Something which I have mentioned in passing but haven’t really gone into in detail yet is that Mistress Fiona enjoys sharing me with other people. We have discussed it at length and it is a little contradictory because when we got together I insisted on her committing only to me after she had previously been playing with a couple on a regular basis.

However, those conditions have relaxed slightly since we have grown closer, I’ve watched her have sex with a man on one occasion and she has repeatedly allowed other people to use me sexually. However, only males, she knows that emotionally I am all about women and so it is only men that she allows to use me in this way.

It’s not just that she is allowing others to use me either, this is one of her fetishes, she enjoys “loaning” me out purely for the sexual gratification of others and she has even talked about setting me up as a high end escort and her being my handler or pimp. Realistically though I don’t think that would be practical on a personal level or in fact that easy, I don’t think its a simple business to get into!

What has become a fairly consistent part of my life though is what I can only describe as a blow job service! It started a few months ago when one day Mistress unexpectedly took me to visit several different men whilst handcuffed and blindfolded and had me suck their cocks until they came in my mouth and then swallow it, I swallowed ten loads of strangers cum that day.

There was no explanation of how this came about, the only information I got was that the men ranged in age between 18 and 68, where from multiple ethnicities and that one was a pre-op transsexual. She also told me that the following week we would be doing the same thing except for women. That isn’t what happened through, a few days later she told me that for the foreseeable future those ten men would get to enjoy my mouth whenever they chose, although at Mistresses discretion.

The process is, they contact Mistress requesting my mouth, she organises a time and place and sends me the details, I go to that place at the requested time and suck them to completion. This has now happened a total of seven times with five different “clients”.

It usually happens when I am at work either shortly before lunch time or before the end of work but it also happened once when I was out with some friends. I’ll describe a couple of these occasions…

Car Park
This was the first time, the text arrived at 11:32 said “Grafton Centre west car park, last space on the left on the top level, grey merc, 12:45, don’t embarrass me”. The Grafton Centre is a large shopping centre (aka mall) in Cambridge which has a multi story car park and a smaller open one on two levels.

I arrived at the car park at 12:40 and walked up the stairs to the top level, I wasn’t entirely sure what she meant by “left”, that would depend on which way you faced, but as I walked through the car park I could see a red car in one end space and a grey Mercedes in in the other. I walked past several people on my way to the car and several cars drove past, it isn’t a quiet car park!

As I approached I could see an older man in the car wearing a dark grey expensive looking suit. His hair was dark but was well on its way to going grey at the sides, my heart was racing but I walked up to the passenger door and got in as if I was supposed to be there.

I turned to him and he was looking me up and down then he gestured towards his groin and said “Well?”. I blushed, as I do, then put my bag and and leaned over. It was a little difficult to extract his cock through his fly because he was already quite hard but I managed it and took it into my mouth to start my work.

After about two minutes he said “Look at me”, I turned to look up at him with his cock still in my mouth and he took a picture with his phone. I knew this wouldn’t have happened without Mistresses permission so I just turned back and continued sucking until he grunted and filled my mouth with his salty cum.

I slid my mouth off his cock and swallowed it, then went back to his cock to make sure it was clean, finally I carefully replaced it in his pants and zipped them back up. Almost as soon as I sat back up he said “You can go” so without any ceremony I collected my bag and got out of the car. I walked to the exit without looking back and went to buy something more substantial to eat before i had to go back to work.

I was out with four friends a meal and then some drinks, we’d been to a restaurant and were on our second round of drinks in a bar in town when I got the text. “Alley behind ***** in ten minutes, white shirt with a red strip down the back”.

I was a little shocked to be honest, this was the forth time I’d got a text of this nature and all the others were in work time, this was while I was with friends! I told my friends that I had to go and call Fiona and wouldn’t be long, my friends don’t know the nature of my relationship with Mistress but they have noticed how “attentive” I am to her and often joke about it so I don’t think they thought much of it.

I left the bar and walked as quickly as I could to the specified venue and down the alleyway that lead behind it, it was quite badly lit and was a little daunting until I saw the outline of a man wearing the red and white shirt Mistress had described. He heard me approaching and turned to look at me, a wide smile on his face.

He was very young, clearly the bottom of the age range Mistress had given me and he had all the confidence of a male of that age. He leaned on the wall behind him and opened his jeans pulling out his cock, it was quite big and almost fully hard already. I tried to sink to my knees with some grace, spreading my knees on the cold hard concrete and then gripped the base of his cock with one hand and took his cock in my mouth.

I sucked on the head of his cock and ran my hand up and down him for a minute or so and then he grabbed my wrist and pulled it to the back of my neck before reaching down and gesturing for me to give him my other wrist, I did and he held them tightly with one hand whilst I serviced him with my mouth.

I was in this position when he took the photo, I’d got used to this now and know the photo is immediately sent to Mistress who has an album on her phone with a photo from every meeting in it.

He only lasted about another minute and then thrust his cock deeper and came into my throat, I managed not to gag immediately and then as he removed his cock it pull the cum more into my mouth and I was able to swallow it properly, much to his delight.

After putting his own cock away he helped me to my feet, very chivalrous, and then gestured for me to leave first. Once again I didn’t look back as I walked back tot he street and to the bar where my friends complained about how long I’d been and insisted I get the next round of drinks.

I think people will think it quite strange that two women in a same sex relationship would engage in something like this but it really is something that serves our needs as much as the men that are involved. We never discuss it afterwards but whenever I’ve done it Mistresses is super turned on when I get home and we have some amazing sex. It is a turn on for me to be used in this very impersonal way by people that I don’t know and I love the spontaneity of it and the control Mistresses exercises over me with it.

Our relationship has very quickly become extremely comfortable but also multifaceted and I really love it, there is never a dull moment and I think the dynamic is really working well for both of us, I really can’t imagine not being with her anymore.

10 thoughts on “Service

  1. Simon

    You once had a fantasy about being sold for one week. Something perhaps ur mistress may want to think about again. I recall myself and one other were seriously interested and I made an offer that’s still on the table.

  2. Richard

    Really enjoyed reading that post. It is so nice to hear that you and Fiona are doing well together and that you help satisfy each other’s needs, physically, emotionally, sexually, and I hope it stays that way for a very long time.

    Is this the beginning of you posting more regularly again? I do hope so.

    I have been in bed all day ill so to wake up to this post was really nice and made me feel a little better, so thank you for that Lois.

  3. BigNev

    Lois, pleased to hear that you have found what appears to be your dream relationship, long may it continue and I hope it is filled with lots of love, happiness and of course plenty of the degrading service that a slut like you needs. X

  4. upstatenysub

    So i find this so erotic, both the idea of being in Cambridge and getting such a serve from you regularly… I don’t come quickly like these two… I think I would be quite a “chore” for you.

    Ok… but the submissive part of me is so jealous… i have always thought such a service was the right thing for me… you are so lucky!

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