Wow, ten years, that’s a long time. Admittedly a lot of that time the blog has been dormant waiting for me to come back and pick up where I left off but still, it feels like an achievement!

The reason I have been away this time is because things were getting bad with my health again, work was getting extremely stressful, plus we have been renovating the new house, organising our wedding, my mother has been ill and something had to give which ended up being my online presence.

That’s not to say this isn’t important to me, my readers and the people I talk to online, you really are but probably less important than all of the things listed above, sorry! I have some things to write about and I’ll be getting on that as soon as I can.


8 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Simon

    Sorry to hear you have been poorly again, don’t give the blog another thought, up date when you can, and when you want AND HAPPY 10th Annerversary. It is a milestone 🙂

  2. Marc

    We think of you and wish you well even in between your posts. Your RL is more important but you also exist in our minds and our thoughts. Your writing has made you part of our lives and we thank you for that. Xx

  3. BigNev

    Hi Lois, funnily enough I was going to email you earlier in the week to make sure you were ok as you hadn’t posted in a while. Glad you are ok, look after yourself and give Fiona my regards. X

  4. IflyHG

    Don’t worry about us, take care of yourself and your family first. I’m sorry to hear you are getting overloaded but glad to hear it isn’t something worse. However long you need to take we will still be here when you come back. Congratulations on the anniversary, 10 years is a very long time for a blog, too many good ones are much shorter lived.

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