Immediate correction

One of the things that Mistress says I “let slide” whilst I was single is my discipline towards my Dominants and it is something she has concentrated training on. Usually this comes in the form of what she terms “immediate correction” although that can come in many forms, for example humiliation or…pain. 

A couple of weeks ago I was out shopping with Mistress, we were in a well known (in the UK) high street shop and She was looking at some clothes. I honestly can’t remember what I said to her now but it was some off-hand sarcastic comment at her expense. This is part of my personality, I can be very “cheeky” and often use sarcasm especially with my friends. I have to mentally keep this in check when speaking to Mistress especially when in public as she considers it highly inappropriate for me not to speak to her respectfully in public. 

I knew I’d slipped up as soon as I spoke, her demener changed from casually browsing clothes to focussing directly on me, she walked over and said “What did you say?”, I blushed and looked at my feet but she pushed my chin up with her finger and I repeated what I’d said. She told me to spread my legs which I did despite being conscious of other people being close to us, although the clothes racks hid us well. As I spread my legs slipped my skirt up a little and then with no warning kneed me in the pussy.

The combination of the unexpectedness of it and the pain buckled my knees and I basically fell into Mistress clutching my pussy with one hand, she hugged me and held me tight and stroked my hair for at least a couple of minutes until I was ready. She asked if I was ok and I nodded so she let me go and continued shopping, nothing more was said but my pussy throbbed for the rest of the shopping trip and I was respectful every time I spoke to Mistress. 

4 thoughts on “Immediate correction

  1. jeeprat

    You are so lucky to have a mistress that cares enough and loves you enough to look after you like that. But she is way more than lucky to have you

  2. Philip Korkus

    Submissive slaves like you need to be corrected “instantly” with the proper amount of “discipline”, just like a dog does. The very worst thing an Owner of a dog (or slave) can do is to not correct the animal at the moment of indiscretion. It must be immediate and the punishment must fit the offense. You were lucky Mistress didn’t kick you in the cunt when you got home to etch in your shallow mind how important it is for a pet to remain respectful at all times. She should have kicked you in the cunt several times, then applied BenGay to your useless wrecked hole…threw you in the cage for the night with only Her Sacred Treasure and Golden Nectar for nourishment. Don’t use that shallow excuse of being an attorney. I passed the Bar Exam in 86, so that excuse won’t hold water. Just because you’re used to expressing yourself or your opinion at work, doesn’t give you the right to do the same with your Owner. I’ve followed your postings since Washington took Yorktown. For whatever reason, you feel you have the right to express yourself without consequence. This must stop. Mistress needs to set an example. Your disobedience has lowered the bar so low that an intervention is now required. You need to be chained and whipped repeatedly until your dribble ceases to flow from your lips, counselor. As far as your cunt lips? Those need a good beating too!

  3. masterjohn130

    It sounds like things are going very well for you both and I am sure that in some way she enjoys the sarcastic side of you rather then having a mindless drone on her hands.

    My slave has a way of misbehaving and she knows that she will be corrected for it as well and I do enjoy her trying her best not to step out of line.

    Can’t help but wonder when all this happened that despite the clothes rail whether the cctv operator caught it all and what they made of what they saw?

    Keep up the good work of being good for your Mistress and I look forward to your next mistake Urm I mean update

  4. IflyHG

    Immediate response to a transgression is the right thing in vanilla situations as well. It doesn’t have to be a physical reaction either, just point out the transgression, why it is wrong, and that you want it to stop can be enough.

    Well written, thanks for sharing this moment in your life.

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