Control and Humiliation


There are two “feelings” that I enjoy a lot, well I say enjoy but what I really mean is love/crave/NEED otherwise I start to feel…I don’t know how to describe it….”wrong”. Those two feelings are the feeling of being controlled by another person and the feel of humiliation.


Mistress controls me in a multitude of ways, there are rules that I must follow all the time and there are jobs that I must attend to so that she doesn’t have to. For instance there is a rule that I must always wear lingerie no matter where I’m going or what I’m doing because she wants me to be “dressed for sex” 24/7 and I do all of the housework and cooking because she decided that she wanted domestic service to be one of the roles I perform for her.

Those are examples of overt ways in which she controls my actions and my appearance but she also controls my behaviour. I don’t mean that she micromanages every interaction I have and friends and colleagues would hardly notice it but through her training my behaviour has definitely changed, especially when I am around her.

I think in general it can be characterised by being more aware of myself, more aware of how I am sitting, how my body is positioned, where I am sitting and also what comes out of my mouth versus what my brain is thinking. I’m not saying I didn’t pay attention to these things before but it feels sort of heightened now, she has altered the way my brain operates in very subtle ways.

I love all of this, I love that she has moulded me to be what she wants from what I wear to what I do and even to how I think. She has influenced every part of my being and I adore her for it, it is everything a Dominant should be. I know any people just want to be a dominant that disciplines a slave and concentrates on the S&M side of things and I used to be very much about that side but this relationship, this deepness of control is what I now realise I have craved all of my life. The fact that I am a masochist and she is a sadist are just icing on the cake!

However, all of the above is now just a part of my everyday life, there is one other aspect that is more noticeable to me and it gets my pussy pulsing every time. When I became her full-time submissive I gave up the usernames and passwords to all of my online systems, iCloud, iMessage, WhatsApp, Email, Tumblr, WordPress, Fetlife, CollarSpace…literally everything, her finger print is even registered on my phone. And if I sign up for something, no matter what it is, I add the details to a system that she controls. I can view and add to it but I can’t delete anything from it (not that I would).

The upshot of this is that if you have messaged me, emailed me, whatever, there is a possibility she has read it. I’m not saying she spends every night trawling through my messages but I do know she looks at them from time to time and reads anything that piques her interest. I have absolutely no privacy from her whatsoever.

The main “system” that she uses and that turns me on though is Find My Friends. I share my location with her but she doesn’t reciprocate and the way she uses it I absolutely love. Once it was set up she never mentioned it again, I’ve never seen her on it and she doesn’t ring me up and tell me she knows where I am or anything like that but I know she watches me.

It comes out in a very indirect way, for instance this lunch time I went to a coffee shop with two colleagues and about thirty seconds after I entered, whilst still queuing, I got a text from her telling me what to order. My insides were clenching up as I ordered exactly what she’d told me and when I got it I sent her a snapchat of it with just a little heart as a response, she texted “Good girl” and that was it.

It was just a small exchange but the implications are huge, she knew I’d left work for lunch, which I do at a random time whenever I am ready, and she knew where I’d gone for lunch. It’s weird, for a vanilla person it would be a huge invasion of privacy but for me all I got was a nice warm protected feeling and wet knickers.


This is not the same as embarrassment at all, I really dislike feeling embarrassed. I don’t like to be laughed at or feel like I am the brunt of some joke, I was bullied at school to some degree (nothing major) and embarrassment brings back those feelings of being excluded and ridiculed which is not something that turns me on.

Embarrassment is when someone sticks something on your back and everyone knows and laughs about it except you, I think it being non-consensual is a big part of it. Humiliation is different, for me at lease, humiliation is allowing something to happen that brings you feelings of shame.

I’ve been naked in front of strangers more times than I can count but I still get that feeling every single time. I still blush, feel the need to avert my gaze and always, always feel that warmth growing between my legs. Mistress knows exactly how to push my buttons and she has this thing that she likes to do in these situations where I am meeting someone for the very first time. She doesn’t do it every time, that would make it predictable, but often enough that I am always nervous that it is coming.

First she introduces me and it is quite normal, a shaken hand or a kiss on the cheek, that sort of thing. Then she will explain that I am her submissive, that I obey what she tells me to do. Bare in mind I don’t know the other person and have no idea if they are in the scene, just aware of the scene or are completely vanilla unless we are in a context that would give it away.

Miss knows a lot of people and we visit her friends and acquaintances quite often, I don’t know in advance if these are vanilla meetings or not, sometimes we have a cup of tea and discuss politics, sometimes I kneel naked and nose-to-nose with a complete stranger, it keeps things interesting.

Anyway, so after introductions she will tell me to undress in some way or another, remove my top of dress or jeans. She never does it for me, that would activate my submissiveness and I would be straight into that mode whereby I let her do whatever she wants with me and she is my entire world. No, she has me do it myself so that I feel the awkwardness of someone I don’t know watching me expose my body, first in my underwear and then inevitably my modified breasts and then my hairless pussy.

It doesn’t end there though, invariably I will be told to “present” a particular part of my body. These are positions which Mistress has taught me and drilled me on until I do them perfectly. For example, if I am told to present my mouth I kneel, up with my knees shoulder width apart, wrists crossed behind the small of my back, head tilted back and mouth open.

Other examples are “display your breasts” which involves pushing my chest out and cupping my breasts whilst turning my head to the side and the more humiliating “present your pussy” whereby I must stand with my legs spread quite wide, arms folded behind my back and sort of thrust my groin out at the person. That one is humiliating because it is just a bizarre position to put your body in, it is lewd, but also because my pussy is almost always glistening with wetness.

The final one is the one I find the most humiliating and therefore possibly the biggest turn on. “Present your ass” involves bending at the waist with legs spread, gripping my ass cheeks and pulling them apart to expose my asshole. I don’t know why but there is something deeply intimate about your asshole and pulling your cheeks apart to display it, feeling the air on it and knowing someone is looking at it is very humiliating for me and doing this in front of anyone, especially a stranger is a huge, horrible, turn on for me.

I say horrible because that’s what it is. I don’t know how this works for other people but for me there is a definite love/hate sort of situation going on with this side of my desires. I love it because I hate it. Inwardly I cringe every time I have to do something like this and parts of my brain scream at me not to degrade myself like this but it’s the fact that I am unable to “normalise” it that maintains the attraction I think.

In other news…

Mistress found a new “cane” that she intends to use on me. It is a long and very thin metal …erm, stick, I suppose. I don’t know where she got it but it looks wicked and is going to sting so much! Here it is resting on a butt plug, no reason other than it was what I had to hand:


24 thoughts on “Control and Humiliation

  1. Hem

    Cudos for this post.

    I have been following you for quite some time and read most, if not all, of your posts and enjoyed all of them a lot. There was something about this one that I enjoyed more than most, I think it was because it felt more personal to me. You spoke about your feelings and emotions as much as about what was done to you or what you fantasize about, kind of like you were exposing your inner self to your followers, I like that and can only encourage more of it.

    That cane is going to hurt like a bitch. Perhaps a post with a few pics of the results once it is used on you ?

    Keep sharing, we all enjoy it.

  2. Pwwyll

    Great post. I love following this blog! It’s inspiring to know that you are living your truth Can’t wait for the next update.

    Not going to lie, I’m hoping to see some of the results of that new tool your Mistress has bought for you in the near future.

  3. thas007

    Fantastic read as always. Sorry but having read you posts for a while but I don’t rember what modifications you have had done on your breasts. So what have you had done to them?

  4. thas007

    Thank you very much I can’t believe I didnt remeber the post. I love following this blog thank you so much for sharing

  5. John Grey

    I love to hear about your training. This was an excellent post. Please write further about interactions with strangers!

  6. Simon

    Hi Lois, Fiona. I was curious, how do you see the difference between the submission given as a slave to that of a submissive within your relationship?

    • Lois

      For me a slave has no rights, they have agreed to be owned and essentially be “property” with the owner taking complete responsibility for them. They have no limits, no safe word and cannot say no. There is not necessarily a sexual relationship or any emotional relationship at all although conversely there may be. They can be sold/given to another owner without their consent. If the owner decides they should leave their job or shave their head then they do it, no questions asked, that or leave. They give up control of their own life completely.
      An example would be Greyhound from

      A submissive is similar but different in some key ways. They agree limits with their Dominant (not Owner), they have a safe word and maintain ultimate control over anything that is happening to them. Using the safe word is equivalent of saying “No, this isn’t OK” and can then discuss it with the dominant so that they can move forward.

      In reality I think most people are submissives falling somewhere on a sliding scale of “submissiveness” where they feel comfortable which is as it should be, I don’t believe there are many “real” slaves in BDSM. I think the term “Slave” is used because it sounds better even though it doesn’t really effect reality.

      These days I think I fall quite far up the submissiveness scale, Mistress has quite tight control of the majority of my life but there are still aspects where I retain significant autonomy and my submissiveness to her as well as her Dominance over me is very much tied to our non-BDSM relationship.

      Does that answer your question? I feel like I rambled there!

  7. Richard

    I love reading what you write Lois, it is so nice to read your thoughts on things and not just what actions you do. The thoughts and emotions are what make it feel real.

    To be honest I am not sure why I like this blog so much, I live quite a vanilla life, and I don’t think I could ever do to a partner what Fiona does to you, not a judgment, not in the slightest, I just can’t explain why I am so interested in something that I am not interested in.

    • Lois

      That’s a conundrum, maybe you are sub and you like the idea of someone doing these things to you? The mind is complicated and likes what it likes, I wouldn’t think too much about it!

      Thank you for the comment though, this post seems to have been quite well received, from the comments I’ve received about it if not from the stats.

      • Richard

        I wouldn’t say that I am a sub, in the bedroom I fall slightly on the dominant side. It is the control Fiona has over you outside of the bedroom that I am equally fascinated and confused about.

        I see in the way you write the love you have for Fiona and the life you are living and that makes me happy. But I have a friend who is in a controlling relationship and along with friends we are trying to help her out and get her to be more confident and stand up to her boyfriend because we can see she is miserable. So I guess I just feel kind of weird and I would say almost guilty by the fact that I love reading about your life.

        • Lois

          The difference is consent. I am controlled because I give that control, not because it is taken. The latter is abuse and shouldn’t be tolerated. It might surprise you to learn that people involved in this lifestyle are almost universally against that sort of controlling behaviour.

  8. Hut

    Hello Lois, how about the humiliation of having your typos pointed out to you ?

    I must always where lingerie -> must always wear
    my behaviour has definitely change, -> definitely changed
    Bare in mind -> bear in mind

    Too bad you leave these, the text is very nice otherwise.

    • Lois

      Ok I have corrected them, except the last one which I couldn’t find on my phone.

      Please BEAR in mind that I do this all myself, I do spell check and proof read what I write but it’s difficult not to miss things because I’m read what I’ve just written. I don’t have anyone to proof read them for me unless Miss is having a particularly uneventful day so I just have to go with it.

        • Lois

          I’d be happy for you to proof read after the fact? Pretty much what you do now to be honest but maybe email me rather than post a comment. I don’t want to delay getting posts out just to correct a few typos but I’m happy to fix them later.

  9. John Grey

    Oh, I forgot to ask if we [your devoted followers!] are going to get to see some “cane” stripes soon? Are these going to be applied as a reward [:)] or for attitude adjustment?

  10. IflyHG

    Thanks for the explanations, both in the post and in the clarifications in the comments. It helps with my understanding of the scene in general and with you in particular. Thanks for sharing.

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