The big day approaches

It has been some time indeed since I have written here, there are lots of reasons for that none of which are all that interesting really, the overriding one being a lack of free time and if I’m completely honest my drive to continue with the blog has waned somewhat.

Things in my life have progressed at quite a blistering pace since I met Fiona, the events of which you are all familiar with as my writing was quite prolific at the time. Since then I have a new home which I share with my beautiful Mistress, a new job ,a closer relationship to my family than ever before and on Saturday I will become Fiona’s wife, and her mine.

I almost wrote that this is the end of a long road to happiness but it is actually the start of a long road of happiness that I can’t wait to start down. I know this is a bit soppy and not really what this blog has been about but I think that is a reflection of where I am at now.

I started this blog, way back in 2006 (omg!) as a way to express a part of myself that, at the time, I kept hidden from pretty much everyone who knew me properly and only indulged with elicit activities and affairs. Later I documented my various relationships, the ups and the downs and I feel like I took a lot of you with me on the journey to where I am now.

Where I am now is the happiest I have ever been, I can be openly me, the submissive masochistic girl from London to my sister, all of our scene friends (of which I now have many) and even to some of my more open minded vanilla friends. I’ve made peace with past demons including some that I’d buried very deep inside myself. Fiona has moulded me into the person she wants me to be, but also into the person I want to be and I’ll never be able to express how grateful I am to her for that.

In January of last year, 2018, Mistress set me some goals to complete and at the beginning of this year I promised an update on those, so here goes:

Submit to a permanent body modification of my choosing

This was completed and then some! Miss had my nipples tattooed with hearts around them and pierced my septum. I also have a tattoo on my lower abdomen which is a heart which incorporates an F and finally I now have a Christina piecing.

Spend four weeks in chastity

This one unfortunately never happened, however this was more down to Mistress than me and she freely admitted as much and gave me a pass on it.

Contact and make peace with the person who caused her to leave London

This absolutely happened and I did write about it. This one has actually had quite a profound effect on my life and I have become, not friends but friendly with the person in question and she actually comes to me for advice quite often.

Give an orgasm to 52 people that she hadn’t met before 2018

The final tally was:

  • 34 men
    • 16 oral
    • 9 vaginal
    • 8 anal
    • 1 hand
  • 20 women
    • 17 oral
    • 2 fingers
    • 1 dildo gag
  • 3 trans
    • 1 oral, anal & vaginal
    • 1 vaginal
    • 1 anal

Speak to her mother every other day

I didn’t literally speak to her every day but I did keep a note of when I did and I surpassed called her on 50% of the days of the year which was good enough for Mistress. And my relationship with my mother has never been better.

Achieve an average daily views count of 500 on this blog

In 2018 I got 138,266 views on my blog, which is a staggering 52,747 more than the previous highest year I have had but still way below what was needed to achieve 500 views per day.

Buy a new house with me (Mistress)

This absolutely happened and we have spent the last few months turning it into a home, our home and we are loving it. Work on the dungeon begins in a few months.

Have her septum pierced

This happened, I now have a permanent hole in my septum, sometimes Mistress has me wear a ring in it, sometimes she uses it to attach a least, sometimes she puts a padlock in it and sometimes, she has that padlock attached to something or someone else!

Experience Domming a submissive

This didn’t really happen, it sort of did in that I tried it but it was highly unsuccessful and Mistress allowed me to stop before it got to cringy. It did give me a better understanding of what it is like to be the “top” in this sort of relationship though, I didn’t like it!

Achieve two of her fantasies

This was completed, I spent a weekend with a trans person and also recreated a scene from torture galaxy where my nipples were nailed to a wooden board and then skewers were pushed through my tits, then more skewers were pushed vertically through my pussy lips and electrified.

Fully expose her lifestyle to at least one person who has known her in real life for more than five years

There are actually two of my vanilla friends who are aware of how I live my life and the full extent of my relationship with Mistress. They don’t know any gory details but they know I am submissive, am a masochist and am controlled in certain ways my my partner. It hasn’t affected my relationship with them one bit.

Exceed her current “most painful torture”

This tied in with the Torture Galaxy scene, having skewers vertically through my pussy lips was absolute agony, much worse that through my tits which I’d had done before albeit a long time ago.

All in all I think I did a good job with those goals in 2018, I didn’t achieve them all but I did most and learn something from each and every one of them which Mistress said was the aim of them in the first place so she had no complaints on my performance. Although that didn’t mean I didn’t get punished for each one I failed on which made for a fun New Years Eve!

Something else that I have put quite a lot of work into it The Fet Library which is my fetish erotic story site. The site has been steadily growing in weekly visitors and I even paid for a little advertising to test the waters (didn’t seem to make much difference to visitor numbers to be honest). There are forums there and the site now has a twitter account where it will post details of new stories as they are published. Please check it out, register and enjoy. I’d love it if more people started using the forums there.

So, his will likely not be the last time I post something on this blog but this is the end of me posting about my kink related activities. I feel like I have given a lot of myself here and it is time to focus on just living my new life with my new wife (her look at that I’m a pet and didn’t know it!) so that is what I am going to do. If I have anything interesting to talk about I might drop in an post something but for now this is it.

If you want to get in touch with me the best way is probably through FetLife (painslutlois) which I log onto at least once a week but please don’t just friend me without saying hello first as I won’t reply.

Thank you so much to everyone who has kept coming back to read my poorly spelled posts and interacted with me over the years. This blog and by extension you guys have saved me and kept me going so many times when I was struggling with myself, life and everything really and I will be eternally grateful for that. I wish you all well for the future and hope to speak with you on FetLife or The Fet Library soon.

Wish me luck for Saturday!

Lo x

15 thoughts on “The big day approaches

  1. Malou's Figments

    I started reading this just after I got on the bus that’s (hopefully indeed) going where I’m supposed to go. So I was reading it and eventually finished and then realised that the bus I’m on is taking a very different route than it usually should ha… but means I was invested and happy to read it, and I’m honestly so happy for you and hope that you and Fiona have the most incredible day on Saturday. Thank you for sharing all the things you’ve written and being so open and honest. I’m sad I only found your blog after it sort of ended, but happy I found it at all and your decision now reminds me of the way ‘the perks of being a wallflower’ ends where the main character writes these letters to the audience but by the end says that he will have to stop now because he will be too busy living his life now and enjoying the moment. And I’m so glad you found that too. Also skewers through your pussy lips… wow. Cannot begin to imagine that

  2. John

    Lois, and of course Fiona,
    I’m so happy for you. I get a warm feeling just knowing you’re out there and happy.
    Here’s wishing you all the best for Saturday and your future together.

  3. s2000nl

    Fiona and Lois, congratulations. I am happy for you two and make a big party!
    i hope to read some post from time to time, i always liked to read them. Same for your stories! ❤
    Will you still write stories and post them on thefetlibrary?

    well atleast enjoy saterday and eachother that day and night and after the big day and night. i hope you live a long, healthy and happy life together!!!

  4. Alex

    My best wishes ever for you two! Congratulations on a long journey. However as you said it yourself, this is not really the end but actually the beginning! Thank you for so many interesting readings all the past years (even far back from yahoo era)!

  5. John Bourke

    It’s alsays good to hear from you Lois, I’m sad that you find the blog coming to an end.

    Thank you so much for sharing your remarkable journey over the years. I am so glad that you found happiness. That we may all find the same!!

    I want to wish you both the very best of luck, both on Saturday and going forward with your new life.

    All the best


  6. Richard

    So good for you to do one last message on here, I have been looking out for one for a long time. I know I am not the only one who has missed your posts about your life, but I am also not the only one who will gladly go without hearing about you if we know it is because you are happy and loving your life.

    It is fantastic that your life is as perfect as you want it to be, and that you are marrying the love of your life. Congratulations to you both, and I wish that your happiness continues forever.

  7. thas007

    A huge congratulations to you fiona and lois and I you two have a long and happy life together.

    Lois thank you so much for taking the time to share your life with us all in this blog for all these years

  8. John Grey

    I hope everything goes as you planned on your big day! And furthermore, I would love to see you write something about any subject from time to time. Might be therapeutic!

  9. Mastrovenice

    Congratulations! Thanks for the fabulous blog. Like a good book, one can re-read it as often as the mood strikes. Good luck and see you on the Fet Library.

  10. LeatherBeth

    Dearest Lois and Fiona

    I’m so happy for you, and wish you every happiness and a long and kinkily happy life together.
    Please, Lois, try to keep the blog going in some way. You have so many admirers who’d love to follow you as you take your steps along your road to happiness. We’ve been with you all the way so far and are so happy for you now. Don’t just leave us wondering “I really wish I knew how Lois and Fiona are doing.”

    Hugs, kisses (and spanks)

    Mistress LeatherBeth

  11. J

    My Dear Ms. Lois,

    I, as many others, have followed you for a while now. I am overjoyed at the happiness you have found.

    What first attracted me to your blog was not necessarily all your sexual adventures (though they did play a big part ;)) but your honest and forthright telling of your fears and anxieties trying to reconcile the vanilla world and your own true self.

    I have had similar struggles and to read of your triumphs gave me the wherewithal to start down the road, which I’ve called, “The Summer of J….”. Of course it has not been a smooth road but a it is better than the twisted route I had followed.

    I will miss reading of all your adventures – they have kept me quite busy on many a night – but I wish you and Fiona the best of all worlds and hope your union is one for the ages.

    For the time being,


    Spider Goat

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