In the few weeks since I have been home from the states Mistress has discovered something that seems to bring her great joy and it is something, perhaps surprisingly, that I’d never really heard of before.

It started off one morning before we’d even got up, she moved my hands above my head and slid her fingers between my legs which opened eagerly despite me still being half asleep. She found me already a little wet (who knows what I’d been dreaming about!) and gave my pussy a few spanks for “being such a slut”, by which time I was very much awake!

After the spanks she started to circle my clit int he expert way she does and before long I was pushing back at her fingers as she brought me closer and closer. As my hands gripped around handfuls of bed sheet I begged “Oooohh Mistress please can I come?” and she said yes and I let me orgasm go. However, as I did she stopped all stimulation and just held my legs apart.

It’s a bizarre sensation, it’s like your orgasm happens but without the ecstasy, pleasure or release and you’re left feeling incredible unsatisfied and frustrated. That first time I also felt some anger boil up inside me although I didn’t show it, I just let out a panicked and sharp “Noooo!” as my eyes flew open to stare at Mistresses smiling face and she said “Frustrating isn’t it?” and then jumped out of bed leaving me panting and squirming.

I later discovered she’d done it to herself while I was away to see what it was like and had decided there and then it was something she wanted to inflict on me. As regular readers will know, whilst I was single I masturbated twice a day on average and Mistress believes this was extremely self-indulgent and completely unacceptable for a sub. Since I have been hers she has weened me down to cuming only once every other day and only with her permission, usually with her direct involvement.

I’d heard of male ruined orgasms before, basically just stop touching as they cum and their cock spasm and cums but without any continued stimulation it isn’t particularly enjoyable. The same thing for girls was new to me though and I have to say it is really horrible. Every single time I think I won’t let myself get to into it because I know she’s going to ruin it but then every time I get to a point where I’m just all about getting to the orgasm that she then ruins!

She has process for it now, I kneel with my legs spread and the palms of my hands resting right at the top of my inner thighs, basically as close to my pussy as they can get without touching it. Then she uses her expert skills to bring me to the edge, waits for me to ask and then ruins it, it’s torture quite unlike anything I’ve experienced before. It is so hard to maintain my position, my fingers just next to my clit, knowing the slightest touch would prevent the intense frustration.

On Christmas Eve, despite my Mother and Sister being in the house with us she gave me multiple ruins and I was particularly grumpy that night. Then. on Christmas morning after a massively frustrating day before she gave me a real orgasm and I had to bite the pillow to stop me screaming it was so good and I spent the day in the best mood ever!

At the moment I am getting daily ruins and one orgasm per week, it’s really hard to cope with but I am managing so far. A couple of times she has accidentally pushed me over the edge and not stopped in time, those are possible the most fun orgasms because they are naughty but not my fault, event though I get pussy slaps for them.

So that is Mistresses new favourite thing and unfortunately she is getting really good at it, I haven’t had a real orgasm all week and am looking forward to her allowing me one over the weekend, I’m smiling just thinking about it!

A few people have tried guessing which goal I have succeeded in completing already, some got it right and some didn’t but I will be writing about it soon I promise!

18 thoughts on “Ruination

  1. skinowner

    The question is how often does she use YOUR skills for HER to orgasm.

    Also I think you should ask her to add clamps or pegs to labia or even clit. It is quite fun. When you do ask remember to say please and then thank you.

  2. Lisa Simons

    Hi Lois. I too have only just researched ruin orgasm for girls for my latest novel and was great to read your first hand experiences. I really enjoy writing erotica as there’s seems no end of ideas/ combinations one can conjure.

  3. John

    Hi Lois

    Out of curiosity I have to ask, how does ruination with one orgasm a week compare to being locked in a chastity belt for weeks or months?

    • Lois

      Ooh, that’s a good question.

      Being locked in the belt there is no stimulation at all whereas this is basically the opposite of that but with the same result, which is intense frustration that is hard to describe unless you’ve experienced it.

      On the one hand the belt is very difficult because wearing it constantly is a challenge in itself, you need to sleep in a different way, use the bathroom differently and it can become quite uncomfortable and that is it’s own frustration.

      On the other hand getting sexual pleasure on a regular basis but without the release from a proper orgasm just builds and builds the sexual frustration.

      So both are hard in different ways but I think this, the ruins, has more of an effect. I’m generally horny a lot anyway but having daily ruined orgasms has elevated my horniness to the point that at the end of the week, like right now for instance, I’m really desperate and excited about being allowed to cum!

      I’m not sure if I answered your question or just rambled on there. If it’s the latter then I apologise, my mind is in my pussy right now!

  4. Plesrfreak

    I am currently training a woman to be a sex toy and I have trained it to ruin orgasms, the twist is toy has to ruin 2 times right after any orgasm to help it stay focused on my needs, limiting toys time enjoying a orgasm after glow , that might be something your mistress might enjoy doing to you.

  5. IflyHG

    So, for the 4 weeks of chastity I would think that also means no ruins? At least this could be a small consolation. I would also think it means Fiona doesn’t get pleasured by you either. Sounds like a tough month for the both of you. I could easily see this being a goal that doesn’t get achieved by year’s end. Many of your other goals have a sexual content, even making peace with the woman who caused you to leave London you will presumably have to talk about sex. Even buying the house you will be trying to figure out how it could have a proper dungeon for sex. December could be a tough month!

    At least Fiona tested ruins on herself before inflicting them on you. As you are a sub this thought probably hasn’t ever entered your mind but I’ll ask anyway, have you ever considered ruining one of Fiona’s orgasms? I realize this is not at all a sub thing to do but I can’t help myself. If I were in your situation I could see myself doing just that, with an evil grin on my face. Thanks for sharing.

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