hands she opened it on the screen, she couldn’t believe her heart was beating so fast at just an email from her best friend.

Will we see you tonight?

Jenny didn’t even realise what had happened until her reply had disappeared into her Sent Items, a simple word, “Yes”.

It was 7:20 and jenny sat in the car beside her Mum, she was only about five minutes from Tom’s house and the butterflies were doing a real number on her stomach. Her Mum had obviously noticed that her daughters usually drab clothes had been exchanged for her best jeans and a small top revealing her stomach and shoulders. What her mother didn’t know was that underneath Jenny had worn her only lingerie, a lacy violet thong and push up bra set that she had got for her sixteenth birthday but never worn. She had brought her bag with her console in it, but that was just for show really, she was fairly certain it would stay in the bag.

Her Mum dropped her off at the end of the drive just before 7:30 and then reminded her that she would be there to pick her up at 8am sharp the next morning before driving off leaving Jenny with her thoughts. As she approached the door her mind was racing so fast that she couldn’t really understand anything that she was thinking, she rang the bell, nothing, she tried knocking but as she did so the door creaked open slightly, lying on the mat was a note, “Go into the back room, remove your shoes and stand on the table. Legs shoulder width apart, hands cupped behind your back”.

Jenny immediately knew this was going to be both humiliating and degrading, one of the stories that Tom had copied from her computer had started out like this, and it hadn’t ended well for the girl! She closed the door and made her way to the back room, to her surprise all of the boys were already there but none looked up or acknowledged her when she walked in. She continued to follow her instructions by removing her shoes and stepping up onto the coffee table, she faced the boys backs and opened her legs until they were level with her shoulders, then she reached behind her back and cupped her hands together, this pulled her shoulders back and she was very aware that she was pushing her breasts out.

As the time passed Jenny’s butterflies began to settle down, despite the fact that her embarrassment level had risen considerably over the last fifteen minutes during which she had stayed in position with her breasts pushed out while the boys ignored her and continued to play games. After twenty minutes Alan left the room, only to return a few minutes later with five beer bottles and a video camera on a tripod, he planted the tripod a few feet from Jenny and then checked to make sure she was in frame, then pressed record before handing out the beers to everyone, Jenny’s beer was placed between her legs. She looked down and could see the condensation running down it, she wanted to drink it as it would probably loosen her up a bit but she had read about these situations in her stories, it was a test, if she moved, she failed.

Ten minutes later the boys finished their game and all turned to face Jenny, she was still position on the table, they admired her pert full breasts before Tom spoke. “Take off your jeans”, he said matter-of-factly, despite the fact that Jenny wasn’t even sure she wanted to go through with this she almost instinctively reached down and undid her button and zip before sliding the jeans down her toned legs and stepping out of them, she blushed as bed picked them up and sniffed the crotch before discarding them. Jenny returned to her position.

At this point Tom got up to his feet and began slowly walking around the table, she could feel his and the other boys eyes examining her half naked body, she knew this was what was meant when women said that men looked at them like a piece of meat. Tom was behind her now and she jumped as she felt his hand begin to slowly slide up the inside of her left leg, over her calf and up her thigh, her face was scarlet by the time his fingers touched the lace of her thin thong, she felt them slide over her pussy, the first time she had allowed anyone else to touch it. She was growing wet from his simple touch and he knew it, he could feel the damp beginning to form on her thong. As he ran his finger along the length of her slit her one last time, her closed eyes were shocked open by the slinging slap across her right ass cheek. She almost fell forward but managed to remain in her stance as she felt the red handprint form on her ass.

The humiliation of staring into the faces of her friends as they watched another of her friends touch her up and spank her ass was almost too much, her eyes began to well up as she looked at the grins on their faces, Tom rejoined them. “You seem quite moist” Tom announced as much to the rest of the group as to Jenny, she had to look at the floor to keep her composure. “This is your last chance to leave, if you do what I ask next then you’re here all night, do you understand?”, Jane looked back up and nodded her head, she was scared but knew this was something she had to experience. “OK” he said, “I want you to pull your slutty thong to one side so her can all see your filthy fuck hole, then I want you to crouch down until your ass touches your heels”, Jenny was surprisingly relieved, despite how degrading it would be to expose herself like that, she was expecting a lot worse. “However”, Jane’s heart sank, “Alan here has left a bottle of beer between your legs, I don’t want it moved so it will have to go up that tight fuck hole of yours, maybe there’s still some of my cum up there to use as lubricant, from when I fucked you last week.

Jenny was filled with a mixture of fear, shame and pure lust for what she was being asked to do, she had never felt such strong feelings before and was surprised by how much this experience aroused her. Almost in a trance she reached down and using one finger pulled the small piece of material that covered her sex away, she looked directly into the camera as she exposed herself to it and her friends, then she slowly bent her legs and started moving towards the bottle.

She winced as she felt the cold lid touch her hot pussy lips, keeping her eyes fixed on the camera as she wiggled her hips a bit until the lid disappeared between her labia and found her hole. The whole experience was turning her on so much that her pussy was well lubricated, the first two inched of the bottle were fairly thin and penetrated her easily but with an inch to go before her ass met her heels her pussy reached the part of the bottle that tapered out. Jenny knew she had to continue and applied more pressure, she could feel every millimetre as her tight hole stretched to accommodate the bottles girth until her ass came to rest on the heels of her feet, she looked back to Tom, who looked to the other boys, they were all staring wide eyed at Jenny, their best friend who had just impaled herself on a beer bottle in front of their eyes. “Give me your belts”, Tom said to them and they complied, Tom took them and walked behind Jenny who was sure she was about to get spanked again with the belts. Instead though he pulled her arms around behind her and strapped her wrists together with on of the belts, she struggled a bit but the leather held arms firmly in place. Next he pulled one of the belts up between her legs, wrapping it around her upper and lower leg and fastened it. The belt ran around the very top of her thigh, almost touched her stretched pussy lip, and then round her shin just above her ankle, once her had attached the last belt on the other side she was completely held in the position that she had put herself in, she tried to move put couldn’t at all.

Jenny panicked as she realised that there was no way for her to remove the freezing cold bottle that was already starting to feel uncomfortable in her groin. “There’s no point in struggling” she heard Tom say as he reached round from behind and gagged her with a piece of duct tape, “I got this idea from a video on your PC, I’m sure you’ve seen it, you probably got off on the fact that the girl was left completely helpless, just like you! We’re off to get some more beers, back in a bit”, and with that they all left and she heard the front door slam shut.

By the time the boys returned the bottle had warmed up and was less uncomfortable for the young girl, she had been stuck in the crouched position for fifteen minutes and the cramping in her legs had taken her attention away from the cold fullness in cunt. She watched in shame as the four came back into the room and laughed at the layer of sweat that now covered her body, Tom proceeded to undo the belts on her legs. Tom gave his next order, “raise your body until only the cap of the bottle is inside you”, Jenny immediately did as ordered despite her humiliation, with the top of the bottle just penetrating her she knew what was coming next, “now fuck that bottle until you cum!”.

Having sat with the chilled bottle inside her for a few minutes it was difficult for her to push herself back down onto it, however, after a couple of thrusts and accompanying cheers from the boys the shame of it all soon had her pussy juices flowing again. Overtaken by lust, Jenny began to fuck the bottle for all she was worth, ramming her body even further onto the invader than before. She was about to come and had completely forgotten about the onlookers when Tom ripped the tape from her mouth unleashing her moans of ecstasy as the camera rolled on.

As the sixteen year old regained her composure the realisation of what she had just done washed over her, she stared into the camera lens and felt the piercing stares of the group of boys burning into her. She thought about what it must look like from the other side of the camera, the sexy young girl with her arms strapped behind her back, bouncing up and down, with a beer bottle stuck up her vagina, until she cums, what a sight!

Tom was not done with her by a long way though, he freed her arms first and they fell limp beside her body, then he put a hand under her ass and pushed upward, she rose up and he gently pulled the bottle from her dripping cunt before ordering her to stand, Jenny followed the order obediently, still in a daze. Tom, now in front of her, reached forward and using one finger replaced her thong over her pussy, this simple act possibly the most humiliating so far, though worse was to come.

A nervous looking Alan approached her and handed her two wooden clothes pegs, she took them from him with a smile, the smile soon disappeared when Tom spoke again. “Attach a peg to each of your nipples”, whilst he spoke he roughly pulled the cups of her bra down exposing her mounds, Jenny was hesitant but did as he asked, wincing as each peg clamped down on the tender points of her breasts. She returned her hands behind her back and waited, but not for long, “I want you to go and find some things for me” Tom said before handing her a list. Jenny took the piece of paper and looked at it, she had only read the top item when she felt the slap to her left ass cheek, “GO!” Tom shouted.

Almost stumbling she stepped down from the table and headed out of the room, past the three spectators with they’re obviously rock hard cocks, they were all watching the pegs jiggle up and down as she walked along, she kept her head down as renewed embarrassment showed in her face. As she walked into the kitchen she could feel her thong being soaked in fresh juices, she couldn’t believe how much this was turning her on. The first few things on the list were easily found in the kitchen, a black magic marker, a plastic funnel, a bowl and a roll of duct tape, she put everything inside the bowl and headed to the bathroom where she grabbed a towel and a razor, then she went through to Tom’s room and found the remaining items laid out on his bed, a box of tacks and two bulldog clips, like the kind you find on the top of a clipboard, she took them and headed downstairs.

Ben was at the bottom of the stairs with a hand held camera and filmed her as she descended, the begs bouncing up and down as she went, as she reached the bottom he spoke to her, “You know, you don’t have to do any of this? If you ask Tom will stop.”, Jenny looked at him, she appreciated the sincere concern in his face, “Thank you” she said and a smile came across her flushed face before she headed to the back room. Tom took the things she had brought and she returned to the table, she couldn’t help but blush when she looked back to Ben who now entered the room and continued filming her. “Tim, take the pegs off” Tom said, Tim was up like a shot and gave each of her breasts a fondle before yanking each peg off in turn, each one causing a yelp to escape her lips as the blood returned. She didn’t know what she was feeling as she allowed ‘Shy Tim’ to touch her that way, she wasn’t turned on by the touch itself, more by the degradation of allowing him to do it.

Behind her again, Tom moved her arms to her sides before releasing the clasp on her bra, the garment fell down her arms and landed on the table below, now only her soaked thong remained. Tom then told her to remove it before joining the other boys to watch and film her slide the skimpy garment down her legs and then kick it onto the table in front of her, then she returned to her spread legged position now completely naked.

Tom barked another order at her, “On your back, hands behind you head, knees up and legs spread”, Jenny immediately reacted, quickly assuming the position with her legs spread facing the camera, she stared at the ceiling wondering what humiliation was coming next. Tom entered her gaze interrupting her thoughts, she looked at him noticing the sodden thong in his hand, “don’t move” he said before lying the garment across her face, it completely covered her eyes and she could feel the wet crotch resting on her lips. As Ben circled her with his camera her nostrils filled with the musty aroma of her own juices, “Open your mouth slut” she heard Tom say, she blushed when she heard him call her that but slowly her lips separated allowing the crotch of her thong, which only a minute before had been pressed tightly against her dripping pussy, drop into her mouth, someone then touched the bottom of her chin and her mouth closed around the material. Jenny couldn’t help herself and sucked some of the juices from the garment filling her mouth with the taste of her own cunt which was now wetted than ever.

As Jenny lay there, effectively blindfolded and enduring the humiliation of having to taste her own pussy, Tim moved her chair to the side of the table between her legs, he had the bowl in his hand which was now filled with cold water and a cloth, he placed it on the table and picked up the cloth, Jenny could here water but had no idea what was going on until the cloth was dumped onto the mound of hair just above her pussy causing her to jump and screech, freezing cold water covered the area and began to run down the creases of her pussy, her immediate impulse was to jump up but she refrained and kept still, closing her mouth again around the crotch of her underwear.

Once the initial shock had worn off Tim continued to soak the entire area before picking up the razor and making his first pass over her mound. If they had taken the underwear off her face they would have noticed her scarlet cheeks as she kept her legs spread wide, allowing one of her best friends free access to remove every strand of her pubic hair, she was especially nervous as she felt the razor remove the hair sprouting from her labia cutting dangerously close to her most private parts sending a shiver down her spine.

Once Tim was finished he dried her off with the towel making sure his fingers and the towel penetrated her tight hole and dried the whole area, humiliating her further as the towel soaked up her copious juices. She still could not see anything but could feel Tim get back up and take the bowl from between her legs which she kept in the spread position, her crotch felt every draft now that its protective bush had been removed and she all of a sudden felt very exposed.

Tom now removed the thong from her face and dropped on the table beside her head, Jenny immediately looked down at her bare cunt, it reminded her of when she was a little girl, before her pubic hair started to grow. As she continued to stare at it Tom appeared between her legs and she could sense that Ben was now filming from above her head, Tom was holding the bulldog clips in one hand and reaching out to her left pussy lip with the other, Jenny barely had time to prepare herself before the clip clamped down on the entire length of the lip, she tried to scream but Ben’s hand quickly covered her mouth and held her down while the other hand filmed her writhing body, she was still squirming when Tom released the other clip onto her right lip. The explosion of pain in the most sensitive part of her body was the most amazing sensation she had ever felt and she didn’t know if her tears were from pain or pleasure, but it was probably both.

It took about five minutes for the pain to settle down and for Jenny to regain her composure, the boys cocks were all rock hard after watching the naked young girl writhe around on the table with the clips attached to her groin. Now Tom was making improvements to the torture, first he spread her legs again and bent them at the knee, she complied without resistance, then he took hold of one of the clips and pulled it outwards towards her outstretched leg, once it made contact with her leg her labia was pulled taught, he then wrapped the tape around the clip and her leg sticking the clip and her labia in position. Jenny was wincing at the pain but did not try to stop him, not even when he repeated the process on the other side. Once finished he stepped back and admired his handy work, she had to close her eyes at the humiliation of having her four friends inspect the most private part of a woman’s body, stretched out and open like some kind of biology experiment. Alan took a few shots of her with his Polaroid camera, including a few close-ups of her splayed cunt.

After they were sure that she had been humiliated as much as possible in this position Tom told Jenny to get onto all fours, she did so as gently as possible as every movement of her legs caused a jolt of pain to shoot through her groin. No sooner was she in position Tom was knelt behind her and she could feel his hard cock between her legs, she had never touched a cock before, not consciously anyway, but she immediately knew what it was that was rubbing up and down her slit, her juices were now freely flowing from her open hole as she contemplated that she was about to be fucked consentingly for the first time, she didn’t expect what happened next though.

Suddenly the cock disappeared from between her legs and she felt it push hard against her asshole, she screamed as he rammed his rod into her tight entrance, trying to penetrate it unsuccessfully, each thrust pushed her forward and almost made her fall. He hole began to give slightly and she felt it being forced open painfully, it wasn’t enough though. Tom soon gave up declaring, “this sluts asshole is too small for my cock!” before slapping her ass a couple of times, Jenny’s face once again turned crimson and Tom’s words degraded her once more. He climbed off the table, “don’t worry though slut, we’ll get our cum in that ass of yours somehow”.

Jenny had no idea what Tom had meant until she saw him pick up the funnel and return behind her, she suddenly jerked forward as the funnel was shoved up her soaking wet cunt and thrust a couple of times to coat it in her juices then she felt the relatively thin end of the funnel slide into her ass, then it was shoved hard and forced its way a good three inches into her before the wider funnel part came to rest against her stretched asshole, she heard the ripping of tape and funnel was fixed in place. Jenny was illuminated by Alan’s camera flash but besides the intense humiliation of them all watching, and filming, her with the thing protruding from her ass, it didn’t feel too bad.

Tim brought a full length mirror into the room and positioned it in front of Jenny, looking into it only confirmed what she already suspected, she saw Tom stood on the table behind her, cock in hand wanking himself off, with the sight of her in front of him it wasn’t long before he was spraying his seed into the funnel, Jenny couldn’t feel it but knew her ass was currently filling with cum. No sooner was Tom finished then he was replaced by Alan, first of all he knelt behind her and she felt his cock enter her cunt, not only the second to do so but the second to do so without permission, after a couple of thrusts ,which sent shockwaves through her stretched labia, he stood up and began to wank himself off, Jenny could see her own juices glistening on it just before she watched his cum shoot out into the funnel and down into her anus.

As the third of her best friends climbed onto the table behind her Jenny began to wonder what was wrong with her, despite the position she was in, despite the mixture of humiliation and shame that she had been experiencing in varying degree’s the whole night, she was having the time of her life. Her pussy had been virtually dripping the entire time and she couldn’t wait to find out what they would put her through next. What the hell was wrong with her?

The last boys cum dripped down the funnel and into her body mixing with that of the other three, Tom reached over and yanked the funnel from Jenny’s ass, ripping the tape off and causing her to squirm, though she stayed in position. “You know as soon as she gets up our cum will just drip out” Tim said, Jenny listened as he spoke about her like an animal, “we should plug her with something, these will do” he said, picking up her thong and handing it to Tom. Tom smiled as he rolled the skimpy underwear up into a ball and placed it at the opening to Jenny’s ass, she took a deep breath in before he pushed on the ball with his thumb pushing the garment into her, without even thinking Jenny began to push back as she felt her thong disappearing inside, neither stopped pushing until Tom’s thumb was buried to the knuckle in her ass, then he pulled it out and Ben zoomed in with the camera as her sphincter closed over the purple material sealing it and their cum inside. She was told to stand up and did so with a scarlet face as they all inspected her ass to ensure nothing escaped.

Everyone was now in front of her and stood and watched them for a minute as they admired her sexy young body, glistening with a layer of sweat. Tom eventually broke the silence, “We’re going for a ride, but we need to get you dressed first”, Jenny’s mind began to race and her heart began to pound in her chest, what was he talking about, she never agreed to go anywhere away from the house! Despite these thoughts going through her mind she knew she would go, and at least dress her!

Tom handed her a pair of handcuffs, “attach these to one wrist”, Jenny took them and attached one end to her left wrist, tight enough so she couldn’t get out but not uncomfortable. “Put this over your head” he ordered again and handed her a thick black bag, she nervously took it and placed it over her head, shrouding her in darkness. As soon as it was on somebody pulled her hands behind her back and handcuffed her wrists together, she listened as her friends scurried around getting ready. Suddenly she felt something cold and we on her right ass cheek, it didn’t take long for her to realise it was the magic marker, they were writing something on her. She felt the pen on her ass, tits and pussy mound before she was led off the table, she assumed they were taking her somewhere else to dress her but panic set in when she was led out of the front door and the cold damp air hit her naked body. Despite the urge to turn and run back inside she allowed them to lead her to the car and place her in the back seat like a criminal being put into a police car.

A boy got in each side of her and two got in the front, she didn’t know who was where but she knew that Tom would be driving. As soon as they had pulled out of the drive a hand from each side pulled her legs apart, she squirmed as the clips stretched her pussy open, soon she had a mouth sucking on each of her nipples and the person on her right was frantically rubbing her clit, five minutes later she was moaning behind the bag as the touch forced her into an orgasm, the rubbing and sucking didn’t stop for another ten minutes when they arrived at their destination, by then her nipples and clit were like bullets standing out from her body.

All of the doors opened and the boys got out, then one of then grabbed her arm and helped her out too, she had no idea where she was but she was outside and she could hear cars passing on a street fairly close by, she knew it was dark already but was still panicking that someone would see her. She was taken by the arm again and led along some tarmac, until they stopped abruptly. A gruff voice that she didn’t recognise spoke, “So this is her then?”, panic and humiliation overcame her and she tried to turn away but whoever had hold of her arm gripped tighter holding her in position beside them. “Yeah, this is her” Tom said, obviously the person holding on to her arm. “She doesn’t seem to want to be here” the stranger said, “oh yeah, she wants your dick inside her all right” Tom replied, Jenny couldn’t believe her ears, was Tom really gonna let this guy fuck her?! “I want to hear it from her” he said, to which Tom responded “OK” and pulled the hood from Jenny’s head.

As Jenny’s eyes adjusted to the dim light she saw the stranger in front of her, he looked about forty years old, he was dressed like a homeless person and had a long matted beard. “So you really want me to fuck you little girl?” he asked, Jenny’s mind raced, was he really asking her such a stupid question?! Of course she didn’t want to have sex with him! Tom squeezed her arm, “Yes, please will you fuck me anywhere?” she said without even thinking. “OK then” the man said quickly and then took her arm from Tom.

Ben continued to film as Jenny’s naked form was led further down the alley by the tramp, all the boys followed in excited anticipation of what they were about to witness, Jenny really was a slut! Jenny’s mind was in a daze, had she really just said that out load?, suddenly she was stood in front of a pile a wooden pallets that were stacked to waist height, the edge of the top one was touching her bare ass. The tramp was in front of her, only a few inches away, she could smell his rancid breath and could see the bits of old food in his beard, the stranger stepped forward and reached around her grabbing her ass cheeks, then lifted her up and sat her on the stack of pallets. Jenny didn’t know what was going on, she wanted to stop what was happening but for some reason she didn’t try and for some reason, her pussy was wet again.

Jenny was led down on her back, her legs hanging off the end with the tramp behind them, her head rolled to the side as she looked at Ben who was now walking towards her to get a better shot of the scene, Jenny returned her gaze to the dirty stranger. His pants were down now and she could see his long hard rod protruding from beneath his stained shirt, it looked as dirty as the rest of him, then he thrust it forward burying it in her young dripping cunt. “Well even if you don’t want me to fuck you, your body certainly does!” he announced as he reached forward to maul her tits, Jenny felt him squeezing and scratching her mounds with his long finger nails but her mind was completely concentrated on the words that he had just said, they resonated in her mind, he was right, she was hornier right now than she had ever been in her young life. A new wave of shame washed over her as she realised that the prospect of being fucked by this tramp was the closest thing to ecstasy she had ever experienced.

The tramp was now thrusting deep into her tight pussy, each time ramming into the bulldog clips causing them to dig into her tender flesh, despite the pain, and the feeling of revulsion every time she looked at the stranger, she could feel an orgasm building inside her. Suddenly she felt his still hard cock slide out of her sopping wet hole, she looked down as he pinched her nipples and then let go of her breasts and took a step back, she noticed the layer of grimy dirt that covered her pert mounds just before he grabbed her thighs and flipped her over, she squealed as she landed face down on the pallets and a sharp pain shot through her left tit.

The top half of her body was now led face down on the stack of pallets, her legs were being held up by the tramp who was now between them again. Jenny winced as he held her legs wide apart, the clips stretching her pussy lips as far as they would go. She was expecting him to re-enter her eager pussy any second but instead his well lubricated cock found another hole, Ben filmed Jenny’s eyes widen as the tramp pushed the head of his rod between her ass cheeks and began to put pressure on her tightly sealed rear fuck hole. Despite Jenny’s attempts to clench her muscles the man was able to exert too much pressure, she felt her hole begin to open and accept the invader and she bit her lip as the pain ran up from her ass to her head.

Slowly the stranger forced the head of his cock into her virgin asshole as Jenny moaned and her tears began to flow, the now stopped as he had come up against a blockage. “She got something up her ass?” he shouted to Tom, “Yeah, her thong” Tom replied, Jenny heard the man chuckle just before he thrust into her again. She was forced a few inches forward on the pallet and the intense pain in her ass was joined by several more sharp pains in her tits as they were dragged across the rough wood.

To Jenny it felt like a water melon had been shoved up her ass, but in fact the tramps dick was only two thirds of the way in. He began to move his dick in and out of her, slowly at first but then increasing his speed and ferocity, soon he was using her legs to pull her entire body back onto his cock as he thrust it into her, impaling her to the very base of his long member. Jenny was like a rag doll as she allowed the tramp to continue despite the fact that her ass was screaming in pain and her tits were growing increasingly raw from being dragger back and forth along the wood. Occasionally she would let out a scream when he thrust a bit too hard.

Despite the tightness of her young ass it took five minutes of heavy fucking before Jenny felt her bowels fill with the strangers copious amount of cum. Her legs were released and her feet made contact with the floor again, she could not move as the tramps was still resting his weight of her ass while he recovered. After a couple of minutes she felt his cock shrink and he stood up and pulled it from her hole, it was a disgusting feeling, she heard him zip up his pants and thank Tom, she cringed as she heard him comment on what a good fuck she was. Jenny stayed where she was, her breathing was still heavy, she had been only seconds away from orgasm when the tramp had stopped. While she was being fucked all feelings of shame and humiliation had left her, but now while she led there wishing he would fuck her some more, her face turned red again.

She did not know who went first, but as soon as the cock slid into her pussy she was riding on a wave of orgasm, right up until the forth boy shot his load into her womb and withdrew his cock. She was still panting when Tom pulled her back upright and walked her back towards the car, Ben was walking backwards in front of them, still filming. As she climbed back into the car she could feel the slimy seed of the guys she had serviced tonight begin to seep from her holes, at that moment she knew she was a complete slut.

It was one in the morning by the time they got back to Tom’s house, they led her into the house and told her to lie on the sofa. In the fully lit room they could see the damage that had been done to her tits, as well as the red scratches that were dotted all over the grubby mounds, splinters of varying sizes were sticking out at all angles. Tom took the two clothes pegs that were lying on the coffee table and attached one to each of her nipples, even if she had the energy to resist, they had not removed her handcuffs yet. Alan took a few snaps of her with his Polaroid camera, the flash glistening off the slime that coated her groin and inner thighs, then the light went out and the doors were closed. Jenny was exhausted and despite the fact that she was in an uncomfortable position, and her tits ass and pussy were all in pain, she drifted off to sleep quite quickly, and slept soundly.

Jenny awoke to the sound of a car horn, she quickly realised that it was eight o’clock and it was her Mum’s horn that she could hear. To her surprise her hands were free and she quickly jumped up and found her clothes, with a bite of her lip she removed the pegs that had trapped the circulation in her nipples all night and slip her bra up her arms. As carefully as possible she fastened the bra behind her back, only a couple of the splinters were pushed further in, then she pulled her tight fitting top over her head. Her jeans were the last item of clothing, she slid them up her legs and gingerly manoeuvred then over the bulldog clips that still attached her cunt lips to her thighs, and surprisingly they could barely be seen once her jeans were on. She slid her feet into her shoes and picked up the bag which had never been opened.

The boys were still asleep as she climbed into the passenger seat of her Mum’s car and they drove off. The drive home was uneventful, her Mum engaged her in boring conversation and didn’t even seem to notice anything was different. As soon as she was home Jenny went up to her room and stripped off, standing in front of the mirror she examined the bondage that she still wore between her legs that stretched her labia grotesquely outward. Then her gaze moved to her breasts, six inch long splinters of wood were protruding from different points on each one as well as several smaller ones and probably quite a few that couldn’t be seen, she proceeded to pull them out leaving small holes all over the tender mounds, she almost screamed a couple of times when removing the larger ones.

Once she was happy that she had gotten as many out as possible she went over to the bed and led down, keeping her legs open she began fondling her open pussy, stroking the stretched lips and pinching her clit. Both her pussy and asshole were still very sore and aching but she couldn’t help but feel horny, she ran her fingers over the bulldog clip on her left lip, then gripped it between her fingers, with the other hand she took a pillow and placed it over her face, then she squeezed the clip.

As the blood rushed back into the sensitive flesh of her labia a pain more intense than anything she had yet experienced shot through her body, she couldn’t help but scream and had to push the pillow hard into her face to quell the sound. She had barely recovered before she inflicted the same on the other lip, finally allowing her pussy to return to normal. Jenny let the pillow fall to the floor and began to run the fingers of her right hand along the grooves left by the clips, the entire area was extremely sensitive. Sliding two fingers between her lips she began to caress her clitoris, her pussy was soaking again, it wasn’t long before she was writhing on the bed as another orgasm engulfed her, as it did so her left hand found her breast and she squeezed it with her hand and pinched her nipple between forefinger and thumb. It felt like someone was pushing needles into her tit as very minute splinters that still invaded the mound were pushed deeper, this only served to intensify her orgasm.

Jenny lay on the bed for a few minutes before going to take a shower, she gently washed all over her slender figure cleaning the dried cum from between her legs, then she coated her fingers in soap and pushed one of them into her anus, immediately noticing how much slacker it felt than the day before. Her finger was almost all the way in before she managed to touch the material of her thong, after ten minutes of experimentation with one and two fingers she managed to grip the material. She pulled the soiled garment out like a tissue from a box, allowing her anus to return to its normal position, she felt an immense sensation of relief and the last of the material came out followed by a steady stream of thick cum, without even thinking about it she scooped it from between her cheeks and deposited in her mouth, the taste was revolting but she swallowed it down anyway, enjoying humiliating herself.

Once she had finished in the shower Jenny put her dressing gown on and sat down in the front of the computer, she couldn’t wait to see the pictures and video at http://www.weirdjenny.com.

The End

2 thoughts on “A Night Of Games

  1. Richard

    Last night I thought I would check out your stories and several hours later I had gone through the first six and ended up getting to sleep quite late.

    I have often fantasised about you keeping me entertained in bed for hours on end but never in this way.

    Safe to say I enjoyed your stories and look forward to reading the rest of them.

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