The other night I had a wonderful last evening with Mistress, we both got home reasonably early from work and I cooked a meal for us both and we talked and drank wine, she let me eat her pussy for dessert and then we moved things to the bedroom.

She got up early with me the next day and drove me to the airport as I was heading back to the States for a couple more weeks to finish up the project I have been working on there. It has been quite hard being away from her for such a long time, we speak every day and have done a fair bit of “sexting” and phone sex but as I’m sure you can imagine, it really isn’t the same!

VibePlugTo help with this I was heading back with two new items in my suitcase, a small vibrator and a vibrating anal plug. Both of these connect to your phone via Bluetooth and can then be controlled by another person from anywhere in the world. You have to love the internet!

Mistress had given me these items in a decorative locking box and had given strict orders for their use. I am to keep the box by the front door of the apartment I am staying in whilst in New York. The first thing I have to do whenever I enter the apartment is to insert both items and the last thing I do before leaving the apartment is remove them and (after washing them) place them back into the box and lock it. That’s a long winded way of saying that whenever I am in the apartment both of my holes will be filled and controlled by Mistress.

Part of Her control over me includes the fact that she has access to my location whenever she wants via the Find my Friends app on our iPhones and, just like at home, she has set up geofences around the apartment and the office that I am working from and she gets notifications on her phone whenever I arrive at or leave those places and consequently she knows when I am plugged.

For those of you that have worn these sorts of toys for long periods you will know that it can become quite uncomfortable and take some time to get used to, I did not sleep well last night despite Mistress putting me to bed with half an hour of intense sensations in both holes and several excellent orgasms! This is probably as much to do with flitting between time zones as having my holes plugged though, which is why I am writing this at 5am.

Despite the fact that I wasn’t entirely eager to be heading back to the States so soon I do really like being at the airport, especially when work is paying for business class and I get to skip queues and use executive lounges! I like looking around the duty free shops and people watching whilst enjoying some breakfast.

I’d done all that and was sitting at the gate when I got a text from Mistress that made my heart beat a little faster! She was telling me to go to the disabled bathroom located next to a gate a few down from mine. It was only fifteen minutes until I was due to board the plane but I picked up my bag and headed to where I’d been told.

I text Mistress back and said “On my way Miss” and she immediately responded saying “Don’t speak to them, just let them do what they want” and well, I was getting quite wet after that! There were other people nearby the door to the disabled toilet so I went up to it and knocked gently, as if I was checking if it was empty, I heard the lock click and I opened the door and slipped inside.

There was a guy in there, I sort of recognised him but I don’t know where from and I know Mistress won’t tell me who it was so there is no point in asking. Anyway he had his jeans undone and his sizeable cock was out and already hard. He grabbed the hair on the back of my head and turned me to face the toilet before bending me over so that my hands rested on the closed toilet seat and my ass was stuck out, I just went with it.

I was wearing a black pencil skirt with stockings underneath held up by a garter belt which was part of the Heidi Klum lingerie set I was wearing that day. He pulled my skirt over my ass exposing the intimate parts of my body within thirty seconds of meeting me and within a minute he had pulled the crotch of my underwear aside and was buried balls deep in my hot wet pussy.

He dug his fingers into my hips as he fucked me for the next three or four minutes and then I felt him tense. I instinctively tensed my pussy muscles around him as he drained his balls into me, I was a long way from my own orgasm still.

He stayed inside me, leaning on my back for a minute and then pulled out but kept his hand on the small of my back, indicating I should stay where I was. I heard him fiddling with his jeans and then he said “thanks” and slipped out of the room. I quickly locked the door behind him and stood up, straightening my underwear to catch anything that might be escaping and checked my appearance in the mirror.

I had a little more colour than I had previously but otherwise didn’t look like I’d just been used as a fleshlight, I straightened my clothes and left the bathroom. Ten minutes later I was in my seat on the plane texting Mistress to tell her that my knickers were soggy with another strangers cum.

I wandered if he’d be on the same flight but I didn’t see him and I in all likelihood I never will again. I have to admit it is a weird feeling when I think about the fact that we’ll only ever have spent less than ten minutes in each others company but we have had sex, something that “normal” people can spend weeks together building up to.

Anyway, I’m off to get a breakfast bagel, when in New York…

15 thoughts on “Airport

  1. Ginamay

    That was a great way to be sent off on a long flight to the states. Would love to be filled up with a hot load like that. Looking forward to more.
    Thank you.

  2. Richard

    If I was your master then I would have been tempted to send you to the airport locked in your chastity belt, so you would then have the embarrassing situation of having to explain to security why the metal detector keeps going off, and not give you the keys, they would have been posted to your apartment over there so you’d get them in a few days.

    I hope you enjoyed what your mistress had set up for you you at the airport though, just a nice reminder that even though you’re on a business trip, your obligation to do whatever, and whoever mistress wants comes first.

    • Lois

      The problem with that idea is that it wouldn’t work. Security would detect significant concealed metal and would search me and locate the belt. No matter what I said they couldn’t be certain it wasn’t preventing them from finding a hidden weapon or explosive and I would therefore be detained until they can remove the belt and check.

      All of which would, at a minimum, break a hard limit of mine.

  3. Jazzie (Strict-but-Fair on tumblr)

    The rest was up to your normal awesome standard… very sexy with that nice edge concerning your own feelings & emotions towards the deeds – as if if really wasn’t you at all!

  4. masterjohn130

    Your last night together for a while sounds very romantic indeed. As for your little airport adventure it sounds like the perfect send off by your Mistress.

    Nice that you was so well dressed for him wonder if he liked the effort you had put into your outfit and lingerie?

    The toys sound like fun and a good way for you both to still be together despite the distance between you.

    Love the fact your Mistress can still keep tabs on where you are.

    Hope that the in flight entertainment I sent you was good for you.

    Look forward to hearing about more of your adventures when your able to post more

  5. Curious

    Sorry for being a downer – are you at times worried about having unprotected sex with a stranger? Or does Mistress vet them all?

    • Lois

      Not a downer at all. The “strangers” I refer to in my writing are just that to me but are absolutely not to Miss. They are either people she already knows well or people that are well known to one of her close friends and either way, they have to prove they are clean and healthy before she lets them anywhere near me.

      She is a lot more stringent with this then I have been myself in the past. I’ve been deeply irresponsible and stupid before and Mistress is much more responsible with my health and well-being.

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