Goals – part one


Everybody should have goals but submissives in particular need them in my opinion, and I don’t just mean BDSM related goals despite that being the focus here. Submissives have, at their core, a fundamental need to please people, the feeling they get from doing that drives them even if they don’t know it. Achieving a goal, even one set by themselves can elicit similar feelings, as it can in non-submissive people.

Lois has many vanilla goals which have driven her to success academically and career-wise, she is a very self driven person in that respect. However, this has often been at the expense of her person life, relationships and health.

Specifically regarding her BDSM “career”, for want of a better word, those of you who have followed her for a long time will no doubt have noticed that when she is single she loses all focus and randomly flits between different BDSM activities often escalating into more extreme, taboo and dangerous areas the longer she is without direction. For examples see her posts immediately prior to our relationship.

In my opinion she has grown as a submissive and as a person under my guidance over the last year and I fully intend to continue this throughout 2018. To this end we have agreed twelve goals that she is to achieve before the end of the year. It isn’t one a month and there is no order to them, she simply must achieve them all this year.

  • Submit to a permanent body modification of my choosing.
  • Spend four weeks in chastity.
  • Contact and make peace with the person who caused her to leave London.
  • Give an orgasm to 52 people that she hadn’t met before 2018.
  • Speak to her mother every other day.
  • Achieve an average daily views count of 500 on this blog.
  • Buy a new house with me.
  • Have her septum pierced.
  • Experience Domming a submissive.
  • Achieve two of her fantasies.
  • Fully expose her lifestyle to at least one person who has known her in real life for more than five years.
  • Exceed her current “most painful torture”.

Some of these are more person goals, for instance her mother asked me to try to get her to call more so that will be one of my goals achieved as well. Others are for her personal growth and obviously there are some fun sex ones too. I think you’ll agree it is a well-rounded set of goals for Lois and that those of your who comment or speak with her will encourage her to achieve them.

14 thoughts on “Goals – part one

  1. Alex

    That’s great! I would like to participate somehow and also assist in reaching 1-2 of her goals. I know lois online for many years. Is that possible? I know that if you agree, she wouldn’t say no. How can I get in contact with you Fiona?

  2. Simon

    Good Morning Fiona, I enjoyed reading your post and agree “Goals” are important, especially for subs. When Lois posted her Fantasy list I engaged immediatly and had several email exchanges with Luke, specifically about the one week ‘sold’ fantasy. I even created a tumblr and collarspace profile to communicate and gather thoughts and ideas called “oneweekCAPTURED” (https://oneweekcaptured.tumblr.com/) I will drop Lois’s CS profile a mail detailing more on this fantasy and maybe this year we can make it happen.

  3. Steve

    Seems she is a week or so behind on her 52 week goal, some punishment might be in order to motivate her 😁 really these are your goals as her owner she must fulfill these to please you.

    • Mistress Fiona

      As she doesn’t control who she pleasures maybe it is I who should be punished?

      However the goal is not to give one person a week an orgasm, it is to give 52 in a year.

  4. Simon

    Hi Fiona
    I was wondering whether you could put some rules/punishments around Lois’s “Ask me anything” as I have noticed this is sometimes forgotten about, questions remaining unanswered for sometime time, if answered at all……

  5. IflyHG

    Sounds like fun and a well thought out list. Hopefully Lois will have the time to post about her accomplishments and thus achieve one of her goals and keep her fans entertained and informed as well.

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