Thoughts for the day

I went to bed last night quite happy despite having posted a fully naked picture of myself online and having only eaten porridge and drank water for every meal that day. Posting a picture of myself was a huge deal for me as anyone who reads my blog will know but it got a generally good response which buoyed my feelings on it.

I won’t up in a less good mood, I drink a lot of caffeine, possibly too much, and after drinking only water all day yesterday I was hit with the caffeine withdrawal this morning and had a bad headache. I dutifully had my horribly bland and mushy porridge and started working and then my day got even worse.

My heart absolutely sank when I saw the messages accusing me of posting a fake picture. I’ve spent years writing on this blog and posting on Tumblr and have built up, I think, some good credibility that I am who I say I am and do the things I say I do, all without posting pictures of myself. So when I finally do and that is what causes people to question my legitimacy it really hurt me feelings, I was really quite upset.

Having calmed down a bit about it I can see what people mean about the picture, there is a part of my shoulder missing and there is fuzziness around my head where the photos were edited out by Mistresses friend. It didn’t show up so much on my phone but when I looked at it blown up on a computer it was more noticeable, if I’d known I wouldn’t have posted it.

I hope Mistresses post from earlier today alleviates any fears that I’ve been deceiving you for all these years, because I would be devastated if this caused people to stop believing in me, I really would.

In other news, I HATE porridge! I only get to make it with porridge oats and hot water, nothing else and its disgustingly bland and ugh, I hate you all for putting me through this!

19 thoughts on “Thoughts for the day

  1. Ade

    You look beautiful in both photos. Your mistress turns out to be a lucky woman, but we readers all knew that. So pleased you are posting more again. Are you also doing the naked corner time too? Is this with just Fiona, or in more interesting circumstances?

    • Lois

      I am lucky to have Mistress to look after me and guide me, she is wonderful and I don’t deserve her.

      No corner time, that was replaced by the picture and then later by the porridge, the corner time would be a delight compared to this!

  2. Richard

    Please don’t let any comments get you down, hopefully there was a lot more positive comments than negative, I personally loved the photo, you’re really pretty and I loved the slightly awkward forced smile which shows you hate having your picture taken, but because you’re a good sub you did it anyway.

    Please, please, please don’t let this put an end to your blog, people on here do love you and what you write about (when you do actually get round to writing 😉) and I can’t wait to read about what you have been up to lately.

    Oh and you should have learnt by now to be careful what you complain about, the bland porridge could get worse, Fiona could have you make it with piss instead of water, lol.

  3. John

    Some people just have to nitpick constantly. All you can do is try to ignore them. It was an interesting excercise from this side at least!! Thank you
    And you’re welcome!! 🙂

  4. masterjohn130

    Sorry to hear that you hate porridge but I guess you knew the risks when you posted the list of potential punishments.

    As for the picture to be honest I never thought you would ever would be brave enough to post one with the risks it involves.

    I loved looking at it and I ignored the change to it as I could see everything matched just something had been edited out.

    I was away last night but was able to keep an eye on the postings and was horrified as I read the comments as I knew how upset they would make you as well as the very real chance that there would never be another one.

    I love and always have loved reading about your adventures and it’s great that you have such a loving Mistress looking after you and believe it or not you do deserve her.

    Keep your head up and please continue sharing your adventures

  5. Asteryx

    Lois, you are beautiful. The world is full of unpleasant people whose world is so empty that their only enjoyment is to try and upset someone from the anonymity of their keyboard. The sort of folk who pull wings off butterflies.Please ignore them……..yes, easier said than done, but do try.

    It is so wonderful to know what you look like, it adds immeasurably to the enjoyment of reading your blog. Seeing your face makes it really come alive. Please do post some more pictures.

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