The sting


A few years ago I saw a video of a wasp being held between some plastic tweezers and then being pushed against a girls clit. It was a close up shot that didn’t show anything except her pussy but you could hear her screams as the little fucker stung her clit, actually leaving it’s sting in her.

Watching this made me so wet, I’ve been stung by a wasp before and I know how much it hurts, not just at the time but for hours afterwards as the initial burning sting turns into a dull ache that last for ages. And that was just on my hand.

The other day, Friday, I was reminded of this video whilst discussing other things with someone on Tumblr. The discussion had veered towards a subject that I used to enjoy and practice when I was single, ways to implement torture that is “automated”.

When I used to do a lot of self bondage all of the ideas and stories I read had a strong focus on safety and making sure you had a way out of the predicament if you needed it. I completely understand the reasons for that and if someone ask me for advice I would probably say the same thing but for me the best self bondage scenes were when I didn’t have a way out or any way to prevent the things happening to me until the scenario had played itself out.

My main tool for achieving this was a my timer locking padlocks, sadly both now broken, and a plastic timer locking box that was actually intended for locking your chocolate chip cookies away and I got off Amazon.

Some of the things I did were definitely not advisable but I like to play on the edge of advisable! An example is one time when I restrained myself in a dog cage having secured the business end of a curling iron inside my pussy. Once I was tied up I couldn’t escape, the keys to the locks that held me were in the lock box and wouldn’t be available for a few hours, I was living alone and in an upstairs room where no one could see in so I was 100% at the mercy of the timer box (this is when you wonder if you should have changed the batteries first!).

I wasn’t completely reckless, I’d tested how long the curling iron took to heat up to wear I could still hold it in my hand and then how long it took to cool down again. A scheduled plug socket (also from Amazon) was then programmed (and thoroughly tested!) to turn the curling iron on for that specific length of time before turning back off to cool down, and repeat.

My pussy, being obviously much more sensitive than my hand, felt like it was cooked from the inside out every time the curling irons heat built up inside me going from a little warmth, to hot to almost unbearable just before the clicked off. There was a noticeable drop in the sensation as soon as the heat source was removed but they then cooled down slowly only to click back on.

By the end of the four hours that I’d set the timer for I’d shed several tears and was desperate to get them out of me. My pussy was raw and sore for days and it was still painful when I was fucked over a week later, not that I let on.

All that is an aside to demonstrate my deep interest in tortures that can’t be undone once they are applied, things that can’t be relieved by begging, pleading and empathetic dominant or even a safe word. Other examples are saline injections, chilli on sensitive parts etc. I love the feeling that what is happening to me is inescapable and no matter how much I want it to stop it isn’t going to and I’ll just have to take it.

So anyway, this is how I got on to talking about the wasp stinging video and my idea for a way to do it. This was initially a self bondage idea but as that is no longer necessary for me it played out a little differently.

First of all Mistress had me take a shower after work and then she came in and cleaned me thoroughly. She washed my hair for me and then ran a soapy shower puff all over my skin, over my pussy and up between my ass cheeks ensuring every part of my skin was clean before using a shower douche attachment to ensure both of my holes were just as clean. It was very intimate and humiliating and got us both in the mood to play.

Whilst she showered I dried my body and hair, put on some cuffs and then minimal makeup and was kneeling by the bed when she came in to get herself ready. She dressed in some skinny jeans and just a bra and tied her hair back still wet, no makeup, she looked stunning.

After pulling me up onto the bed she laid me on my back and straddled me whilst she lent forward to attach my cuffs to the bed posts then slid off and pulled my legs down so my arms were taught. I laughed, because it tickles a bit when my arms are stretched too far, she just smiled and said “You won’t be laughing in a minute sweety” and I felt a warm flush run through my body. It’s amazing the effect she can elicit with just a few words!

She retrieved some larger cuffs and strapped them tightly around my upper thighs and then clipped my ankle cuffs to them to put my legs in a frog position and then used ropes to attach the thigh cuffs to the bed slats just above where my waist was. The effect being that my legs were spread wide and pulled up so that I was completely immobile and my pussy was totally exposed. It is such a vulnerable position to be in and it invokes delicious feelings inside me waiting and wondering what she will do to me next.

As it turns out she strapped a ball gag into my mouth (which she probably should have done before I was completely immobile and unable to lift my head, just saying) and then left me there for a couple of minutes returning with the small glass that I had trapped a wasp with an hour earlier, she held a piece of paper over the top of it and then flipped it over before placing it on my stomach and saying “Don’t lose him” before disappearing again.

I watched the wasp sitting happily enough in the glass whilst trying not to move and tip the glass over. I’m not scared of wasps but I don’t really like them, I think they are aggressive and will sting you for no real reason other than they want to. Mistress returned with a flogger and without any ceremony began to flog my tits.

The flogger is heavy and after a few of the stronger strikes begins to grow in sensation, my whole body begins to warm and I involuntarily pull at my wrist cuffs but I’m going nowhere. My helplessness feels amazing and I bask in the masochistic high as my tits redden and burn under her attention.

I’m breathing heavily when the flogging ends, I realise I’ve been pushing my breasts out and I know I am wet but she runs her fingers along my pussy and shows me the wetness anyway. She likes to remind me how much I love being at her mercy and being treated this way. Amazingly the glass is still upright on my stomach with the wasp just chilling out.

Mistress holds up the clit pump, it’s a little glass tube with a plastic connector on one end, a removable tube attaches to that and has a little hand pump on the other end. She pulls my lips apart and finds the perfect spot for the tube, squeezing the handle a little to pull my clit and its surround flesh into the tube just enough to hold it in place. A couple more pumps on the handle is all it takes to pull my clit into the tube and the weird intense feeling of having your clit force-ably engorged start.

She let me experience the sensation for a minute or two and then released the vacuum and pulled the tube off me with a slight pop. I know you’re thinking my clit was now swollen up to the size of a brussels sprout but it doesn’t quite work like that, after only a couple of minutes of being pumped it just goes back to its usual size, albeit more sensitive and maybe a little swollen.

I watched intently as Mistress first tried to tip the wasp into the suction cup, then jiggle it in and eventually use the piece of paper to knock it in which seemed to wake it up a little. She held the paper over the end until it settled about half way up the tube.

Very gently she then placed the tube back over my clit and pumped it a little to get it to stay in place. I held my breath when she did this but the wasp didn’t move at all until she gave the handle another faster pump, then it sort of buzzed around a little and landed back where it was. My clit had been sucked a little into the tube now and the wasp was about a centimetre from it.

She was being gentle so as not to suck the wasp into the vacuum mechanism (or whatever) so she gave it another little squeeze pulling my clit closer to the black and yellow little beast but it still didn’t move.

Mistress decided to try a different approach and fired up a little bullet vibe and touched the tube with it, several things happened at once. The vibrations shot through the tube and through my clit, it was intense and I gasped into my gag but then a crazily intense searing pain burned into my clit and my eyes flew open.

She later told me that the wasp immediately took flight when she touched the tube with the vibrator and tried to land on the other side but then flew straight onto my swollen clit, landed and stung it.

You know when something hurts you scream and shout and swear but when something really hurts you can’t even make a sound? It was like that, my whole body tensed and every limb pulled on it’s bonds trying to get to my pussy but Mistress is good at bondage. The pain was so very very intense and just seemed relentless.

Mistress said that she only realised it had sting me because of my violent reaction but then she looked closely and could see it’s sting embedded in my clit and it just kept it there rather than retracting it.

I’m speculating here but I think what happens when you get stung normally is that you swat at the area and the wasp makes a run for it, either retracting their sting or losing it in the escape attempt. This means that the sting only delivers a small percentage of the venom it is capable of. I don’t know if this was a particularly evil wasp, was pissed off at being put in this position or what but it just sat there delivering more and more venom into the most sensitive part of my body and it was excruciating!

After more than a minute of my writing and pulling at bonds Mistress pressed the release button and pulled the tube off, the wasp immediately flew away but it didn’t stop the burning, stinging sensation that was permeating my now quite swollen clit. She wasted no time, she had the magic wand ready and it went straight on to the little bud of fire.

Now I was screaming! I can’t explain the intense sensation of it, it was so unbelievably intense pain and pleasure all bundled up. At first I just wanted it to stop and was shaking my head and pleading with her to stop but then that gave way to something else. It was still agony but at the same time an orgasm was building, I could feel it starting just under the burning pain and as she slipped her fingers inside my very wet and very hot hole my head stopped shaking and my protests waned.

My arms and legs were untied from the bed but left in their frog position before Miss climbed on top of me once again, this time without jeans and as my own swollen and burning clit throbbed I sucked on hers until she came on my face.

It was difficult to sleep that night, the pain didn’t subside much for hours and even the next evening it was still sore and aching but there was nothing to do except endure the pain. Mistress has already told me that she wants to do this again and has a plan to “enhance” the strength of the sting, I really do not think it needs enhancing but she didn’t ask for my opinion!

28 thoughts on “The sting

  1. BigNev

    Lois, this sounds like devine torture. It is one of the tortures that I had got planned for you if I had ever been lucky enough to meet you.
    Incredible stuff ladies, please keep up the good work.


    • Lois

      Thank you! Glad you approve, it’s something that I wanted to try for years and have finally done.

      I look back on it and want to do it again even though it was truly horrendous at the time!

      • BigNev

        Oh, I definitely approve and very much appreciate it.
        I would hold the wasp in tweezers so that I could apply the sting multiple times to your clit and maybe your nipples. Then when I had finished having fun with you I would open your cunt and drop the wasp inside you. Your thrashing around would be such a beautiful sight.

        • Lois

          Honestly we thought it would sting me more than once but it just sat there and gave me one continuous sting, just pumping venom into my poor clit, lazy wasp!

          I think if you put it inside me it would just get stuck and die. You’d have to push some kind of cage in first to hold me open inside, something like this:, and then put the wasp(s) in a open ended syringe or something, push it into me until the end is inside the open cage area and then extract the syringe so my pussy closed and the wasps were trapped in the little open area inside my pussy. That’s how I’d do it anyway!

          • BigNev

            Ok let’s do that then! Just let me know when you are free!!

            But seriously, You are probably right, it would die inside you. However, they can still sting when they are dead.
            I think there is probably a limit to how much venom that one wasp has got available so I would have some spare wasps waiting in the wings, just to make sure you got the full benefit of the scenario!

  2. Simon

    I remember the wasp sting video and love your take on the same – very inventive and delightfully wicked. Definitely a scene for my next novel, very sadistic. Loved it.

  3. John

    Wow!!! That was certainly intense!!

    Much as I hate to be awkward, I would suggest that the video you saw was actually of a bee. Honey bees look a bit like wasps and bees lose their sting when they attack. They actually die, whereas wasps can sting multiple times, or in your case leave it in for a bit.

    If you wanted more control of the scenario, maybe you could find a kinky beekeeper to help next time?

    • Lois

      Ooooh no, I wouldn’t want a bee to die for my play, they are important! The video is definitely a wasp though, wasps can lose their sting as well and it is just as fatal.

      I meant to put this at the end of the post but forgot. I found the wasp that had caused me so much agony a little later on the window. It looked a bit worse for wear so I got it on some paper, took it outside a put a blob of honey in front of it. It immediately ate some of the honey and when I went to check on it later it had flown away.

      So no insects were harmed in the torturing of this sub.

  4. OtherThoughtsIreland

    Truly breathtaking.

    We are so lucky to be given insight in to your life and the suffering you crave and endure.

    Thank you to you, and to your Mistress.

  5. Pwwyll

    Love this idea. Is this a part of building up your pain threshold goal?

    I’m just trying to imagine how the pain can be enhanced. Some sort of topical cream to increase sensitivity? Heat to increase bloodflow to the area?

    Thanks for sharing Lois. Really enjoy the writing.

    • Lois

      It wasn’t part of that per se but I guess it does feed into that. If you want to imagine how it could be made worse think about how you reduce the pain of bee and wasp stings, they are basically opposite. Imagine what would happen if you applied the wrong one.

  6. Seagrave

    Excellent blog lois thank you for sharing your lives with us. Loved the tail of the wasp and can’t wait for the breast torture session later in the year.
    Compliments to your Mistress x

  7. The Auditor.

    There is a 1989 film called Scandal, which had a scene where a male slave had a jar of bees attached to his balls in a party. The scene is exactly how I imagine you and Fiona at parties – one in control and the other exposed and completely vulnerable! It’s worth a watch. Great story and I’m looking forward to what comes next…

  8. Dave P

    Wow, thanks for the update. Very intense. I think the normal treatment for a wasp sting is an ice pack so perhaps Tabasco sauce and a hairdryer would be an opposite ‘treatment’ to make it worse?

  9. IflyHG

    Awesome scene! Since there was discussion of making it more intense I have done some research. I think the wasp you used is a yellow jacket. According to a paper wasp is also common and has a more painful sting. More research may turn up more painful stingers that are indigenous to England. The other method of increasing the pain level is to have more wasps doing the stinging (more venom). For this you will likely need more than just that little vacuum tube so there is enough room. My vision is a tube that is larger in diameter, say 30mm, that then steps down to the diameter of your clit. The wasps have enough room so that more than one can sting you at the same time. Imagine several wasps spread out like spokes on a wheel with your clit in the center. Our imaginations can be a powerful thing.

  10. Steve

    Bees have barbed stingers, wasps do not, hence if the stinger gets left behind it’s a bee. They can still fly away but always dies soon after. Also, bees sting once, wasps often sting several times. the venom is the same but wasps have more of it.

    I attended a CFnm party where the host challenged the nude men to remove an umbrella wasp nest that was on the patio and interfering with her party plans. I didn’t want to see them poisoned so I volunteered, having done it many times in my own yard. Completely nude, I got the nest into a jar along with most of the wasps. I didn’t get stung. Everyone thought I’d surely get stung when I let them go but my trick is to put them in the fridge for a while to slow them down.

    A few days later the host asked me if I would come take down another nest and let her and a couple of her neighbors ladies play with me with the wasps and some other things. I was game, it was incredibly painful, but they were careful. Her friends called weeks later to see how I had recovered and to ask if I was up to another session. I was and they came to my house which is out in the country where noisy play goes unnoticed.

    Cold numbed wasps are easy to handle and they warm quickly and are easy enough to anger. They used babyfood jars to contain them on the areas they wanted stung. They got the wasps to sting each nipple 5 or 6 times and genitals about 15. I hated every minute of it and the days after that it took to recover. They called a couple of weeks later to ask for another session and I said no. Then I called back in a few days to say I’d try it one more time. That went on for 2 years during the warm months. They haven’t called again. It’s been or 4 years now. I miss it.

    • Peter

      This vague description is one of the hottest things I’ve ever read. I hope you put a valid email when submitting this comment, because I would LOVE to read more about these stinging experiences in greater detail. It sounds like you had many incredible and intense experiences. Please share more if you’re willing. Thanks so much.

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