Learning from my mistakes

If you’ve visited the site you’ll see that I’ve started to make some changes to it to bring it a little more up to date, it’s still a work in progress so bare with me but one of the things I wanted to do was give it a title, and I decided upon “Learning from My Mistakes” because a lot of the stories I seem to write about are the result of me doing something silly or being punished for doing something I should, as demonstrated in my last two posts!

I felt the title fit quite well and was something a bit more interesting than just “Pain Slut Lois” like it has been for the last (oh god!) 15 years of my blog! Are you sure you want more of this rambling nonsense?

Often times it is my mouth that gets me in the most trouble. A good example would be… I’m not sure, a while ago when Fi had brought home a friend and a couple of bottles of wine to go with the meal I’d made for us one Friday night. I took one sip and blurted out “That tastes like piss!”, I know I know, sometimes I have impulse control issues but in my defence it was pretty dodgy wine and it wasn’t entirely cold.

I knew I’d messed up from the look Miss gave me, it was the kind of look that most people would dismiss as a quick glance with maybe a hint of surprise mixed in there but that I know means “Well you’ll be paying for that later!” and my cheeks pinkened. To be honest the lok was unnecessary, I knew as soon as I’d said it that it was a mistake and Mistress knew that I knew that but she does love to make me squirm.

And squirm I did, for the rest of the evening I was distracted wondering what the consequences of my outburst would be. Fi has a way of administering something that in another scenario I might quite enjoy, such as a spanking or caning, in a way that really makes it feel like a punishment. A lack of warm up, the sharp suddenness of her actions, there are a hundred subtle changes she makes that makes it feel like I am being punished and makes it an unpleasant experience rather than a fun one.

As it turned out the punishment wouldn’t have been fun no matter how she shaped it for me. Appropriately considering my outburst I would be drinking her piss for a week, and not just any piss, her morning piss

She explained that this would a) remind me what piss tastes like so that I wouldn’t confuse her wine with it in future and b) make my mouth taste as foul as it sounded. I have to admit she does have a good knack for making the punishment fit the crime!

So every day for the next week I’d find a pint glass, yes a pint glass, filled with fairly dark yellow liquid sitting on the toilet seat after Fi had finished getting herself ready for the day and I’d kneel in front of the toilet, take the glass in my hand and slowly drain the very strong tasting urine down my throat being careful not to spill any as I was inevitably wearing a suit or something for work.

Mistress never watched me do it, it wasn’t a scene or a play session, I merely showed her the empty glass afterwards so she could confirm she was happy I’d completed my punishment that day and then we went on with our day. The only difference that week is that she refrained from giving me a goodbye kiss as we both left for work given I wasn’t allowed to rinse my mouth afterwards and, as he put it, “I have no interest in knowing what piss tastes like”.

For those that are not educated in such matters, no wine, no matter how bad, tastes like somebodies morning piss 🥂

21 thoughts on “Learning from my mistakes

  1. MoH

    Welcome back!
    You’ve been sorely missed.
    I like the new redo of your blog.
    Please return to doing regular posts. It’s important, nay Vital that you do so, for several reasons.
    Your chosen lifestyle is (to say the least) Unique. And your blog posts provide unique and fascinating insights into it.
    Your openness and honestly is refreshing.
    Your clear understanding of yourself provides understanding for others.
    But most significantly…
    You are an Excellent writer and wordsmith, with significant command of the English language, and a great eye for detail.
    So please keep the posts coming…and keep us Cumming with the posts! (I love wordplay!)

  2. lawrenceee

    It’s nice to see that you haven’t changed all that much in the last couple of years! That long tongue of yours always was the reason behind most of your punishments… and source of endless entertainment for the rest of us! 🙂

  3. Maplestraight8

    I’m glad you are back too.

    Fascinating, intriguing, erotic, intense, extreme and it blends well with my sadist dominant mind.

    To have someone squirm. To devise a unique punishment, immediate or delayed. To announce and get the reaction. To be always unquestionably in control.

    It’s such a part of my being, as is the receiving for others.

    I feel at home in the narrative and content, and in life, that’s welcome.

    So thank you for the post and again the sharing.


    • Maplestraight8

      I do hope Mistress reads your blog and is a Grammar Nazi and you pay for the couple of typos. 🤨

      We know you are very intelligent and professionally employed. Retribution as such would be expected.

      After all, it’s about mistakes and the associated learning, is it not ?

      • Lois

        The problem is that once I’ve written a post I’m eager to just get it out there so I tend to neglect any sort of editing. That’s also because I often don’t like it when I read it back and get into an endless cycle of revisions which is the reason many posts that I either completed or was part way through never made it onto the blog. It’s a bit of a catch 22.

          • Maplestraight8

            Personally, I’m all for the first draft and post too. I’m what you would call efficiently lazy. I invent ways to make life easier.

            Except for domination. That’s completely opposite of course.

        • Tom Blue

          Welcome back. I missed you.
          I picked you up on your grammar and typos many years ago so it’s disappointing to see the pattern continues.

  4. MOH

    As a writer / wordsmith, who’s getting on in age, I remember the old days of proofreading… before SpellCheck…which I Dislike and don’t use, since it doesn’t recognize misspelled words that are still real words…(a mistake I spot regularly, reading news stories and articles).

    Back then…the most effective way to proofread was to read the material Backwards, from bottom to top,..or if it was lengthy, from the top…but Backwards, one line at a time. This way your mind will accurately see what is on the page, and not mentally transpose letters to make sense.
    (example: if you mistakenly write HTE, the mind will most likely read it as THE, because that’s what it knows. But if you read a sentence like ‘make hte punishment fit the crime’…Backward…you are more likely to spot the misspelling.

    And since you’re reading for accuracy, and not meaning, you’re less likely to get caught up in your head about what you wrote,,.or hte way you wrote it.
    (…and did you spot my deliberate misspelling)?

  5. Horus

    Hi Lois, I’m soo happy to see nee posts! It’s probably strange for you to hear that I was checking, hoping, every week or every few weeks there would be a new post or story from you. Your blog is the best. Great to hear the both of you are still happy together! I love the contrast between your job, your suits and then the perverted depraved things you do.. 🙂 that makes me wonder: is the blowjob service still in business? Love to hear about that! Thanks for writing again!!!!

  6. MOH

    Not to argue with you about your approach to writing…

    But you wrote (and I quote…or rather Cut & Paste):
    “I often don’t like it when I read it back and get into an endless cycle of revisions..”

    When reading the material Backwards…since you’re reading for accuracy, and not meaning, you’re less likely to get caught up in your head about what you wrote,,.or the way you wrote it.

    This technique works..
    I suggest you try it.

    And this is my last comment to you about it.

  7. ademetos

    Just as well you didn’t say “It tastes like shit”… anyway a great read, Good to see you’re enjoying life together, and even better to see your writing as good as ever.

  8. PeteDom

    Fantastic to see you back Lois and wonderful to hear about your life again.
    Yes your mouth does seem to get you into trouble but I suspect trouble that you secretly desire! I’m surprised you didn’t find the degrading aspect of drinking the morning pee a turn on you have always liked pushing yourself to more degrading activities but maybe married life has taken that edge away?

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