Last Sunday my Mistress told me she needed to have a very serious conversation with me about our future. I was very nervous as she sat me down, even allowing me to sit on the sofa beside her which made me feel even worse! She told me she had been thinking a lot about where we were going and what she wanted from our relationship, that she had come to certain conclusions and that I would have some important decisions to make today.

She laid out the conclusions she had come to in great detail. Our relationship as it stood was not going to be enough for her long-term, she wanted full-time permanent total power exchange where my only purpose in life is to serve her. I would be a literal slave.

I would need to give up my job, sign all of my assets over to her and give up any freedoms I currently have. She would control every aspect of my life and I would lose all the privileges I currently enjoy such as clothing, sleeping in a bed, use of a toilet or being allowed to leave the house, all of these would need to be earned once I became a slave and would be entirely at her discretion.

She told me not to say anything there and then, she realised it was a big decision and I would need time to think about it. She said she was going out and would return in a few hours but would need a decision from me when she returned, then she got up and left.

I vaguely remember hearing the front door closing as I sat on the sofa, completely in shock. My mind was exploding with different thoughts as the gravity of what Miss had just said started to hit me like a ton of bricks.

I am so, SO happy with Mistress in a way that I’ve never felt before, no relationship has ever fulfilled me the way this one does and I’ve never felt so connected with someone before. However I have worked incredibly hard to get to where I am in my career and giving it up at a point where I could actually reach my goals in the next few years would be almost impossible for me to do, and even if I did it I could see her making me give it up causing some serious issues in the future.

And that is just my job, then there is all the other stuff. Sleeping in a cage EVERY night, never being allowed to wear clothes unless I earn the privilege .Going to the bathroom outside rather than using the toilet. I mean I have significant restrictions on how I live already but this is a whole new level, a different mindset that I have now.

All of this was flowing through my mind and I flitted between being really angry that she had just dropped this on me like this and being absolutely devastated because I didn’t think I could be what she wanted and then trying to think about it rationally and deciding if there were parts of it that I could comply with, maybe there was some compromise that we could come to.

I hadn’t moved from the sofa for what felt like hours (Miss tells me she was only gone an hour) when I heard the front door again, I stood and waited for her to come in. When she did I immediately started speaking but she held up her hands and gestured for me to sit down. I did and she looked at me in the same serious way she had before and said “April Fools!”.

Tears burst out of my eyes as it dawned on me and I screamed “YOU FUCKING BITCH!” and she just burst out laughing. I was completely incredulous and couldn’t stop walking around the room alternating between smiling and giving her furious glares!

Eventually I managed to calm down and she apologised, admitting it was a bit of a mean prank but the relief of finding out it wasn’t real was like a huge weight off me and I actually felt pretty good afterwards in a strange sort of way.

Since the weekend we have discussed some of the things she pretended to want and both of us has reassured the other that we are very happy with how things are at the moment so some good has come out of it. Also I got a seriously severe caning for calling my Miss a bitch, which she of course is not!



15 thoughts on “Changes

  1. John

    By coincidence, I got a phone call on the same day from someone with whom I had to part ways with, having grown very close a number of years ago. Later I questioned the April Fools aspect of it, but we have spoken several times since, all looking positive!!
    Dare I hope to be able to develop as fantastic as you have with your Mistress??

  2. Simon

    Cool anecdote, glad to see it all comes good in the end, sucker for a happy ending me. 🙂 I enjoyed reading you got a good caning for calling Fiona a bitch too, though that’s the sadist in me talking I suspect.

  3. Hut

    When I read it I immediately thought “April Fool’s”, no way your Mistress would be so abusive. It sounds after the fact but this is true 🙂 I hope you enjoyed the caning.

  4. Martin

    I’m not sure if you still pick up comments on old posts. I found your blog last week read a few posts and I’ve been “binge” reading it from the very beginning. I’m completely hooked. Your writing style is engaging and I feel genuine empathy with you. I completely put myself in your shoes with this post to the point it started to cause me stress, as I paused halfway through and then I read the ending. Fiona is very lucky and has done an excellent job with you. I only say lucky because I’d love to get my hands on you. Cannot read to read the rest! Well done.

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