Evil genius


Some people have commented both here and on my Tumblr that Mistress Fiona is an evil genius after I wrote about her recent penchant for ruining my orgasms, I’d like to put the record straight on this point here and now: you are absolutely correct but you don’t even know the half of it!

I’ve talked here about a few of the more significant things that Mistress has me do, the blow job service for example, but not much about the little things she comes up with that reinforce her position over me but also keep my mind focused on what she wants it focused on.

Here is an example; one day whilst I was in New York we spoke shortly after I got up and before I headed to the office. You’ll remember that I had to wear a vibrating egg and vibrating anal plug whenever I was in the apartment there and she could control them from her phone. Throughout the conversation she had the anal plug on and kept changing the intensity at which it vibrated inside me, she never once mentioned this, it was just something that went on throughout the call and I accepted without question.

When it was time for the call to end so that I could go to work she gave me a simple order, to remove the plug and then spread a generous amount of vaseline between my ass cheeks covering every part that would normally touch. I thought it a strange request at the time but I knew what she was trying to achieve the moment I started walking down the street.

I don’t know how to describe this effectively but I’ll try my best. Your body has a natural way of “being”, your flesh, muscle and fat sit in a certain way and your body is used to it and doesn’t register in your brain when, for instance, your ass cheeks sit against each other and don’t separate or move against each other when you walk. What does register though is if there is some slippery substance that causes your ass cheeks to slide over each other with every movement.

The effect Mistress was hoping for, and the effect she was successful in creating was that I couldn’t move all day without thinking about my ass. For those of you who’ve been fucked in your ass it was like I’d had anal sex and the cum was leaking from my ass, except it felt like it was leaking out all day.

I don’t even really know why but this made me incredibly horny and by the time I got back to the apartment that evening my pussy was easily as lubricated as my ass was. Such a simple thing that made a significant difference to my mindset throughout the day.

In a similar vein of keeping a certain part of my body at the forefront of my thoughts is another trick that she has used several times. Using a pencil she will push a balloon into my pussy and then use a hand pump to inflate it. She doesn’t make it large, painful or even uncomfortable but just large enough for me feel full, then she will tie a piece of string to it and push the remaining part inside me.

Once it is inside only the string protrudes and is hardly noticeable, it’s hard to describe the feeling but any girls reading will understand when I say it feels “full”. It makes me even wetter than usual and the change between sitting and standing creates a noticable shift inside and you can’t help but think about your pussy.

The balloon isn’t inflated enough for there to be any chance of it popping so it’s perfectly safe in terms of it causing injury or being detected by people around you and a few times she has had great fun extracting it later without deflating it first.

Finally one of her favourite things, the kobayashi maru clamp, or that’s what I call it anyway. If you don’t get the reference then, well it’s probably a good thing and I’m not going to explain it for fear of further exposing my geekiness!

561339_sk_lgThe clamp in question is of the type that I would call “binder clips”, the picture on the right shows what I mean. When used on flesh these clips are particularly nasty clamps and once attached it is possible to squeeze the metal handles together and remove them which makes it virtually impossible to open the clip.

Mistress is fond of applying these to various parts of my anatomy and then allowing me to remove them whenever I please. The only effective way to do so though is to pull them off and that is incredibly painful, the level of pain is dependant on where the clamp has been placed, obviously, but also on how long it has been on. Therein lies the particularly devious part, you are extremely reluctant to pull the clip off because you know how much it will hurt but at the same time you are thinking that every minute it stays on it will be worse when it comes off, a no-win situation.

A particularly cruel example of this was when Mistress blindfolded me naked and then attached one of these clamps to each pussy lip, one to each nipple and one to my tongue. She then tied string around them and tied the nipple and pussy ones to the bed head that I was stood next to and the tongue one to a ring in the ceiling. Finally she cuffed my wrists behind my back.

After a lengthy cropping of my thighs, ass and breasts which I was completely helpless to defend myself from, she left the room stating that she would be waiting for me downstairs. Having had my, now numb, tongue pulled up and out of my mouth for some time I had drool all over me and was desperate to get down from my predicament.

Even if Mistress hadn’t removed the handles from the clips it would have been impossible for me to remove them normally so I had no choice but to pull each of the clamps off by moving away from where they were tied.

Thinking it would be easiest I crouched until the string from my tongue was taut and then jerked back, the pain was intense and it felt like my tongue immediately swelled up. Next I did the same sort of motion with my nipples, thinking it would be better to just get it over with I moved until they both felt taut and then yanked. Only one came off which was excruciating in itself but the other one merely dragged across the sensitive skin of my nipple and then pinched unbearable right on the tip of it.

With my knees feeling weak from the strain of the extended bondage, the pain of the whipping and now the systematic abuse of my most sensitive parts I quickly yanked it off the tip of my nipple causing the post pain yet to shoot through my left breast.

Later I found out that Mistress had watch the whole thing with great amusement and arousal as I struggled to free myself from the torturous bondage she had put me in.

The final two were the worst, there was little choice other than to pull them both off at once and this time I was successful in doing so but the pain was out of this world! The clamping pain is one thing, it is very painful but over the years I’ve got used to how it feels, it’s the scraping, scratching sensation that makes it so much worse.

By the time I got downstairs and removed the blindfold my nipples, pussy lips and tongue were all swollen and all had small scratches and cuts on them that stung painfully. Mistress cleaned each one gently and then knelt me in front of her so that I could use my newly enlarged tongue to thank her properly.

P.s. ten points if you can guess the reference of the header image!

38 thoughts on “Evil genius

  1. s2000nl

    nice! Mistress Fiona is very good at her job 😉 I love the stories! and the header image, something with your Septum pierced ?

  2. skinowner

    The Kobayashi Maru? That could be easily circumvented by a cheating genius. Now, dear Lois, where exactly do you cheat with those clips? But it is always good to read about your continuing mission to explore strange new worlds.

    p.s.: I reckon the pic is about the bladder ballon. Great idea. Also like how Fiona does not even go down on you to inflate it.

    • Lois

      I would never cheat, I ‘m a good girl! Plus I think Mistress is cleverer than the people who invented the Kobayashi Maru test, or will invent it I guess!

      And that’s an incorrect guess I’m afraid, -10 points for you!

      Do you need me to throw you a frickin’ bone?

  3. Philip Korkus, Esq and Attorney at Law

    Your Owner and Mistress needs to sell your cunt on the “open” market, pain slut. Only when you realize that ANY dirty old man, whether London or NY, can fuck your gash…for a price…will you realize who and what you are. A cum slut and rape doll to be used and abused by any guy with a $10 bill in his wallet.

    • Mistress Fiona

      I understand what you are trying to achieve with this comment but please understand that we are living in the real world and living this life for real. Allow anyone to use her would put her in enormous risk for a multitude of reasons.

      And also, she knows who and what she is, she is “mine”.

  4. DW

    I’m going to have to go with the reference being to Dr. Evil. There is nothing so wickedly creative as a cruel and unusual sense of humour.

    • Lois

      Woo, you got it! It looks me forever to find a picture of a girl with her little finger to her mouth! In hindsight I should have just taken one of myself.

  5. r3273175

    Noticed the qr code, hehe nice touch; Remember finding your blog from the post about pet microchips from a good while back; Anyhow loving all the update posts every 2~ days!

  6. IflyHG

    I completely understand the “normal” body thing. When you are feeling well and healthy everything just works the way you expect and you don’t give your body a thought. When you are hurt or something is amiss every movement makes you acutely aware that there is a problem. The Vaseline on your butt cheeks was inspired! I liked the balloon in your pussy as well, who knew such simple things could be so effective! The binder clips are classic. I had to look up the Star Trek reference as I didn’t remember but did once I started reading. This post makes me wonder how many of the things Fiona subjects you to she has tried on herself first.

  7. Luxi Turna

    Yeah, the porn story sound of these descriptions and the lack of any pictures of all this being done to you made me suspect, but this confirmed it:

    > she led me upstairs to her bedroom wearing only my heels.

    Two women would never prefer that one wear high heels when stripping naked and walking to the bedroom.



    On the other hand dude, you DO write good porn stories!
    okay, you can delete this
    and ban me now.

    • Lois

      Hi Luxi,

      I would never ban anyone for having an opinion or delete a post just because it could be inflammatory, you are entirely entitled to your opinion and it’s not like this is the first time I’ve been accused of being a fake.

      If you would like to see pictures of me there are a few in some of my older posts but sharing pictures of myself isn’t something I readily do and certainly not on demand, besides it’s not really up to me anymore.

      At this point I don’t really mind if you believe me, I don’t feel the need to prove anything.

      Have a lovely Christmas

      Lo xx

      • Mistress Fiona

        Just ban her, you don’t need the hassle of these trolls Lois, you’ve got more important things to worry about and “she” clearly doesn’t want to read it anyway.

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