For much of my youth I was extremely sure about my sexuality, while I held no prejudice against any other sexuality I considered myself to be completely straight right up until I was confronted with the fact, or rather that I acknowledged the fact, that I wasn’t.

In the very first post on this blog, which is actually a post from 2006 that I recovered from a previous (now deleted) blog, I talk about how I am straight but that I like playing with Dominant women because I find it humiliating to be used by another woman. By the next recovered post from 2008 I was coming to the end of my first real D/s relationship with a woman.

The years in between, my early twenties, were very confusing for me as I began to look more deeply at myself and tried to better understand the things I was feeling. The fact I enjoyed the sexual activity I had with non-females but that there was no emotional connection for me, the exact opposite to the narrative I had always written for myself. I began to understand how I naturally separate the physical and emotional elements of sex and most of all began to really understand and accept that I was different.

At the time I didn’t really have anyone to talk to about this and my blog was really an amazing resource for me to pour out my feelings and thoughts and to get feedback from likeminded people, I had nothing like that in my real life not least because I was (and still am to a degree) very private about this side of my life.

There have been times in my life when I have been suicidal just because I am who I am and I wouldn’t wish that feeling on anyone. I think it is wonderful that things like Pride month exist now and that people of all gender identities and sexualities can be more open about who they are and be accepted, I hope this move towards openness and acceptance continues and grows.

It’s because of the changes in the world, as well as the support of a loving partner, that I was able to come out to my family and friends that I am queer, something that I never thought I’d be able to do. And even go as far as to reveal the true nature of mine and Fiona’s relationship to my sister and some close friends.

It took a long time but I am genuinely proud of who I am, how I choose to live my life and who I choose to share it with so I thought this would be a good post to write during Pride Month.

In other happy news, I’ve managed to retrieve my domain and get my blog back to where it’s supposed to be!



When I was in my second year at University (College to any US readers) I was a very different person. For a start I was straight (or thought I was) and was really quite vanilla. It wasn’t long since I’d had my nipples pierced for the first time which was the event that awakened my masochism, you can read about that elsewhere on this blog.

I was much like any other girl at university really, studying, having fun and making friends whilst living in halls. Then in my second year I lived in a flat with two other girls who I’d met in the first year and this is the time I wanted to talk about in this post. The reason is, whilst I didn’t think much of it at the time or for years afterwards, I have recently come to realise that it was my first experience of dominance.

It wasn’t like this before we moved in together but a dynamic gradually built in the days and weeks after the first term started. One of the other girls I was living with, I’ll call her Christine, started to ask me to do things. It was small things like to make a coffee in the morning when she got up or to get her something from the shops while I was out but she never asked the other girl we lived with or our other friends, it was always me.

I kind of liked it, it made me feel like I was her “best” friend and the one she relied on for things. Being young, that was important to me especially as Christine was the prettiest and most popular of our group. As time went on some of these things became routine, for example I was always up before her and made her a coffee and brought it into her room without being asked, at first she thanked me but then she stopped and we both just accepted the routine.

After a few weeks, rather than asking me to get things while I was out she started leaving me little shopping lists, she would go into my room when I was out or even when I was in the shower and leave them on my bed. Despite the agreed rule that we didn’t go into each others rooms without permission this didn’t really apply to her and my room, or to me and her room because I often went in to her room to drop off the things I’d bought for her.

One time I was heading to the laundry room to do my washing and she saw me, she said something along the lines of “Oh would you be a darling and throw some of my things in with yours?”, I said I would and she said to grab them off the floor in her room then she left. I went back to her room and found her laundry basket almost empty and dirty clothes all over the place on the floor. I remember feeling like I should be annoyed but really not being and instead just going round picking up her dirty clothes and underwear (she was a bit of a messy person!) and then taking them to wash with mine. I washed, dried and folded them all before leaving them on the end of her bed. Again, after a few times of asking me to do her washing it became routine, she stopped asking and I just collected her stuff when I did my own.

I honestly didn’t think much about this, we were really good friends and spent most of our free time together and I didn’t mind doing a few chores for her, that’s what friends are for isn’t it? It wasn’t until nearly Christmas that the other girl who lived with us mentioned it when we were alone, she asked if it bothered me that Christine had me doing all of her chores but never did anything for me. I found myself playing how much I did for her down, “It’s only a few things for a friend, I don’t mind helping her, she’s not good with the domestic stuff is she?”. In hindsight I knew she was right but put it out of my mind, I think subconsciously I didn’t want to answer the question of WHY I didn’t mind it.

Remember I was entirely straight at this point in my life, I’d never had any experiences with other girls and didn’t know much about BDSM, I was at the very beginning of finding out about it all. I was also desperate to be “normal”, I’d discovered that I liked pain and that it turned me on but I didn’t want to be that way. Being “normal” was very important to me at this time in my life.

This all continued after Christmas, we hung out a lot and it was completely normal except that I did everything for us. Made the drinks, fetched duvets for us to lay under while watching movies, whatever needed doing I did it but it was purely platonic.

Then Christine started to get a little, well, slutty! She discovered that she liked all the attention she got from guys and started to have some fun with it and when I say “some” I mean “a lot”! There was a student night at a local club and we went every week and most weeks she picked up a guy to bring back to the flat.

The thing is, she didn’t just pick up guys for her. The first time it happened the guy she was chatting up had a friend, he didn’t want to leave his friend and Christine basically guilt tripped me into chatting to his friend so that we could all go home and she could fuck the guy, I ended up drunkenly giving his friend a blow job.

Over the next few months this also became routine, her choosing a guy on a night out and then choosing one for me too. This is the part that I really should have thought was strange at the time, no one else picked up on it because no one else knew except me and her that she was basically choosing men for me and I was going along with it whether I was attracted to the guy or not.

This only went on for a few months and then she seemed to realise that she was sleeping with too many guys and calmed down a bit, which meant my sex life also went back to normal!

One time whilst I was retrieving her dirty laundry from her bedroom floor I found a vibrator under her bed. Of course I had my own vibrator but mine was a tiny bullet one, hers was a rabbit style one and looked huge to me! I took it out and looked at it, put my hand around its girth to see how big it felt, I was definitely wet thinking about it being used. Then I heard a noise and, jumping, I spun around to face the door but there was no one there. I returned the vibrator to it’s place under the bed and left her room.

On my birthday a month later she gave me a lovely bracelet but when I went to bed that night there was an extra package on my bed, it was a rabbit vibrator just like hers. We never discussed it, she never as much as gave me a knowing smile, but we both knew she’d caught me with hers and we both knew what we got up to in our rooms on our own at night!

The following year we lived in a house with three other girls and although I think Christine tried to keep me doing her chores the other girls wouldn’t have it, they called her lazy and despite me saying I didn’t mind they wouldn’t allow me to do as much for her and we ended up becoming less close, still friends in the same group but not as much of a “group within a group”. We kept in touch after I left university but I never spoke with her again after I left London.

I hadn’t thought about her in many years until Mistress and I were talking when I was at home last week. I’d never considered that time to be anything more than girls living together at university but in hindsight I think she basically Domme’d me, but without any sexual element. She had me wrapped around her little finger and I would have done pretty much anything for her and we were both perfectly happy with it. I don’t think she did it intentionally, I think she was naturally dominant and I was naturally submissive and we just fell into it with each other. I do wonder where she is now and whether she ever got into the lifestyle like I have.

This all came as a bit of a revelation to me recently so I thought I’d share it on here with you all, I hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about my past and what makes me the woman I am today!

Safe Sex


In my last post I mentioned some of the things my Mistress is training me in, some of which push the boundaries of my existing limits and someone expressed concern for my safety in the comments so I wanted to address that in this post.

I have always had a strange relationship with limits, yes I do have them despite what people might think but I really REALLY enjoy when they are pushed and broken, it’s part of who I am. That said I would only ever allow someone that I had complete trust in to go beyond those limits.

I’ve been into the BDSM scene for quite a long time now and in the past it was very much focused on the latter two letters of that acronym and if I’m perfectly honest it wasn’t always done safely and it’s only as I’ve got older that I am very much more aware of the need for things to be done safely.

To list just some of the ill-advised things I’ve done in the past:

  • Had unprotected sex with complete strangers on multiple occasions
  • Had unsterilised needles, skewers and fish hooks pierced through my flesh
  • Been left tied up for long periods when the person tying my had no idea how to bind someone safely
  • Been burnt more severely than is safe for play
  • Injected substances into my body without being fully aware if it is safe to do so

Fortunately for me I came through all of the above intact and more or less healthy but I am well aware that things could have been different and the older me is a little ashamed of the younger me for not taking better care of myself.

I’ve suffered fractured bones, infected cuts, severe bruising and more urinary infections than I can count through BDSM but despite of this I don’t regret doing anything I have done over the years, maybe only the lack of precautions I took whilst doing some of it.

My Mistress has a lot of experience in the things we are doing now and I have full trust in her ability to keep me safe whilst she expands my limits in the way that she wants to, for instance you mentioned there are health concerns with “full toilet service”? We are well aware of this and Mistress has already altered my diet and is giving me strong (and expensive!) pro-biotic supplements to improve the condition and resilience of my digestive system well in advance of beginning that activity.

As for the play partners, they may be random strangers to me but they are absolutely not strangers to my Mistress. I am precious to her and she would only loan me to someone that she trusts absolutely to take my safety into account as much as she would herself.

My eye is pretty much healed now so slapping training will be continuing soon and Mistress has also expressed to me that she will soon be giving me a week during which time she intends to torture me daily using nothing but my own orgasms. It sounds both exciting and terrifying!

Archive posts

Thanks to LondonTrainer I have recovered some posts from my old blog and have added them to this one.  You will find them at the end of the recent posts as I was able to set the correct date on them. I hope you enjoy reading them, I had mixed feelings reading them as they brought up some sad memories as well as some very good ones!

For those keeping score, the “Kayleigh’s Slut” clit piercing and the nipple rings with connecting chain are currently equal first place with 29 votes each!

Archive Posts:

  1. Meeting Tom – 06/10/2006
  2. I’m Back – 12/11/2008
  3. Monday: The Slave And The Whore – 21/11/2008
  4. Email From Mistress – 27/11/2008
  5. My Preston Trip – 05/01/2009

Archive – My Preston Trip

This is an old post from my previous blog that I have recently recovered some of thanks to LondonTrainer.

On the 5th January 2009 I posted the report of my trip to Preston on the orders of Mistress Jo, here is that report.

I left my front door just after 7:30 am and put my house key under a stone next to the path, as per my instructions I wouldn’t be taking anything with me other than the skimpy clothes on my back!
The day before I had been to a fairly seedy sex shop that I know of to purchase a black leather thong and bra set, they were fairly cheap so I looked evey bit the slut when I tried them on. The short black skirt and virtually see-thru blouse that now covered them did nothing to improve the look and my knee high boots only served as the icing on the cake so to speak!

The 29th November was a fairly chilly day and the wind just made it worse, certainly not the weather for my outfit so I nearly froze to death walking to the tube station. After two stops of guys tying to look up my skirt on the tube I got off at Euston and made my way to the ticket counter to collect my tickets.

The girl at the counter looked at me like I was dirt when she handed me the First Class ticket, oh yes Mistress has a sense of humour! I found my seat and sat down, I was first in and nearly every pasenger that entered after gawped at me while I cringed and blushed and dampened my leather thong!

The next five hours was fairly uneventful except for the repeated stares of the male occupents when they thought I wasnt looking or was asleep! We arrived at Preston just before 1:30pm and I was the first off the train, desperate to stretch my legs. I headed up the steps, fully aware that everyone behind would be examining my leather underwear, and accross the bridge to the side exit. As soon as I walked out I saw the car waiting for me, a Silver Astra registration number PO53 VHT as Mistress had said.

I walked towards the car making sure not to look inside as my orders were not to look at the driver. I could almost feel his eyes burning into me as I walked past the passenger window, opened the back door and climbed in, as I shut the door I immediately led down on my side accross the back seat so that I could only see the back of the drivers seat. I had barely led down when the car pulled away without a word.

We drove for about ten minutes and then pulled in somewhere, I could not see out of the windows to see where. The driver got out and I heard him rummaging in the boot (thats the trunk to our US friends!) then he dissappeared for a while, when he returned the door by my feet opened and a dog jumped in (I’m not sure what breed it was!) before the door was shut and we continued on our way.

After another five minutes we parked up again, the dog was retrieved from the door by my feet and then the door above my head was opened, he wasted no time in grabbing a handful of my hair and yanking me out by it, I tried to scramble out to relieve the pain in my head but ended up being dragged and falling in a heap outside the door.

I was in a small car park with only one other car in it, there were lots of trees around and a couple of paths leading away, it looked as though I was at a dog walking area. I tried to get up off my knees but he maintained his grip on my hair and kept me where I was, he hocked up a gob of spit from his throat and I thought I was going to get spat on but instead it landed on the floor in front of me. As soon as he opened his mouth I knew who it was, I’d never forget the voice of the only man I had ever been prostituted to!

“Clean that up” he said, I looked at the slimey greenish mess on the floor for slightly too long and got a yank of the hair and the command repeated. I reluctantly bent my head down, stuck out my tongue and scooped up the mess from the tarmac with it, the taste was disgusting so I just swallowed it quickly at the same time realising that this disgusting, degrading act was creating a warmth in my groin that I loved.

He made me give the tarmac another couple of licks to make sure it was “clean” before allowing me to my feet, I looked him in the eye for the first time and he had a huge grin on his face, he was loving his work! We set off down one of the paths, him and the dog in front, me walking slightly behind. We walked for another few minutes in silence which gave me chance to wonder what we were doing here, I suspected we would be heading into the trees so that his dog could mate with his whore, but I was wrong!

He let the dog off its lead and after running about a bit it went over to a tree, cocked its leg and out poured a stream of hot dog piss that pooled on the floor. The guy grabbed my hair again and led me over to the tree, I knew what was coming, he pushed me down onto my knees and then carried on pushing my head down until my nose was almost in the liquid, then he gave the order, “Clean that up as well”.

I could immediately taste the acrid flavour of the dog urine when I took my first lick, it tasted foul! As I began to lap at the pool he lifted my skirt and I felt a knife slide under the crotch of my leather thong, it must have been sharp because it sliced through the cheap material like butter and I felt the cold air on my moist slit. I felt intense shame as his fingers found that the vile act that he was making me perform was only making me wetter.

He roughly finger fucked my hole until the piss pool was dry, he still had excessivly long finger nails and I could feel them scratching around inside me. I was getting pretty horny when he pulled his four fingers out and took another handful of my hair (really sore head by now!) and dragged me back to my feet, this time I would be walking in front of him and he would be keeping a tight hold!!

We walked for another few minutes but he still didn’t say anything, definately not one for talking this guy! A yank on my hair stopped me and a quick look around revealed the reason why, the dog was having a shit. I have to admit, I started to panic a little bit here, I’ve heard that dog shit is toxic to humans but I doubted that it would have mattered to this guy! The dog finished its business and I was once again forced to my knees in front of it and my head was pushed to within an inch of the stinking pile.

I waited for the command to come but instead he buried the fingers of his free hand inside me and renewed his assault on my cunt. It didn’t take long before I was panting and he knew I was ready to cum, he released my hair and instead put his foot against the back of my head. I realised what was happening just in time and turned my head enough that when he pushed down it was my cheek that went into the pile of shit rather than my nose and mouth. By the time the brown stuff was coating my face I was already too far gone to stop, I tried to keep my mouth shut as I came all over his fingers with my face buried in the dogs mess.

Once he was satisfied I was done he pulled his fingers out and removed his foot from my head, he allowed me to get up on my own which I did slowly, my legs were slightly wobbly from the orgasm. When I turned to look at him he had a massive grin on his face, he said “What kind of sick bitch can cum with her face buried in dog shit?” then laughed and beckoned me to follow him.

We got back to the car and he told me to get in the back, the dog got in next to me and he got in the front. I looked in the mirror and shed a few tears of shame as I saw the light brown shit smeared down the side of my face and chin, I felt humiliated, degraded, all the things that make me horny, and I still was!

The drive back to his house was short, we drove straight down the side and into a garage at the back. He got the four legged dog out first and then the two legged one (me!). He took me around the back of the house and made me stand against a wall, then he got a power hose out and began to clean me with a powerful, painful jet of freezing cold water. He cleaned the shit off my face first and then ordered me to undress while he continued to assault me with the spray, I had to hold my hands behind my back while he battered my tits and then spread my legs so he could “clean my dirty hole” with a close up blast.

Once he was done I was dripping and freezing, but at least the shit was off me. He gathered my clothes and led me in through the back door by my hair, we passed by the microwave and I saw that it had just past 3pm, time flies when you’re having fun!! We entered the lounge and a hard shove sent me sprawling onto the sofa.

He left me alone for a few minutes giving me chance to compose myself a little and warm up, my body was striped with red lines from the power hose and my pussy was sore but other than that I was in good shape, physically at least. I tried to push from my mind the fact that I had been able to cum in that situation but secretly I knew it hadnt really been a surprise!

When he came back in he got me down on the floor on all fours and then sat down on the sofa, his orders were to take out his cock and “pleasure” him with my mouth. I obayed as sensually as I could but as soon as his cock passed my lips he took a handful of my hair and took control of the thrusting, my face was merely a hole to fill. His pulling and pushing of my head became more rapid and at the same time he began smacking my ass with what felt like a cane.

The face fuck continued for a few minutes as he tried to force his cock deeper and deeper into the back of my throat causing me to gag and drool a lot! My ass was really stinging by now, I had worked out that it was in fact a length of electrical cord that was marking my ass and every now and again he would catch the top of my thighs as well which made me jump further onto his cock.

I was just beginning to taste pre-cum when he stopped the whipping and pulled me off his cock, he pushed me away and left the room again.

When he returned he had some tools with him, he laid them on the table and ordered me to sit on the sofa, I obeyed and he roughly pushed my legs apart until they wouldnt go any further, then he produced a dildo which slipped easily into my pussy. He then handed me a scarf and told me to blindfold myself. He began to thrust the dildo in and out of me as I tied the scarf around my head. Once he was satisifed I couldnt see the thrusting stopped and he suddenly grabbed my nipple in a pinch, I felt metal against it and then metal teeth bit into my tit and I heard the ratchet of the pliers as they tightened onto my tit meat. He let go of the heavy pliers and they yanked my tit and then hung there stretching my tender flesh. The other tit got the same treatment and then the thrusting began again, only this time with a large dildo.

He continued to fuck me with the dildo for about another fifteen minutes, periodically switching for a larger dildo as I got wetter, he was stretching me! The final dildo was really painful but he was “persuasive” enough to get it in me, it wasn’t what he had been working up to though!

Last time he had hired me he had failed to fist me, this time he had obviously made it his challenge! He removed the last dildo and I could feel my hole gaping and knew it would probably never be the same again, he began with his hand outstretched pushing as hard as he could, it felt like he was ripping my cunt apart, after about five minutes of consant pressure and ordering me to push back against him he stopped pushing for a second and then rammed his hand forward, it was agonising as my stretched lips accomodated his hand, he worked his hand slowly in and out of me.

He got bored of this quite quickly though and showly pulled his hand out, he held it up to me soaked in my own juices and balled it into a fist. He began with the knuckle of his index finger quickly getting all of his knuckles in and leaving only his thumb to get in, he pushed and punched his fist as hard as he could and then all of a sudden with an agonising last push my hole gave way and his fist penetrated me, he was very pleased with himself, I had tears in my eyes.

It honestly felt like he had forced a bowling ball into me and I feared I would be permanentally damaged, but to be honest it felt great! All the bouncing up and down had caused the improvised nipple clamps to pull savagely at my tits as well, I was in pure pain bliss!

He slowly started to thrust with his fist but at the same time he grabbed a pair of small pliers and used them to grab hold of my clit and clit hood, as he thrust in and out of my obscene slit he began to twist and pull on my clit with the pliers, I came after about thirty seconds!

My cumming wasnt his que to stop though, he fist fucked me for a further ten minutes whist doing his best to remove my clit with the pliers, I put my hands behind my head and enjoyed multiple orgasms.

Once he was finished he pulled his fist out as hard as he could, another agony moment for my abused fuck hole! Hair pulling time again, he grabbed a handful and led me upstairs, the heavy pliers were still hanging from my tits and as I stumbed on the stairs they got twsited and knocked, my tits were getting a good beating without him having to do a thing!

He got me onto the bed and bent me over the rail at the end of it so I was on my knees on the bed with my tits, and the pliers, hanging off the end. I felt my ass cheeks pulled apart and then he hocked up some more spit and scored a direct hit on my asshole, lubricant! He wasted no time, his cock was hard as steel and he plunged it straight into my rear fuck hole. He began to thrust and the pliers began to sway, swinging on my crushed nipples, it didnt last long though, with all the excitement he was spurting his load up inside my ass in no time!

He stayed inside me and played with my nipple jewelery until he went limp, then he left me where I was and went for a shower. I didnt know what I was supposed to do so I just stayed were I was, I soon felt the cum start to seep out of my ass and down into my still gaping pussy. I checked my pussy and found I could still push most of my small hand into it without trying!

He returned from his shower fully dressed, he grabbed me by the hair again and led me downstairs, outside and into the back seat of the car. As we pulled out of the drive I really hoped I would get my clothes back before I boarded the train!, I also hoped he wanted his pliers back!

We pulled into the drop off point of the train station, where I had been picked up but further back then everyone else. He threw my clothes back to me minus the thong (predictable!!) and told me to get dressed but leave my blouse open and the clamps on. I did as I was told trying to stay as low as possible so people couldnt see me. Once I’d got my boots, skirt, bra (pulled down) and blouse (unbuttoned) on he told me to lean forward between the seats, he handed me thirty pounds, thanked me for being a “sicko twisted whore” and said he’d see me again soon, then he yanked both of the clamps off my tits!

Tears welled in my eyes as small drops of blood formed on cuts on my nipples, he told me to get out in no uncertain terms! I pulled up my bra, buttoned up my blouse and got out of the car. He handed me my ticket through the window and drove off.

I dumped my earnings in a buskers guitar case and boarded the train, no first class this time! The long boring journey back was uneventful, plenty of blokes leared at me in my slutty clothes not knowing that my cunt was probably no use to anyone anymore, my ass was leaking another mans cum and my bruised tits were leaking blood. Not to mention the fact that I managed to cum with my face buried in dog shit!

I went through various emotions while contemplating my days “work”, shame, humilaition, horniness! In the end I came to the conclusion that I am what I am and I’ll probably return to Preston again to be abused, and I’ll probably enjoy it….again!


After a month of pelvic floor exercises my hole has returned to a more normal size, its not the same as it was but at least I can still pleasure a “customer” with it!


Archive – An Email From Mistress

This is an old post from my previous blog that I have recently recovered some of thanks to LondonTrainer.

Posted on the 27th November 2008 this was an email I received from Mistress Jo, from Australia, whilst she was still my owner.

I recieved the following email from Mistress just now, should be an interesting weekend!!


—– Forwarded Message —-
From: Joanne Stone
To: Lois Tyler
Sent: Thursday, 27 November, 2008 16:57:37
Subject: Cancel your plans for Saturday


This Saturday you will travel to Preston on the 8:02 train from Euston arriving at approximately 13:30.  You will wear a black leather bra and a black leather thong both of which you will need to buy beforehand.  Besides the underwear you will wear a white blouse (which shows the bra through), a short skirt and your black knee high boots.  You will take nothing with you (leave a house key somewhere safe) which means no bag, no purse, no money!

When you arrive in Preston leave the station via the side door, there will be a silver Vauxhall Astra waiting for you (Registration PO53 VHT).  Get into the back seat and lie down accross it, do not speak to or even look at the driver.

The driver will take you somewhere of their choosing and use you as they see fit, when they have finished with you they will leave you back at the station in time to catch the 17:08 train back to Euston.  You will have been paid for your services whore, so make sure you give your earnings to a begger before boarding the train.

Your train tickets will be waiting for you at the Euston ticket office so there is no need for you to take anything with you what so ever.

Write a report of the day as soon as you can and post it on your blog.


Archive – Monday: The slave and the whore

This is an old post from my previous blog that I have recently recovered some of thanks to LondonTrainer.

Following on from the previous archived post this one from the 21st November 2008 finishes the story of my visit to see Mistress Jo’s prostitute friend. Incidentally, the day after the one described in this post is the day with the dog that I told Kayleigh about recently.

Well the results are in and it looks as if Monday is the winner! Maybe it was the little taster in the last entry that helped it along, I don’t know but you asked so I will provide (as is the way of a submissive!).

So, when I left off in my last entry Mistress had left me in the corner of the lounge, naked, nose touching the corner and hands behind my back with orders not to let it lose contact with the wall for thirty minutes! After twenty minutes it was getting pretty uncomfortable, my legs were aching and my nose sore from being squashed into the corner.

The whore and Mistress came back into the room, I couldn’t see them but I could sense someone come up behind me and it wasn’t Mistress. I didn’t move a muscle as the whore pressed a vibrating rubber object (it wasn’t a dildo, more like one of those butterfly vibes) into my groin. The toy was doing its job well, I was on the verge of cumming after only a minute or so and could feel my legs turning to jelly.

I couldn’t breathe through my squashed nose so was panting heavily as I came, my legs buckled and involuntarily pulled my nose away from the wall. I collapsed to my knees and looked up at the girl, she had a big grin on her face and mouth “Bad Girl” to me before turning and walking out of the room. Mistress helped me up and put me back into position with my nose against the corner, then I felt her put something against my asshole and push.

The broom handle had been lubed and Mistress had little difficulty pushing it into me but once it was in, she grabbed hold of it and wedged it against something behind me, the end of it pushed painfully inside me and forced me up onto my tip toes. Mistress then whispered in my ear “Maybe you will be able to follow ordered now?” and then walked out and closed the door.

Ten minutes in my calves were killing me and I couldn’t help resting some of my weight on the broom handle which felt like it was going to rip my ass in two any second! I jumped slightly (causing another jerk of pain) when the door bell rang again, I head the whore answer the door and then escort the “punter” upstairs.

The “sex sounds” from upstairs distracted me from the pain in my legs and ass for the next twenty minutes as I grew wet listening to her do her job and thinking about how much alike we were! I hated and loved the thought that I would make a good prostitute, giving up myself to be an object who’s only reason for being there is to pleasure the paying customer.

By the time the customer left I was covered in a layer of sweat and wouldn’t have been able to stay in position if I hadn’t been impaled with the broom. Mistress came back in the room, kissed me on the cheek and said “well done” then moved whatever was holding the broom in place and roughly pulled it from my aching hole, I basically collapsed onto the floor.

Mistress gave me a minute to compose myself and then attached a dog lead to my collar (the only item of “clothing” I had been allowed to wear), she told me to stay on my hands and knees as it would be good practice for tomorrow and then she led me upstairs to the whores room. Once there she pulled the lead upwards and I obediently got to my feet.

The slut was lying on the bed naked again, this time on her front reading a magazine, I could see she had been “used” and knew what was coming next even before Mistress said “clean her again”.

I crawled onto the bed between her legs, then reached down and gently parted her perfect ass cheeks to reveal her sticky, cummy asshole. I brought my face down between her spread cheeks and began to lick the cum from around her hole, after a minute Mistress slapped my ass and told me to “do it properly” so I pursed my lips, put them to her hole and began to suck the cum out of her.

After five minutes I pushed my tongue into her and moved it around to make sure all of the cum from her ass hole had been transfered to this sluts stomach and then lifted my head away. The whore once again just got up off the bed and headed for the shower, I was just a thing to her, I loved that feeling and I was sopping wet once again.

Apparently my performance had been enjoyed by Mistress too, while the whore cleaned herself off Mistress turned me over on the bed, climbed on top of me and lowered her naked groin onto my face, I did my job and made her cum on her slaves face.

Once the girl was clean again and Mistress was satisfied I was sent to clean myself up in the shower. When I had got dry and came out of the bathroom they were both waiting for me. They took me into the girls bedroom (not her “office”, it was much more girly!) and sat me down at a dressing table, Mistress brushed and dried my hair and then the prostitute did my makeup, just like hers! I was feeling quite pampered and didn’t really know what I had done to deserve it but I didn’t question it.

Once I was “made up” the girl produced what looked like her best prostitute clothes from the wardrobe and Mistress told me to get dressed. They both watched as I slid the black lace crothless thong up my legs and then fastened the slightly too small wonderbra around my tits, squeezing and pushing them up. Next I slid the boob tube down over my head to a point where it showed off a suitable amount of cleavage (for a whore, not a solicitor!). The outfit was finished off with a very short denim skirt and some black leather ankle boots.

By the time I was dressed I had begun to understand what was going on, or at least I thought I had, I was going to be whored! My mind was filled with thoughts and fears and Mistress must have seen the worry in my eyes, she looked at the whore, then at me and then said “Don’t worry slut, I’m not making you a street whore……yet” then both her and the girl laughed.

The girl left Mistress and I alone then and Mistress explained a little more to me. Mistress, the owner of all three fuck holes in this body that she owned, was ordering me to sell it for sex, she was making me prostitute myself. She explained to me that I didn’t have a choice so I should get used to the idea quickly and she reassured me that she had taken measures to ensure i was safe, then she left me alone.

I was alone for ten minutes with my thoughts, less than an hour earlier I was comparing myself to a prostitute, now I was about to become one, a label as permanent as the one on my groin. I thought about the humiliating, degrading nature of the oldest profession in the world and then realised I was making myself wet, maybe I already was a whore!?

Mistress came back into the room at the same time as I heard the door bell go, she grabbed me by the arm and led me out of the room saying “your client is here whore, go answer the door”. She left me at the top of the stairs then she and the girl went into her bedroom then closed and locked the door. I made my way down the stairs, walked to the door, took a deep breath and opened it.

As soon as I pulled the door open the guy was in the house pushing me back, he grabbed a handful of my hair and kicked the door shut. I was genuinely scared as he pulled me along the hall by my hair and then pinned me against the wall. His hand roughly went down my top and groped my right tit painfully, once he had had a good feel and pinched my nipple a couple of times he pulled up my skirt and groped my ass in the same way, then reached further down and grabbed my cunt in his fist and gave it a good squeeze. His last “check” was to roughly shove a couple of fingers into my cunt and then ram one of them into my asshole, he seemed satisfied and shoved the fingers into my mouth so I could clean them for him, I obliged feeling thoroughly violated…and horny!

He hadn’t even spoken to me yet and didn’t seem like the chatty sort! He turned me around and pulled my head right back by my hair and instructed me to open my mouth (i.e. “open your fucking mouth bitch”), I obliged and he cleared his throat and spat into my mouth. I gagged and tried to pull away but he held my hair tight and told me to swallow, I reluctantly obliged to that too! I knew it was disgusting but that only made me more horny!! (sick I know!)

He swung me around and headed up the stairs, I stumbled onto my knees but instead of stopping he grabbed the back of my thong with his free hand and dragged me up the stairs by my hair and underwear. The crotch of the thong dug painfully into my cunt bunching up in between my lips and pinching the tender cunt flesh. This was by far the most violent “session” I had been involved in to date and tears were already welling in my eyes, despite the fact that I wasn’t finding it objectionable!

I tried to get to my feet but he didnt give me change as I was dragged across the floor and into the “whore room”. For the first time since arriving he released my hair and dropped me to the floor, then he slid his shoe inside the back of the thong, put all his weight on my ass and pulled the thong. It was excruciating as the thong dug deeper into my slit feeling like it was cutting into my groin, I screamed just as the lace gave way and the crotch of the thong ripped in half.

He reached down and ran his fingers over my sodden slit and I blushed now that he knew I was turned on by what he was doing.

He picked me up to my feet with my back to him then reached around and grabbed my top and bra, roughly yanking then down and scratching his slightly too long nails down my tits and across my nipples. He then flung me around and pushed me back so I fell onto the bed, it was only now I got my first proper look at him.

He was early forties and hadn’t had a shave, he had slightly greying hair and looked reasonably respectable, he was dressed in trousers and a smart shirt.

He climbed on top of me and pinned my arms above my head, then he bent down and sucked and chewed on my nipple occasionally biting hard down on it, when he moved to the next one he left “love bites” all around the tit meat. The other tit got the same treatment and ended up with even more discoloured flesh.

Once he was finished abusing my tits he let me go and got back to his feet, he grabbed my thighs and in one movement flipped me onto my front, then he put one hand on the small of my back and pushed down while his other hand pushed between my legs and he thurst three fingers into my fuck hole, his nails scratched up and down inside my cunt as he violently finger fucked me with three then four fingers eventually attempting and failing to push his entire hand inside me.

Once he was sufficiently happy that my pussy was well and truly abused he left it alone, he had got his cock out now and had lubed it up with the copious amount of juice leaking from my whore hole. I felt his sharp fingernails slide between my ass cheeks and then he pulled my cheeks apart so hard it felt like he was trying to rip me a new asshole! Finally I felt the head of his cock force its way into my ass and he began to thrust in and out of my whore body.

He fucked me for a good five minutes occasionally slapping my pussy or ass and then he grunted and I felt his cum squirt up inside me.

He didnt waste any time pulling out of me (with a slimey slurp!) and flipping me back over, he climbed back on top of me and wiped his cock all over my face and then forced it into my mouth allowing me to clean him.

Once he was satisifed he climbed off me again and put himself away then pulled out a couple of twenty pound notes and shoved them into my gaping pussy before saying “thanks bitch” and turning and leaving.

I lay there for a couple of minute contemplating what had just happened to me, what I had just ALLOWED to happen to me and the fact that the soggy £40 that I was now pulling from my whore hole was in fact my payment for prostituting myself!

I looked up and Mistress was at the door, she said “well done, you’re a whore. clean yourself up” then she left again. I spent the next half hour in the shower trying to wash away the intense shame I was feeling, its a weird feeling when you feel so ashamed of yourself but when that shame turns you on so much, its very difficult to explain!

When I got out of the shower the clothes that I had arrived in were waiting for me, I got dressed and went back downstairs. Mistress was waiting for me, she led me outside and into a waiting taxi which took us to a hotel, I didnt even see my “co-worker” again.

We relaxed in the hotel for the rest of the evening, my body was aching all over but especially my cunt and ass but Mistress said this was only the beginning and tomorrow would bring another challenge.

I hope you enjoy this report and maybe that it insires a few more of you to come up with challenging tasks to degrade, debase and dehumanise this slut.

slave L

Archive – I’m Back

This is an old post from my previous blog that I have recently recovered some of thanks to LondonTrainer.

This post from 12th November 2008 marked my return to posting on a blog after my previous blog was deleted by Yahoo. It talks a little about my pubic hair removal and the tattoo that my Mistress at the time had me get.

The post was written shortly before Mistress Jo moved to Australia temporarily, however she ended up staying there and breaking my heart by releasing me from the slave contract I had with her. Fortunately I was able, at great expense of money and time, to get the tattoo removed and because it was fairly new it eventually disappeared completely.

The post then continues on to talk about the week before she left for Australia when we travelled around visiting her friends and having some “fun”!

Its been a long time since I looked at my blog, never mind updated it. I had a tough time of it a while back, my Aunt died, I was very close to her and despite the fact that she had been ill for some time it hit me very hard and it took me a long time to come to terms with it. It put a strain on my relationships and to be honest writing on here has been the last thing on my mind for some time. Mistress Jo helped me through it though and I am feeling much better now, and things have changed quite a lot in my life.

Firstly, things changed in my life, I have now become a fully trained solicitor and have got a new position within the company I was working for and am enjoying the challenge, and the pay cheque!

Then, thanks to Mistress, things changed in my body! Mistress had told me we were going on a trip and even when we arrived at the clinic I didnt know what she had in store for me, it was only just before the consultation that she gave me a piece of paper detailing what procedure I was having done. I was having all of my pubic hair removed by laser treatment. I was slightly shocked at first, but I had signed my body over to her when I signed the slave contract and so I couldnt have objected even if I wanted to. To be honest though, I am very happy with the smooth results and would recommend it to anyone who has to regularly shave their public region!

Mistress wasnt done yet though, two weeks after the hair removal process I was taken on another little trip. This time Mistress Jo had decided it was time that I received the “slave tattoo” that I had agreed to in the slave contract. Mistress had drawn a design herself (above is the actual sketch she gave to the tattooist) and given it to the artist who had beautified it, I didnt get to see it until it had been done, but I cant claim I didnt enjoy the pain!. The tattoo is an outline of a heart shaded in red, inside the heart is written “This slut, and all its holes belong to Mistress Jo” in black script style writing. At the bottom a pair of interlocking handcuffs overlap the point of the heart. The tattoo is placed just above my slit, I now realised why my pubic hair had been removed for good!

I was shocked when I first saw the tattoo, it dawned on me how permanent it was, especially considering what it said. However, I quickely become dripping wet when the humilating realisation that these degrading words would be forever emblazened above my cunt started to set in. The tattoo took a few weeks to fully heal and it has now become a welcome, constant reminder of my place and many uses to Mistress Jo.

Over the next few weeks Mistress and I “played” frequently but she started to change my focus somewhat. My focus has always been on finding more and more extreme ways to torture my body, physically. I have always reached out to find people with warped perverse minds who can think up bizarre and cruel ways to pull, pinch, crush, bruise, pierce and impale my tits, or stretch, seal, irritate and punish my fuck holes, and to be perfectly honest, I will ALWAYS welcome new ideas for new ways to do the things listed above. However, Mistress had something different that she wanted to try on me as well. I have always known that whilst my primary motivator has always be pain and the pleasure that it gives me, I also have a deep desire for humiliation and degredation.

I always thought that those desires could only really be fulfilled publically which conflicts wildly with my need to keep this private side of my life well and truly away from my job, my friends and my family, all of which are just as important to me as this side of my life. For anyone reading who doesn’t know, this is the reason why I will NEVER send or post pictures of myself doing the things that I describe in my blogs, hopefuly my words paint the picture for you well enough! Anyway, Mistress has come to make me realise that humiliation is within you, I dont need the whole world to SEE me clean Mistresses ass with my tongue to feel the shame and humiliation that gets me wet!

This realisation has opened up a whole new world for me, a world which Mistress Jo has been only too willing to fill with perverse, degrading, disgusting acts which some of you will likely be turned off by, I on the other hand, am wet just thinking about some of the things she has had me do recently.

In the midst of all of these revelations there came, just over a month ago, some news which I greated with very mixed emotions. Mistress was offered a very big promotion, excellent news I thought, until she told me that she would have to move to Australia for at least the first year, possibly eighteen months. I knew she had to go straight away, the opprtunity was too much to passup, but I was completely deverstated for exactly the same reason.

We talked about it a lot and she even offered to turn the job down, I offered to leave my job as well but we both knew that our careers were just taking off and it would be difficult for me to start again in another country and it would be madness for her to turn down the promotion. So it was settled, a month later she would be taking the job and I would be staying here, we would stay Mistress and slave but, for a year at least, we would be having a long distance relationship.

There was a lot to organise and before we knew it there was only a week left to go, we had both taken the week off to spend together and as you can imagine, Mistress had made plans!

Monday, we travelled on the train to a place called Preston which is in the North West of England and has a fairly grand train station! I’ve never been there before and I didnt think Mistress had either, but she seemed to know where she was going! We headed first to some fairly dirty public toilets, I was given a plastic carrier bag and ushered into a cubical, Mistress told me to put my clothes in the bag and hand it to her. I had been dressed “normally” for the trip, I slid off my jeans, folded them and put them in the bag then I took off my top and slipped that into the bag too. I slid off my bra and knickers and they went into the bag with my shoes, then I opened the door a crack and handed the bag to Mistress who simply said “Wait here” and then disappeared out of the bathroom.

I stood naked in the cubicle for ten minutes listening to people come in and out, unaware of my exposed state on the other side of the partician, I was just starting to get turned on by my predicament when Mistress returned and handed me a bag under the door telling me to “put it on”.

I quickly got dressed in my new outfit, a very short pleated red tartan skirt, a thin white tight tank top and a pair of quite high heels. I stepped out of the cubicle looking like, and growing damp like, the slut that I am, Mistress then produced my collar and fastened it around my neck. This would be the first time wearing the collar out in public but I didn’t even get chance to get used to the idea. Mistress turned and headed out the door and I obediently followed.

I must admit I rather enjoyed the attention I got as we walked out of the station and turned left down a hill. We walked down the hill for a few minutes and I was told several times to stop preventing the wind from blowing the back of my skirt up and revealing my naked ass. Half way down we turned right and entered a maze of small streets, I probably wouldn’t have been able to find my way out if I had tried. Before long we stopped outside a small terraced house with a green door which Mistress knocked on.

The door was opened by a very sexy looking girl, a bit younger than me, maybe nineteen or twenty who was dressed similar to me. We were invited in and ushered into the front room, Mistress followed me in but the girl didn’t. Mistress told me to remove my clothes which I quickly did despite the large window leading onto the street, she then moved me near the window, turned me to face it and then put my hands on the back of my head and spread my legs apart, then left with my clothes.

I waited for a few minutes during which time a few cars past but no pedestrians, then I heard both Mistress and the girl enter the room behind me. Almost immediately I felt fingers inspecting my slit, fondling with my clit and penetrating me. The hand then came under my arm and the fingers soaked in my juices were pushed between my lips and I licked them clean whilst my cheeks burned crimson. I knew it was the girl and not Mistress from her touch and her smell, it was different than Mistresses, the hands cupped my breasts, then squeezed them and finally tugged on my nipples, I stood and blushed and enjoyed the sensation. When she had finished the girl moved around in front of me, she was dressed as a school girl now with a sexy uniform and pig tails, she lent forward and passionately kissed me, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do but supposed Mistress wanted me to please the girl so kissed her back, I was so horny now.

The door bell rang and the girl pulled away, composed herself and left the room, Mistress quickly grabbed my wrist and pulled me, we went out into the hallway where I saw the girl by the door and then up the stairs and into a bedroom. The room was decorated very nicely and had a large bed in the middle of one wall. There were some “toys” laid on the bed which Mistress quickly grabbed and began to “apply” to me. First she bent me over the bed and quite roughly shoved a dildo into my cunt before pulling it out again and twisting it into my ass hole, then she got another dildo and shoved it into my cunt but left it there this time. I tensed as she stood me up to make sure the holes stayed filled, the last of which was stuffed with a cock gag which was strapped around my head.

Mistress Jo then gave me my orders, get under the bed, lie spread-eagled, and dont move no matter what, I did as I was told without question, I was starting to guess what was going on. I got under the bed and into position as ordered as Mistress disappeared out of the door, the sheet hung down on either side of the bed so no one would know I was there. I waited only a few minutes before I had company.

The girl was giggling when she came in and the guy who was with her was making leud comments about her being a naughtly little girl, I definately knew what was going on now. There was a bit of foreplay, some oral and then they got down to the good stuff. It sounded like he was fucking her like he meant it and she was making all the right noises, I was dripping wet but did my best not to make a sound as I watched the matress move up and down above me. He came quite quickly (who wouldnt with her!?) and was soon up and getting dressed, apparently it was only a half hour appointment, maybe he was on his lunch hour! She was paid and he left leaving her still in bed.

Moments after I heard the front door slam Mistress ordered me out from under the bed. I climbed out, a little hot and flustered, trying to keep the dildo in my soden pussy. The girl was naked now, spread out on the bed, her brown hair was no longer in pig tails, her legs were open and I could see some cum starting to leak between her lips, apparently this girl did bareback, dangerous for a prostitute! Mistress removed my gag and then gave her order, “clean her”. I looked at Mistress which earned me a hard slap across my ass, it was enough to get me going.

I climbed onto the end of the bed on my hands and knees, pushed my face between her legs and got my first taste of whore cunt. I lapped up the mixture of her juices and his cum and to be honest enjoyed it, Mistress began to fuck me with the dilbo in my cunt and before I knew it both the girl and I were cumming in unison.

Once she was finished the girl pushed my face away, climbed off the bed and went for a shower, I felt utterly used by that one act and that made me wet all over again! While the whore was having a shower Mistress removed my dildos and had me “clean” them, which I did, thoroughly filling my mouth with the tastes of my cunt and ass. Once I was done we returned to the lounge room where Mistress positioned me in the corner of the room with my nose touching the corner and I was advised not to let it leave the wall.

For the rest of that day, and for the next four days I was subjected to a wide array of physical and mental torments by Mistress and her friends as she visited them before she left the country. I had intended writing about all of these but it has taken me too long so far and I just dont have the time to write about it all.

Instead, in a moment of clarity just now, I will open a poll on here and you can all vote and I will write about one of the days in detail! Sorry if this is an anticlimax but it was either this or never get round to posting again!!

The week ended much too soon, despite the fact I was exhausted, and on the Sunday Mistress flew to her new life (there were a lot of tears!!).

Since then I have been getting used to life on my own again, I talk to Mistress all the time of course and she gives me orders almost every day but I still miss her an awful lot!


I’m back on the market for tasks!! Anything you can think of, the more weird and depraved the better, hopefully you all know my rules (ie no pictures or videos and no exposure of my “secret” life to friends, family, coworkers or the population of London for that matter!!) but anything else goes, ANYTHING! Please try your best to challenge that!!

Sorry for being away for so long, but I’m back now and ready to be used and abused by complete strangers!

Archive – Meeting Tom

I was recently reminding by someone who I was chatting to that when I started my original blog I asked my friend Luke (aka Syren) to post a copy of my first ever blog post on the BDSM Library as he had a few stories already posted on there. The idea was to get some traffic to my blog and I think it worked, although the link did get posted in quite a few places so it’s hard to tell!

The post was about a visit to a Dom who I used to play with from time to time, I thought I might as well post it here for completeness and to give you even more of an idea of my history, for instance the bit where I say “I’m not lesbian or bi”, clearly I didn’t know myself so well back then!

Luke’s stories were quite good, you should have a look at them!

This is my first real entry, I thought I would start things off by writing about the first time I went to my ‘friends’ house. I travel to his house, which is about an hour and a half away, I don’t mind doing this as it means he will never know where I live.

I met him, I’ll call him Tom I think, I met Tom six months ago on a web site called Slave Farm. I had posted a message asking for a man or woman in the South of England who would be willing to torture, humiliate and degrade me for a few hours once a month, as you can imagine my inbox got quite full after that!

Anyway, I picked through the emails discarding many who just wanted me to send them pictures of myself with a bottle stuck up my ass!! Eventually I narrowed it down to a few and made contact with them on messenger. Tom was the only male out of the four that I got in touch with and it was soon evident that he was the only one sadistic enough for me, we arranged to meet in a bar near his house, just to talk. If I am honest I was hoping one of the women would be sadistic enough for me, I’m not a lesbian or even bi, I just find it more humiliating to be abused by another woman.

I met him the following night, he wasn’t as attractive as I had imagined, and was considerably less muscly but we got on well and discussed what I was after, what he was after and perhaps most importantly what I wasn’t willing to do! I wont tell you what those things were as I might change my mind if they are suggested by you lot! He kissed me on the cheek before I left and I drove home happy that I had found someone who could fulfil my needs.

We talked on IM the next day and he made a request, that I remove my nipple piercings and allow them to heal up, I agreed. After talking on the phone for the following two weeks we eventually set a date for our first ‘session’, 23rd April 2006, I was so nervous! The session would last two hours, we also agreed a safe word which I hoped I wouldn’t need!

The 23rd was a Sunday, I stayed in bed watching TV until about midday, I think Hollyoaks was on but my mind was on other things unsurprisingly. I showered thoroughly (inside and out!!), shaved my legs, pits and tidied up my pubes so they didn’t look so much like a bush!! Tom had told me what to wear, and it wasn’t much! A pair of high heeled shoes and a knee length jacket, the same one I had worn to the bar, it wouldn’t be a problem as I would be in the car the whole way anyway.

The drive over to his place was uneventful, I found his place easily with the directions he had given me, it was a detached two story house in an average looking suburban street. I sat in the car for five minutes before I bit the bullet and walked up the drive and knocked on the door, it opened almost immediately, Tom was stood in the doorway with a big grin on his face. I was surprised by what he was wearing, jeans and a t-shirt, for some reason I had expected leather and chains or something!!

I was invited in and once the door was closed he very politely asked if he could take my coat, all of a sudden I was mortified! I hadn’t even thought about it before but I was about to be naked in front of this guy for the first time which isn’t something that normal bothers me but for some reason this time it did. I tried to hide my embarrassment as I undid the buttons and slid the coat off my shoulders, he took it from me and hung it on the back of the door.

He led me by the hand to the end of the hall and then down some stairs, he had a basement! There was a lot of ‘toys’ down there but I wasn’t given opportunity to check them out, he took me straight to the other side of the basement where there was a wooden X cross with leather straps attached to it, he turned me around and offered me a last chance to reconsider but I shook my head. Tom lifted me onto the cross, there were footrests at the bottom so that I could stand up, he pulled my arm up against one of the arms of the cross and fastened the strap around my wrist, then he fastened the other arm and the two ankles, a final strap fastened around my waist and left me well and truly trapped.

I wear a 34C bra so my tits aren’t huge but aren’t to small either, they would be his focus to start with. He took a cane from a wall, which I noticed had a number of whipping implements on, and just started to whack my tits with it over and over again. I had expected him to start slow and build up speed but there was none of that, my eyes were closed tight from the moment the first blow stung my flesh until he had finished a couple of minutes later. I hadn’t thought it possible while he was hitting them but it actually hurt more once he had stopped, my whole chest began to burn.

I looked down at my tits heaving up and down as I panted, both of them were bright red with dark blue lines criss-crossed all over, if I hadn’t been wet already the sight of them would have got me going.

I’ve never really understood why pain makes me so horny, I can only guess that something is wired wrong in my brain and that the pain plug was accidentally inserted into the pleasure socket!

Anyway, when I looked up again Tom had disappeared and he didn’t come back for a good half hour, by that time I had recovered my composure somewhat and was just enjoying the site of my slightly swollen and severely bruised tits. When he did come back he was wearing a pair of latex gloves and was carrying a Pyrex bowl containing a yellow syrupy looking liquid. I perhaps should have been concerned but instead I was just curious what was in the bowl!

He had a wicked grin on his face as he held the bowl with one hand and used the other to scoop some of the syrup up in the other, then he smeared it all over my tits. The syrup was the consistency of golden syrup and generally stayed where it was put, I thought he was going to lick it off at first because nothing happened, it turns out that whatever Tom’s magic syrup is, it takes a few seconds to kick in!

I had thought my tits were burning before but it was nothing compared to this, the only thing I can compare it to is when fat jumps out of a pan and stings your arm, only this didn’t go away after a few seconds and was all over my chest. Without even realizing it I had begun to scream at him, calling him every name under the sun. He looked shocked at first but his grin soon returned and he grabbed a large vibrator from a draw and began to rub it around the opening to my cunt and push it into my clit, it didn’t take long for me to stop screaming and start moaning!!

It took about a minute for Tom to bring me to my first orgasm of the session, I should mention that my tits were still burning but I was still able to cum, and it was a good one too!

After I had cum Tom wiped the vibrator across my lips, I have tasted my own cum loads of times but it’s still humiliating if someone else does that to you! Then, he left me alone again.

Twenty minutes later he came back into the room, he was carrying a small cardboard box and a pair of scissors. I started to panic as we hadn’t discussed hair cutting as one of my limits (it hadn’t come up!!) but I DID NOT want my hair to be cut. I have grown my hair for some time and it is now about three inches below my shoulder, just where I want it to be and I am quite protective of it!!

I started to protest, telling him in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t to cut my hair, I completely forgot to use the safe word! He paused and put the box and scissors down then rummaged in a drawer, when he turned around he was hiding something behind his back. He walked over to me and quickly grabbed my hair, it hurt and I screeched but as soon as I opened my mouth he shoved a cock gag in my mouth, I’m not sure how big it was but it was big enough to shut me up and it didn’t take much effort on his part to pull the elastic around my head!

Now he picked up the scissors again, he got up right close to me, pressing up against my tits (which were no longer burning btw) and I could hear “snip, snip, snip” in my ear but it was obvious he wasn’t cutting anything. Once he had finished having his fun he squatted between my spread legs and began trimming my pubes as far down as he could, it was at this point I realized that the box on the table contained waxing strips! He trimmed them down as far as he could with the scissors and then opened the box and pulled out one of the strips and peeled off the backing paper, now its worth noting here that I have had a bikini wax before and they were very careful about where they put the wax and stuff, Tom had clearly not been trained at the same waxing school!!

The first strip was pressed firmly on with one end just near my asshole, right over my slit and finished just after my clit! I was hoping for a chance to brace myself but no, he just ripped it right off from the asshole end and god damn it hurt. It wasn’t so much the fact that it pulled all the hair from my pussy lips in one go so much as it had adhered itself to my lips and felt like it was going to take them with it!! There were a number of profanities muffled behind the gag! The rest of the strips weren’t so bad as the first and before long my groin looked like a little girls!! Well, slightly pinker actually!! (I’ve since come to quite like it that way).

Apparently the hair removal was just a distraction, he was focusing on my tits today! I watched him put on another pair of surgical gloves and then he pulled over a metal trolley, on top there was a towel with two large fish hooks on top. I say large, they would be about two inches long if they were straightened out. I tried to keep still as he lined one up with the bottom of my nipple, I love having my nipples pierced and this time was no different, I loved the feeling as the hook pierced the skin, forced its way through and then broke out of the top of my nipple causing a drop of blood to run down my tit, I was well and truly wet again!! The other hook predictably went through the other nipple in the same way.

The hooks had string tied to them and he grabbed them and pulled, it was really painful but great at the same time until he started to pull really hard and then it became agonizing!! I don’t think it did rip the holes but it felt like that’s what was happening, I had images of my nipples being ripped clean off!! He held it there for a good minute before letting my tits wobble back into position!

He let me rest for a couple of minutes and then untied me from the cross, I’d been on there for a good hour and a half so I was a little shaky when I stepped down but he didn’t let that slow him down!! I was ordered to stand in the middle of the room and bend over as far as I could, I guessed I was going to get spanked and did as I was told grabbing hold of my legs behind my knees to help me stay in that position. Tom grabbed one of the dangling strings and looped it around my big toe, pulled it tight and tied it off, then he did the same with the other one. This could be quite bad if I fell over!

I had expected a good spanking when I heard him undo his belt but instead he grabbed my hips and shoved his cock up my cunt. It felt really good actually because his cock was like a steel pole and I was already horny as hell, it took him a full sixty seconds to squirt inside me, I didn’t get to cum! He left it in until he went soft and then gave me a shove, I instinctively tried to stand until I almost ripped my nipples off! I ended up in a heap on the floor with my hands cupping my tits which now had more blood leaking from them!! Nice! My moans only left my mouth as muffled sounds because of the gag!

I was given another five minutes to recover before he removed my gag and told me to make myself cum, I didn’t need telling twice, I find it extremely exciting letting someone watch me masturbate and my tits were in agony, it was almost perfect circumstances for it!!

I’m quite practiced at this and it only took me a minute to get to the point where I was moaning and almost cumming, this was the moment he chose to unleash a stream of pee onto my head and then all over the rest of my body, nice! I stopped as soon as I felt it hit my face but he gave me a kick and told me to cum. I continued to rub my clit with my thumb whilst fingering myself (that’s the way I like it!) and was moaning in no time, I have to admit that I did love the humiliation of it! I mean, picture the scene…

I’m led on my back, knees bent with string fastened between my tits and toes!, legs spread wide frigging myself while some guy I hardly know pees on me!

Anyway, once I recovered from my (rather good) orgasm he cut the strings, dragged me to my feet and marched me up the stairs still soaked in his pee! At this point I assumed he was taking me to a bathroom or something but instead he pulls me by the wrist to the door, opens it and throws me out, says “See you next month” and throws my coat out after me before slamming the door!!!

I grabbed my coat and quickly covered myself up, the garden is fairly shaded which I guess he already knew, I doubt he would want his neighbours to see a naked chick outside his front door!! So I reluctantly put my coat back on (covering it in piss in the process!) and got back in my car. I drove away from his house and found somewhere secluded to park, then I removed the string from my toes and tried to take the hooks out of my nipples but failed miserably, I didn’t know this at the time but fish hooks have a point like an arrow (as in bow and arrow) so that they cant be pulled back out! I left them where they were and drove home with the window open (I stank of piss!), by the time I got there I had dried and smelt really bad. I managed to cut the string off the hooks and push them all the way through and out the other side which hurt quite bad as the blood had dried onto them, once done I masturbated again before taking a shower and curling up on the sofa.

It was buttoned up blouse and woolly jumper time for two weeks while my tits healed! I rubbed antiseptic cream into them everyday which stung, especially the nipples, that was always a good time to make myself cum! Mmmm!!! Anyway, that was that, I was hooked (sorry about the pun!) and looking forward to my next visit!

FYI: I’ve kept my pussy bald ever since and am thinking about getting laser hair removal on it, what do people think of that idea?

This is my first proper entry and this is the kind of thing you can expect in the future (maybe not as long! Got a bit carried away!), I’ll report back on all my future visits to Tom’s (and if you ask in the right way (i.e. not nicely!) I might write about the last few months visits too).

I’d also really like it if my readers (if I have any!) would post comments suggesting things I could do myself or do to myself between visits to Tom’s. ANYTHING your perverted minds can come up with is fine with me (more or less! 😉 ) so get your thinking caps on and let me know how you want me to be used, abused, humiliated (publicly if you want?!) and degraded!

I look forward to your comments!!