So this is the list of my fantasies that my friend is going to help me fulfill, it’s like my sick and twisted bucket list!

The agreement I have with my friend is that he will organise fulfilling these fantasies and in return he gets to take pictures/videos of them for his personal use and ownership and that at such a time as I no longer feel the need to protect my anonymity he is free to do with them as he pleases.

As I fulfill the fantasies I will cross them off and link to the post containing details of the experience.

  • Be blindfolded and restrained and left in a hotel room to be used and abused by a sick perverted stranger who I will never meet or even see. (Completed May 2016)
  • Be put into severe bondage and used as an ornament or furniture at a BDSM event for a prolonged period (at least a day). (Completed July 2016)
  • Be given to a dominant bdsm oriented very obese man for his use over a weekend. (Completed partially September 2016)
  • Be degraded by being forced to swallow bodily fluids and other disgusting things from multiple sources (potentially at a party).
  • Be put in tight bondage and torture inside a crate and be transported a significant distance.
  • Be given to a dominant bdsm oriented pre-op transsexual for her use over a weekend.
  • Have my body modified (in a sexual way) without my prior knowledge of what will be changed. (Completed December 2015)
  • Be forced to sexually service one or more none humans in as many ways as possible. (Completed September 2016)
  • Be sold (for actual money which my friend will keep) to a third party for a week of (almost) no limits use.
  • Be used as a genuine toilet at a bdsm party.
  • Have a scene from Torture Galaxy recreated on me.

I reserve the right to add to the list as long as my friend is happy to continue organising them.