All the Holes

There are a number of holes in my body beyond the obvious three so I thought I’d write about them all and how my Mistress sees fit to put them to good use! I’ll start with the ones I was born with and then talk about the after market ones that Fi decided my body needed.

Beyond my dietary and communication needs my mouth is there to service Mistress however she wants, I’ve used it to give her direct pleasure on pretty much every inch of her body at one time or another, some more than others! She also uses it to clean up messes and spills as well as her personal toilet when the mood takes her. I remember one time she spilt a load of soy sauce on the floor and had me clean it up “manually”. I hadn’t cleaned the floor in a few days and it was horrible to lick up pure soy anyway, I really did not enjoy that! Mistress is also not shy about using my extensive oral skills on other people either as I’ve written about before.

My pussy is used for pleasure, either mine or somebody else’s and it does it fairly well even if I do say so myself! It’s had a multitude of different things pushed into it, whether its a strap-on, a dildo, a vibe, a vegetable, a flesh and blood cock or something more adventurous it’s probably been in my pussy and someone has got some enjoyment out of it. Similarly my ass has been well used over the years and has had various items introduced to it, most notably a 52cm long toy which I managed (eventually) to take fully inside me.

So on to the holes that I wasn’t born with but Mistress decided I should have anyway. Actually, the first wasn’t Mistress at all, both my ears are pierced but I had those done myself a long time ago. They’ve never been used for play and while I don’t always wear earrings in them I do fairly regularly.

Then there is my septum, I’ve had this pierced for a few years now and most of the time I wear a simple clear acrylic retainer in it which is completely invisible when turned upwards. The only time something else is in it is when Mistress decides to “use” it which makes it very much a practical thing that Mistress wanted to have done to me. Over the first year she increased the size of the hole to 6g (about 4mm) which was big enough for anything she wanted to do with it. She has different sized rings that she will put in the piercing, from one that is tight around my nose to one that hangs to the bottom of my chin. She also has a dog leash that she often clips into it so she can lead me around and “control me”, also on more than one occasion she has attached me to an object or another person with a padlock through it. I’ve spent time with my septum piercing locked to both the clit hood and cock head piercings of complete strangers.

My nipples were modified and pierced by mutual agreement although by the time it was done my agreement was most certainly not needed. For those that don’t already know my nipples have been tattooed around my areola in the same colour to make them into a heart shape, there are photos of this on other posts. My nipples were also pierced and those piercings have now been stretched to 10g (about 3mm) and contain rings that, when closed using a special “key” that Mistress holds, cannot be opened. They look like a continuous metal ring and we really like them, plus they are useful for Mistress to hang things from or use in bondage (now they are fully healed and can take some abuse) and have the added bonus that my nipples are hard and sensitive 100% of the time!

And for right now, that is it! As people who’ve been reading longer will know I did at one point have a clit piercing that ended up getting torn and I have had various temporary holes put in my pussy lips, tits and tongue but they were all allowed to heal up so that they could get new holes put in them another time!

One month, one goal


At the beginning of this month, and year, I wrote about some goals that Mistress Fiona and I have agreed upon for me to attempt to achieve in 2018. One of those goals was:

  • Achieve an average daily views count of 500 on this blog

To achieve this I have increased my presence on Tumblr as much as I can and have been trying to post more regularly on this blog. I suppose “regularly” isn’t the right word as some weeks I can post more than others but I think I’ve written more content this month then I possibly have before.

The news so far is good if not great, the average daily views this year is 596.44 which is pretty good considering 2017’s average was 234.28! Other interesting facts are that I’ve already matched half of the views that I got in 2015, which was my worst year since I started this blog, and have had my best day ever on 11th of January when I got 1241 views!

So thank you to everyone who has been reading and reblogging my posts on Tumblr, it really is helping me reach this goal and I am very grateful, please continue!

Now to another more interesting, for you I think, goal that I was set:

  • Submit to a permanent body modification of my (Mistresses) choosing

I actually successfully completed this one within a day of the year starting although I can’t claim too much credit for it because all I really did was lie there.

Some time ago I saw a picture of a girl who’d had her nipples, well around her nipples really, tattooed the same colour as her areola so that they looked like hearts, this is the picture on Mistresses original “Goals” post. She really liked it and so did I and we both thought it would look good on me.

My nipples are only quite small, possibly because my boobs are only quite small, and not very dark. According to a tattoo artist who we approached about this idea, those are all good because he can blend the colour over the edge of the areola so that it isn’t visible and it all looks like one solid shape. I don’t really know anything about tattoos but it sounds plausible that this would prevent a defined line between the natural edge of my nipple and the new one.

When we discussed and agreed on my goals this immediately came to mind but I didn’t mention it because the goal isn’t for me to get a body modification of my own choosing, it is one that Mistress decides upon. Fortunately, and excitingly for me, great minds think alike and this is what Mistress wanted to get done too.

I have had a tattoo before, many years ago, and I also had that tattoo removed. My advice is do not get a tattoo unless you are sure you definitely want it. The removal was more painful, time-consuming and expensive than having it done in the first place, it took several sessions of laser treatment as well as several years of fading for it to be completely gone.

Anyway we managed to get an appointment for it to be done on New Years Day, the tattoo artist is a friend of a “friend” of Mistresses, honestly she has so many connections all over the place I’m a little suspicious that she is some kind of underworld boss!

Even though it has happened more times than I can possibly count it’s always a little weird getting my boobs out in front of a complete stranger but he was very professional and left me and Mistress in the room while she undressed me from the waist up. She did it in quite a sensual way and my cheeks were a little flushed when he returned and started to prepare things.

I had to stand up whilst he drew the hearts around my nipples freehand which was a really bizarre experience, I think it was so that they would be even and look right when I am standing naked. After a few corrections, some of which were prompted by Mistress after she had closely examined me, everyone was happy. He did ask me if I was happy with the placement but Mistress answered for me and he accepted that, I think he knew some of the dynamic of our relationship. I have to admit it made me even hornier (and wetter) the way she was completely in control of how the end result of my breast modification would look.

It was painful but a manageable pain and Mistress held my hand and stroked my hair the whole time which was very sweet. The guy was also very professional, despite having to manhandle my breasts whilst tattooing them he apologised for having to do so and showed complete concentration on the task at hand throughout.

I was half expecting to have to pay for the tattoos with my mouth and/or other holes but no, he took pounds sterling and gave me plenty of advice (and some cream) on how to care for my new nipples.

Any of you who have tattoos will know the healing process is a little arduous and having them on your nipples is not ideal, the peeling and itching stage was very irritating in particular. During the healing the colour changed quite drastically and I was quite concerned that they would look ridiculous but as they healed up the colour ended up matching perfectly, as you can see in the picture it really just looks like my nipples are heart-shaped and I am so happy with how it came out, as is Mistress.

In other news Mistress and I have been talking and we would really like to visit a BDSM club/event some time in the near future. Our concerns about visiting such a place anywhere near where we live still exist though so we came to the decision to visit one in Europe somewhere.

It needs to be in a city with an airport and be an event or club that allows at least top half nudity but preferably full nudity and has areas where customers can watch and perform scenes. If anyone knows of such a place I’d be grateful if you could let me know and thank you to the people who replied to this request on Tumblr.

Finally, while this modification does satisfy my 2018 goal it is not the only mod that Mistress has planned for this year. For a start she wants to get my septum pierced and have a retainer put in it that is hidden so that she can put a leash or jewellery through it whenever she wants to which is something I do really like the idea of also.

There are no other plans that I am aware of but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any, Mistress has a fetish for modifying a sub’s body and I have a fetish for having my body modified to another persons specifications so who knows where that combination will take us!