It’s alive!


I know I’ve banged on about this a lot and not provided any real content on here since before I went on holiday but that will change soon I promise. That’s because after a ton of work over the last three weeks the site is finally live!

As of today the site is officially out of testing and is accepting new users and hopefully, new authors!

If you have written any fetish fiction then please sign up and upload it tot he site. If you know anyone who is an author send them a link. If you have a blog, are active on a forum or on twitter then please share the link as far and wide as you can.

For those of you that just want to hear about my crazy life I will be posting very soon about some of the antics that we got up to on holiday including how we (mainly Miss) thoroughly corrupted another couple that we met in a bar!

2 thoughts on “It’s alive!

  1. s2000nl

    Well hopefully it get a lot of users, writers and readers. It can be bad for your views on this site. And bad for the goal Mistress Fiona has set to reach.

  2. u3462847

    Oh. You make a copy of worst search ever.
    If i want search some stories about fisting or skewer what i must type? I can search only in tittle or author. And use some strange categories. For example: How i can find some stories about needle?)

    P.S. Sorry for my English)

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