Lois’ picture authenticity

There has been some question about whether Lois’ picture is “real” or not and it has upset her considerably. Putting this picture out there was intended to push her to be more open about who she is as I believe years of suppressing her true nature has stunted her growth as a submissive but through no fault of her own it is having the opposite effect.

In hindsight I should have chosen a different picture, I don’t actually have many pictures of her nude and I chose that one because I like her expression in it. The picture has been edited at my request and having looked again I appreciate it isn’t as good a job as I first thought, I only looked at it on my phone prior to approving it and didn’t notice the anomalies.

The reason for it being modified is because there is a photograph of my family behind her head in the original and a certificate with my name on it to her right which I obviously didn’t want on display. A friend said they could easily remove them so I let them do that, it would seem they overestimated their skills. Lois also took it upon herself to use filters on her phone to brighten and soften the photo for purely vain reasons which I think has only emphasised the issues.

Below is the (censored) original picture to compare with, enjoy playing spot the difference.


If you still have issues feel free to comment on THIS POST ONLY, I will read them and respond accordingly, I am forbidding Lois to read the comments on this post.

For your information, I advised Lois to take the picture down but she didn’t want to look “guilty” so has kept it up, this is my attempt to clear things up, hopefully it puts the matter to rest.


26 thoughts on “Lois’ picture authenticity

  1. Steve

    Thanks for your explanation on the photo shopping. It did look a bit weird but pleased to see her ‘out’ there so to speak. I look forward to seeing more in the future, hopefully in bondage . 😊👏

  2. BigBlue

    Ah here… people have little enough to be complaining about. Sad… so sad. Keep posting lois and Fiona. Don’t let the buggers get you down.

    • Fiona

      They won’t get me down and I’ll make sure they don’t get her down either. People need to realise though, that she is a real person with real feelings and she very much takes your responses to heart.

  3. hut

    Hello Mistress Fiona. I’m an image professional, and I was one of those who commented that this picture was obviously photoshopped and therefore disappointed.

    What you or Lois have done to fix your photo is called a copy-move, and this is one of the more obvious photoshop manipulation. It did look as if Lois had pasted a head and a body that do not belong together. Given all the fun-and-game of the 600+ notes, this really looked as if Lois was trying to not do her appointed task and post a real photo of herself. Worse than that it led me to believe that it was all a sham and none of her stories had any truth to them at all. I was mildly upset myself at having been so gullible.

    However, it appears that I was wrong. I apologise to Lois and yourself for doubting you and for upsetting Lois and for causing drama.

    Please send her my best regards and assure her and yourself of my highest consideration. I am very serious, you are truly exceptional people.

    PS: for future reference, If you want to remove something in a digital image, there is this very handy tool called the “clone tool” or “stamp” in most image editing software, including free ones like the GIMP (must love that one: http://www.gimp.org :-). They can do a very good job without leaving any trace: https://www.thoughtco.com/photoshop-clone-stamp-tool-tutorial-1697534. Recent version of photoshop or equivalent have even better tools that work automatically. Just select the area you want deleted and the software fills it up with realistic patterns taken from the image itself. This is called “inpainting”.

    • Lois

      Mistress has allowed me to read your comment, thank you for taking the time to explain and I appreciate your comments. Neither Mistress nor myself have any skills in photoshop although I would actually like to learn as I do enjoy photography, I’ve looked at it before but it looks like a lot to learn! However this was done by someone Mistress knows who claimed to be skilled in manipulating images but who may have overstated their skills somewhat.

      • hut

        I don’t think so, just computer scientists with a twisted sense of humour. Originally the software was not very capable, in comparison to photoshop in particular. In north american english, before it was used in the BDSM scene, a derogatory term for a disabled person is “a gimp”, hence the self-deprecating name. GIMP is also an acronym (made up after the fact I’m sure). Anyway the name is slightly offensive but stuck. Now the software is very good BTW, which also makes it an ironic name. Anyway, very clever.

  4. Simone G

    Seeing how Lois is in a very high profile professional, legal position, how will this affect her future? Is she stepping down to become a slave?

    • Lois

      I am (a little) more relaxed about things now that I am with Mistress although still quite cautious. I have been doing my blog for years and no one has ever found it and this will disappear off Tumblr very quickly I would think. I don’t think it will be too much of an issue for me professionally.

      And no, I won’t be leaving my career any time soon! You’ll know if I think anyone is even close to connecting my professional career with my online presence because the online presence will cease to exist!

      • Fiona

        If she didn’t have her career she wouldn’t be the person she is and that would be a loss for everybody. She needs to be kept in check because she doesn’t know when to slow down but other than that she will work for as long as she wants to as far as I am concerned.

  5. Good reader

    Not wanting be a nag, as I love your blog and all. But the black square over Lois’ head is a little large. Couldn’t you have made that smaller so the neck line was visible? Would be better proof. Also, being selfish here, her face would probably look nicer in an unedited version and I had loved to see that 😉
    But don’t get me wrong, I do believe you and I will continue to read and hope for some more images, maybe even with the occasional hint of a face on it 🙂

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