So that happened!


I was really excited last night because Mistress was taking me out for a fancy meal and then we were meeting my sister and friends for some drinks. I knew Mistress had got me a present but it turned out to be something I was definitely NOT expecting!

After we’d eaten the main course, me with my dress arranged so that my naked ass was on the seat as per Mistresses instructions, she stood up looking nervous. I was very confused and my heart started racing because I had no idea what was happening, then she came around the table and knelt in front of me and produced a ring.

I was crying immediately put my hands over my mouth as she said (I’m going to paraphrase a little here as I can’t remember the exact words:

“Lois, you’ve turned my life upside down and I love you for it. You are a beautiful and amazing person and I want to spend my life with you, will you marry me…please.”

I just blurted out “YES!” and wrapped my arms around her and we hugged for what felt like ages until I realised that EVERYONE was staring at us and then they all started to clap and I was so embarrassed and turned bright red. Tears were running down my cheeks as she slid the ring onto my finger and then handed me another identical ring and held out her own finger.

As we sat and waited for our dessert various people at the tables around us congratulated us and it felt like we were the subject of everyone’s conversations, Miss said “Maybe I should have waited until after desert!” and I laughed, probably too loudly!

We held hands basically the whole rest of the meal and I felt like my chest was going to explode with happiness! I know that sounds cheesy but that’s how I felt, and still feel now! Mistress told me that she’d chosen identical rings for us to show that we are completely equal in this……MARRIAGE(!) even if I belong to her.

We left the restaurant and headed to the bar to meet everyone and they all cheered when we walked in and my mum was there too!! Mistress had asked my mum if she could marry me, how adorable is that?! My mum, sister and Miss Hannah all knew she was going to propose to me, only Emma (Miss Hannah’s sub) was surprised at what the big event was.

So now we have to plan a wedding!! How crazy is that?

33 thoughts on “So that happened!

  1. Mistress Sonia

    Congratulations Lois!!! That’s really the best birthday present you could have and it’s so nice how Mistress Fiona prepared it, even asking permission to your mom, to marry you.
    I truly wish the best for both of You

  2. masterjohn130

    Congratulations to you both you really are perfect for one another and an excellent birthday present for you. Of course the only question is when it comes to Mistress Fiona’s how are you going to top that?

  3. Richard

    Congratulations Lois, I am so happy for the both of you. This is just a piece of really nice news to wake up to.
    I wish you all the best and hope you have a long and happy life together, xXx

  4. Jon

    Congratulations! I wish you two many happy years together.

    I only recently discovered your blog and I’ve been enjoying it.

  5. Jazzie (Strict-but-Fair on tumblr)

    Fantastic news.
    It’s been wonderful for all of us following your growing love – from the first lipstick introduction. Very happy for you both.

  6. hut

    Congratulation Lois & Fiona. Actually I think you can top this. Getting married, buying a house together, the next step is obvious. No matter what you do, keep writing!


    Lois, my dear friend: I cannot find the right words to say what I want to say! I was moved to tears when I saw these wonderful news about YOU and FIONA. CONGRATULATIONS, I love you both!!! Kisses from Germany, Bernd

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