I just wanted to highlight an example of some of the crap I have to deal with just because I write this blog. Most people are very complimentary of it or, if they don’t like it just don’t read it I assume, however some people feel the need to message me and tell me their poor opinion of it.

This happens about once a week or fortnight, below is a recent example from CollarSpace:

j4pippa on 4/9/18 at 11:22 PM:
website is crap

PainSlutLois on 4/9/18 at 11:43 PM:
Are you referring to my blog? If so thank you for taking the time to think about, write and send that insightful feedback. It is much appreciated and I will file it right next the packet that my sandwich came in at lunch time.

j4pippa on 4/10/18 at 1:03 AM:
blog .. website .. yes ..

PainSlutLois on 4/11/18 at 11:26 PM:
Well like i said, thank you for taking the time to put down years of time and effort that is enjoyed and praised by many real dominants when you’re too lazy to even fill in your own profile. Idiot.

j4pippa on 4/12/18 at 2:52 AM:
wtf should i read your crap ?.

is it interesting?

PainSlutLois on 4/12/18 at 9:06 AM:
Wtf means “WHAT the fuck” not “WHY the fuck”. And I don’t care whether you read it or not. However if you haven’t read it how do you know it is crap? Your level of idiocy baffles me.

I know that I shouldn’t let this sort of thing bother me and for the most part I let it just wash over me but I just wanted to highlight it in the vain hope that it might encourage people to just not bother!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but they don’t necessarily need to share it! If you don’t like this blog then that is fine, carry on with your day and never return to it, I don’t need to know how terrible you think it is!

If you’re still here, thanks for reading and sorry for ranting!

23 thoughts on “Unecessary

  1. Unendingthought

    You’re blog is amazing and very much appreciated.

    There’s also no need to apologize for ranting, it can be important for releasing pent up feelings.

    Look after yourself, your an important piece of property to your Miss.

  2. Mistress Sonia

    That kind of trolls don’t deserve an answer, you already did too much.
    You’re blog is very interesting, I know it’s easier to say than to do but please don’t let that kind of comments make you angry or sad, they don’t deserve it.

  3. Richard

    Hi Lois,

    Please don’t let the idiots get you down. I often think that when people send messages like that, that it is out of jealousy more than anything. So if you want to think anything, think about how great your life is.

    There are more people that love your blog than dislike it, I have been following it for years and always get excited when I see the email telling me of a new post.

    Please keep posting, xxx

  4. George

    I wouldn’t take notice of illiterate idiots who don’t understand the Bdsm dynamic .Id adore having such an understanding sexy hot sub as you xx

  5. John Grey

    Your blog is great. Love to hear about your “adventures.” Who knows why trolls, troll! Gotta just hit the delete button from time to time.

  6. Subdued1

    Stay strong stay writing your blog for those of us that enjoy it and wish we could live the life we desire but can’t live. Love the blog

  7. Lois

    Thank you all for the lovely messages, it really means a lot.

    The latest message from today reads: “you talk some crap.only an idiot would set up a website to talk more crap.about as interesting as squeezing boils.walk the walk”

  8. John

    Hi Lois
    As someone else said in the above comments, I always get a little tingle of excitement when I get the gmail that you have a new post. You are amazing on so many levels. I know I should post comments more often to show some of the appreciation that you’re due.
    Maybe you could compile a list of the idiotic comments? We could vote on the most ridiculous? And then notify the winners?

  9. M&J

    Smile… yet these people keep coming back to read more… we should feel sorry for them that there lives lack the kind of love that we experience.

  10. Katie

    Hi Lois,
    I wouldn’t bother responding or even thinking any more about it (I know easier said than done at times), its just nonsense and not worth any of your time. For the record your blog is brilliant me and my Miss are both entertained, excited and educated by it.
    Katie xx

  11. Hut

    Don’t feed the trolls. Some people just like to annoy others for the fun of it. It you respond or even acknowledge their opinion, it plays right into their hand. Even the greatest artists get trolls. Instead feel validated by the fact that these people took the time to try to put you down. This means you are doing something right. All the best.

  12. Ian

    Hi Lois.
    Smile at the fact that if they have taken the time to log on to here whether they then felt the need to offer so little of an opinion, at least it’s another view towards your target.

  13. IflyHG

    I recommend not even engaging them, doing so only invites more negativity, nothing good can come of it. Especially where there is no constructive criticism. Just ignore the comment and move on.

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