Birthday present

Some of you may know, most won’t I guess, that my birthday is coming up soon (26th April) and Kayleigh has come up with an interesting present idea, she wants to buy me a piercing. I used to have a few piercings, I’ve had my nipples pierced several times and have had labia piercings before too.  I have always removed them when I got bored of them and let them heal up, the last time I had anything pieced was when I was with Joanne (my previous Mistress), she had me get both my nipples pierced and also both labia pierced several times, after a while though she decided they got in the way of using clamps and play piercing and she had me remove them.  Jo liked having my body modified, she was the one that organised the permanent laser hair removal of my pubic hair several years ago!

Some time ago I had an idea to get a genital piercing, or several genital piercings so that I could wear a custom piece of jewellery in them that caused me constant discomfort, I actually posting on the SlaveFarm forums about it here, there were some good suggestions but in the end I never got around to doing it in the end. This was partially because I didn’t find the “perfect” thing and partially because all the stuff in London happened and I moved away.

Anyway, I quite like the idea of getting another piercing, its been a long time since I’ve had one and the thought that I’m getting it from/for Kayleigh gets me quite excited, its almost like a proper Mistress/sub thing to do! The only problem is that when we discussed it she said that I should think about where I’d want to get pierced and what sort of jewellery I’d want to wear in it, well in actual fact I don’t want to choose myself!  I was thinking about it today and in actual fact I would much prefer someone else to decide all that and the perfect scenario would be for me to enter the piercing studio with no knowledge of what was going to get pierced and with what!!

I plucked up the courage and text Kayleigh to tell her that about half an hour ago and we had a few texts back and forth since then, the conclusion of which is that she wants me to give her three options and she will choose one and not tell me which one it is until it is time to get it done. So, then my idea is to do another poll! I thought I’d put a few ideas of my own in and then allow people (you!) to add additional options, then the top three on the 20th April will be the ones I present to Kayleigh.  I’m actually getting wet just thinking about this plan which tells me it’s definitely the right course of action, this way it is totally out of my hands which is just the way I like it!

So, the poll is below, you can either vote for one of my ideas or come up with your own suggestion, please try to keep them sensible though, anything visible is out of the question because of work, which includes my tongue. As long as it can be hidden under office wear it will be fine!

Happy voting, hopefully I’ll have time to post something else soon xx

The big reveal

A little while ago I put a poll up on here asking you all to decide which three things that I have done I should reveal to Kayleigh as she had asked me to tell her three things that I had done in the past that she didn’t know about. I came up with a short list and asked you to decide which of those ten I would tell her.

As per my previous post I revealed these to her over a Chinese take away, let me set the scene in a little more detail though. By the time I got to her apartment and presented myself in the usual way she had already ordered the food and it arrived about twenty minutes after I got there. During those twenty minutes she had me undress and lie on the coffee table on my back with my hands behind my head. Then she explained to me that she had always wanted to eat of a slave girls body, she’d seen it in a film somewhere apparently, anyone know the film?

So when the food arrived I kept very still while she emptied the (very hot) chicken fried rice onto my stomach and then poured the pot of OK sauce into the middle of it. The (very very hot) sauce immediately ran down between my legs and I had to bite my lip as the hot liquid momenterally coated my pussy lips. They had put several sets of chop sticks in with the food, the cheap wooden ones that come stuck together, she pinched one of my nipples and slid a pair of chopsticks onto it until the nipple was squeezed tightly between them, then she did the same on the other nipple before she began eating her food with a third pair.

I laid there in silence just barely tolerating the burning food on my stomach until she finally gave me a distraction by asking me to reveal the first item that she had asked for. I decided to start with the lowest voted one, partially because it was the lowest voted for and partially because that would mean I’d have to reveal the dog one last which I was still trying to avoid at that point!

I explained about the chastity belt, first that it was from Neosteel which is a German company and that I had to use a measuring kit to and send that off and that eventually I got the belt which fits extremely closely and is very thin so that it can be worn under clothes. She asked me how much it cost and was impressed that I would spend so much on something that could only cause me torment! She also asked a lot of questions about how secure it was and how it works for long term use (as in the practicalities of wearing it long term). All in all we talked for about alf an hour about it, she was a lot more interested in it than I expected to be honest!

Then we moved onto the next subject, which was the thing about me loving the idea of somebody else modifying my body in any way. She already knew a little about this one because she knew that I loved it when she did the henna tattoo on my ass cheek but I expanded on that quite a lot. I explained how it spans from little things like someone forcing me to have my hair died or get new piercings to more permanent things like tattoos and brandings. I got carried away talking about it and started describing some of my more extreme fantasies like being forced to lactate and having to have my huge full udders milked every day, having my clitoris removed so that I can never have the release of an orgasm again (I need clitoral stimulation to cum usually) and having my holes stretched so that they are only good for pleasuring bulls and stallions. I know some of these are pretty sick and twisted fantasies but I thought it was time for her to know a little more of the real me. Obviously I don’t intend to carry out these fantasies but I felt a big relief when I told her about them and she didn’t throw me out of the flat! I actually think she got quite excited when I was talking about it, she looked a little flushed and I know I was wet!!

So the last thing to talk about was the dog stuff which I think I came onto quite nicely from all the farm fantasy stuff I had been talking about. I led her into it gently describing how it was just before my former Mistress (she knows all about Jo) left and we spent a week of her dominating me and making me do some crazy things. I described how I was taken to a guys house and that eventually it was revealed that I would be being “mated” by his German shepherd! She was visibly shocked by this, I could tell from how wide those amazing west went when she realised where I was going with the story. I described how I was tied down to a bench and how the dog tried to mount me several times, I described how disgusted and horrified I was tat it was happened and then how amazing a feeling it was when he finally found my hole and began vigorously fucking me like his bitch.

I described how it felt on the third round of fucking when he pushed his knot into me and it expanded inside tying us together and how utterly humiliating it felt to have an animal ejaculate inside me and, with burning bright red cheeks, I described how I came at the same time as the dog and how it was one of the best and biggest orgasms I’ve ever had. I tried to explain why I thought that was, that it was a combination of the very extreme submission of allowing it to happen, the extreme humiliation of it and all of those things. Finally I explained how the dog had pulled his knot out of me painfully and then waked away, leaving his used bitch tied to the bench dripping his cum down her thighs.

After I had finished talking she asked me some questions about the dog etc and she finished her food. Eventually she gave me some paper towels to clean myself up and allowed me down from the table. However the rest of the night I had to stay on all fours, like a dog! She made me eat her (very wet) pussy before I was allowed to eat my food, which was cold by now, off a plate on the floor, like a dog!

After food we ended up watching a movie, me curled up at her feet and then we went to bed and she fucked me with a strap on, doggy style of course! I didn’t get the chopstick nipple clamps off until after the sex, I almost came again when she pulled them off!

Fast forward a couple of days to Sunday (25th March) night and I get a phone call from Kayleigh just before I go to bed. She tells me to put my chastity belt on and put all the keys in an envelope and send hem to her first thing on Monday, five days later I was very horny and happy to pay the price to get the belt off before I went on holiday!

The results were in!

So this is going to have to be very quick because I am going out in a minute and then I am going on holiday tomorrow. I will try and write a post while I’m on holiday but I will be with people most of the time and then I’ll be at my Mum’s house so it might be difficult.

Anyway, so I closed the pole last week and the top three were:

  1. I had a huge orgasm when I was “mated” by a dog
  2. The idea of someone else modifying my body excites me
  3. I have been “mated” by a dog I discounted this because it is really trumped by the first place one!
  4. I own a skin tight Neosteel chastity belt

I told her about all of these over Chinese take away last Friday.  If I had to gauge her reaction to each one I would say the first one shocked her, the second one excited her and the third one….well she must have liked it because I have been wearing it for the last five days and she has the keys!

I am going to a client meal shortly and after that I have to go and beg Kayleigh to remove the belt before I go on holiday. She says she hasn’t decided whether or not to remove it yet and it could be pretty awkward at airport security if she decides not to!

Wish me luck!