All the Holes

There are a number of holes in my body beyond the obvious three so I thought I’d write about them all and how my Mistress sees fit to put them to good use! I’ll start with the ones I was born with and then talk about the after market ones that Fi decided my body needed.

Beyond my dietary and communication needs my mouth is there to service Mistress however she wants, I’ve used it to give her direct pleasure on pretty much every inch of her body at one time or another, some more than others! She also uses it to clean up messes and spills as well as her personal toilet when the mood takes her. I remember one time she spilt a load of soy sauce on the floor and had me clean it up “manually”. I hadn’t cleaned the floor in a few days and it was horrible to lick up pure soy anyway, I really did not enjoy that! Mistress is also not shy about using my extensive oral skills on other people either as I’ve written about before.

My pussy is used for pleasure, either mine or somebody else’s and it does it fairly well even if I do say so myself! It’s had a multitude of different things pushed into it, whether its a strap-on, a dildo, a vibe, a vegetable, a flesh and blood cock or something more adventurous it’s probably been in my pussy and someone has got some enjoyment out of it. Similarly my ass has been well used over the years and has had various items introduced to it, most notably a 52cm long toy which I managed (eventually) to take fully inside me.

So on to the holes that I wasn’t born with but Mistress decided I should have anyway. Actually, the first wasn’t Mistress at all, both my ears are pierced but I had those done myself a long time ago. They’ve never been used for play and while I don’t always wear earrings in them I do fairly regularly.

Then there is my septum, I’ve had this pierced for a few years now and most of the time I wear a simple clear acrylic retainer in it which is completely invisible when turned upwards. The only time something else is in it is when Mistress decides to “use” it which makes it very much a practical thing that Mistress wanted to have done to me. Over the first year she increased the size of the hole to 6g (about 4mm) which was big enough for anything she wanted to do with it. She has different sized rings that she will put in the piercing, from one that is tight around my nose to one that hangs to the bottom of my chin. She also has a dog leash that she often clips into it so she can lead me around and “control me”, also on more than one occasion she has attached me to an object or another person with a padlock through it. I’ve spent time with my septum piercing locked to both the clit hood and cock head piercings of complete strangers.

My nipples were modified and pierced by mutual agreement although by the time it was done my agreement was most certainly not needed. For those that don’t already know my nipples have been tattooed around my areola in the same colour to make them into a heart shape, there are photos of this on other posts. My nipples were also pierced and those piercings have now been stretched to 10g (about 3mm) and contain rings that, when closed using a special “key” that Mistress holds, cannot be opened. They look like a continuous metal ring and we really like them, plus they are useful for Mistress to hang things from or use in bondage (now they are fully healed and can take some abuse) and have the added bonus that my nipples are hard and sensitive 100% of the time!

And for right now, that is it! As people who’ve been reading longer will know I did at one point have a clit piercing that ended up getting torn and I have had various temporary holes put in my pussy lips, tits and tongue but they were all allowed to heal up so that they could get new holes put in them another time!

18 thoughts on “All the Holes

  1. lawrenceee

    Well, that’s quite the cliffhanger! Now, I definitely want to read about the time you got those “new holes” put in your pussy, tits and tongue! Is a post on the topic in the works?

  2. lawrenceee

    Would the readers of blog written by a submissive masochist like to hear about the time she got repeatedly pierced in her naughty bits in what I can only assume (and hope 😉) to have been a rather gruesome fashion?? 🤔
    That’s truly an hard question to answer… I think I’m stumped …

  3. marksouthcoast

    I’m certain that it would be very well received by your followers my self included. I’m very glad that your back writing about your life with your wife Fiona and her total ownership of you. Hope fully you will find time to post more about your lifestyle and your evolution in to a total slave of your Mistress.

  4. MOH

    On your previous website…
    I was in the middle of reading through your blog entries day by day, from beginning to end. I discovered that I could do this by simply changing the date in the URL.

    And then one day…POOF! 💥
    Like Magic…(or a Demon’s Dark Spell 👹🔮)
    The Blog just DISAPPEARED…along with its owner.

    But now…Happy, Happy..Joy, Joy! 🕺😀💃
    The Blog is back! (sounds like the title of an unreleased Billy Joel song).
    And so is its PainSlut writer, posting again about her life in the Fast Lane
    (Gasp! Lane)
    (sometimes Wasp lane)
    Writing honestly, Unflinchingly, and with a PainSlut submissive’s artist’s view of her world and alternate(tive) Reality lifestyle.
    Two things…
    I would love to be able to finish reading all of your original blog posts, as I’m sure many other readers would.
    And should you and your beloved Mistress mate ever be in need of money…just collect your written exploits into a book, which I’m sure would be a Best Seller.
    You could self publish it, or seek an agent, who’d put the manuscript up for a bidding war…(although I doubt there’d be much interest in the mainstream movie rights).
    (Of course doing this would send every tabloid twit on the planet on the hunt to try and track you down…which would reveal your true identity and compromise your relationship with your lady love…so just forget that idea, and continue the blog for your True Fans to enjoy reading (under the covers, naked and Aroused!)

    • Lois

      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy reading. Yes I’d rather not attract quite that level of attention!
      All of my posts are still available here to read x

  5. londonern5

    I should love to red a fuller account of the episodes you refer to her, such as having your septum locked to a clit or a cock, having various objects, especially a cock, inserted in your pussy or ass, etc. Please, may we hope?

  6. londonern5

    I should love to read about the last time you had a cock in your pussy. I am sure this was not done for your pleasure. Was it at Miss Fiona’s instigation? What were the circumstances? You know how your readers crave details!

    • Lois

      I will definitely get to writing about that stuff, I have a couple of posts in progress. I’ve been a bit busy the last couple of weeks though.

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