As those of you who follow me on Tumblr will know the reason I am not currently posting is because I have been away in New York for the last three weeks for work, I’m currently home for a few days but am then heading back to the States for another week or two. It sounds glamorous but it really isn’t, it is extremely busy and quite lonely at times.

Whilst away I have had no “fun” that you would be interested in, we had some ideas of things we could do long distance but I’ve been so busy (working twelve hour days, six days a week) that there hasn’t really been any time for it and when I’m not working I’m so tired that Mistress just allows me to rest.

We talk often and we have maintained some of my rules, for instance I dress the same as when at home and wear my day collar out of the apartment I’m staying in and my indoors collar when I’m back there. Mistress has also bought an internet controlled vibrator for me to take back with me when I return to New York in a few days so that should be fun.

She has also told me that she is close to setting up one or two New York based customers for her “blow job service”, so that could be interesting if I can find the time to provide the service to them. I have no idea how she has made these contacts in the US or what kind of people they will be but that is true of the local “customers” as well. It is really quite humiliating when I consider that a recurring part of my life now involves allowing, in fact making complete strangers cum in my mouth and swallowing what they “offer” me. Prior to the last few weeks whilst I have been away there wasn’t a week that passed when I didn’t swallow a strangers cum!

In other news, which may interest some of you, Mistress has begun entertaining offers to assist in my training and use. I have passed several details to her from people on CollarSpace who have asked to use me for her to consider. She really enjoys sharing me with other people and has significantly increased the total number of sexual partners I have had whilst I have been with her.

Basically my standing orders regarding this are, if someone asks to use me I should take their age, location, email address and some detail of what they want to do with me and pass it to Mistress. If she finds their suggestion interesting she will get in contact with them and possibly arrange something. It is a combination of exciting, humiliating and terrifying for me as she decides unilaterally who I will engage in sexual activities with and what those activities will be.

Sorry this is short and sweet, I do hope to write a bit more soon but it all depends on how much time I have over the next few days and weeks.

12 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Richard

    It is always lovely to read updates on your life, and can’t wait to hear more. You could end up with some interesting stories if something happens with mistresses’ New York customers.

    From a non sexual point of view, I know you said you’re tired after work but are you doing anything touristy while over there? It would be a shame to travel that far and not be able to see the sights and whatnot.

    Hope you enjoy your time with Fiona whilst back over here for a few days.

      • Maplestraight8

        I’ve been operating a remote Lush for about 8 weeks now. Lots of fun especially at inappropriate times like work meetings or supermarket checkouts. With both, you will die. Looking forward to the stories. I like the response to sound feature. Good for concerts and live sport events. Gives a whole new meaning to saying the concert reached a feverish crescendo and finished with a bang.

  2. Ade

    I do a lot of travelling. There are only so many nights you can spend alone, with a limited wardrobe before home looks really appealing. I hope the vibrator reinforces the connection with your mistress and you get it through customs without incident! I’ve had my bag searched a couple of times when entering the states.

    • Lois

      They made it through customs safe and sound in my bag. There is a wearable vibrator and a vibrating anal plug and I’m very much looking forward to wearing them and Mistress activiating them unexpectedly!

  3. IflyHG

    Traveling for work isn’t usually fun, especially alone. As you state, you work too hard, your away from the ones you love, your life is uprooted. At least you speak the language and there are worse places than NYC. Thanks for sharing.

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