He’s coming!

It’s nearly the end of the year, can you believe that? The end of the year I got married no less! It’s been probably my best one yet, Miss Fiona and I are very happy and loving our new life together. The house is pretty much done to our liking, including that naughty little room below the ground which we’ve spent many a memorable night, and day, in.

Thank you for all the nice messages and good wishes you sent around the wedding, I really loved reading them and replied to as many as I could. I am still about, mostly on FetLife and do get round to replying to messages eventually but my priority these days is my job, my home and my wife (slash Mistress!).

If you miss reading about my sub life then you might find these other blogs worth checking out:

MLSlavePuppet (https://mlslavepuppet.com/)
I’ve been in touch with her on and off for a while and I really enjoy reading about her burgeoning relationship with her Mistress (also named Lois). She posts often and gets up to some really fun looking things.

StudentSlave (https://studentslave.wordpress.com/)
She is very new to the scene and has just started at university where she has made plans to expand her BDSM horizons. It will be interesting to see where it goes.

I hope you are all well and enjoying your own kinky lives as much as I am and if I don’t speak to you have a wonderfully, lovely and kinky Christmas!

15 thoughts on “He’s coming!

  1. MLSlavePuppet

    It’s really good to read you’re doing so well and are enjoying your life, wife and Mistress! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š
    Happy holidays!

    And one I didn’t know you were even reading my blog and two thank you for the shout out and liking it! It makes my day. I kind of look up to your blog and all the things you’ve written, so I feel like a happy fan? If being a fan is a thing 😊😊

    Am interested in the other blog you mentioned too!

    • Lois

      Hey you x Thank you! I am very happy at the moment but busier than ever!

      Yes I’ve been keeping up with you even if I haven’t been so good at keeping touch (sorry!). I think your blog is really good and lots of people will enjoy it.

      Haha, I don’t think I’m someone who has “fans” but it’s nice that you and others appreciated my writing.

      You should get in touch with the girl on the other blog, I think you’d get along.

      • MLSlavePuppet

        And hey you!

        No worries about keeping in touch. Life is busy and you’re happy, which is what counts the most!

        It’s funny you say that. She messaged me earlier and said how she’d been fangirling because of the mention and I immediately felt like we were on the same page! 😜

        I think you’re right though. I think we’d get along and it’s nice to find a new friend

  2. Allen E Holman

    Well, It is certainly good to hear from you, lois. And to hear life is good for you. Thank you for the links to mlpuppet and studentslave.
    And Merry Christmas to you


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