Attention seeking punishment


If you don’t follow me on Tumblr you will have missed this but the other day Mistress and I were discussing why I write this blog and run my Tumblr blog. The outcome of that conversation was her deciding that I do them because I like the attention and that I should be punished for that attention seeking and that it would be fitting if the severity of the punishment was dependant on how popular I had actually made myself.

So, she had me make a post on Tumblr and based on how popular that post was, i.e. how many notes it got, the punishments would get progressively worse. She asked me how many I thought it would get and how many I thought was a fairly unobtainable goal, I said it would likely get about 50 notes and that I’d be pretty amazed if it went over 200. Based on that the punishments went like this:

  1. More than 10 notes: Ten minutes naked corner time for every note.
  2. More than 25 notes: One hour wearing one binder clip on pussy or breasts for every note.
  3. More than 50 notes: One hour wearing a locking anal plug for every note (no breaks)
  4. More than 100 notes: One week eating only plain porridge and drinking only water.
  5. More than 250 notes: One hour in my chastity belt for every note (no breaks).
  6. More than 500 notes: Post a full nude on both blogs.

So there was mixture of painful things, unpleasant long experiences and, as you know for me, the worst emotional thing I can be threatened with. However I was fairly confident that number six would never happen.

I was wrong! As the notes approached 500, helped along by what I consider to be significant cheating by commenting on the post with nonsense but that Mistress said was “your fans giving you the attention you crave”, it was queried (much to my dismay) what would happen after 500. So Mistress decided that we would start again each time meaning that 510 notes would mean a picture and 100 minutes of corner time and so on.

The final count was 615 notes which is fairly amazing and I’m pretty flattered and impressed that I managed to get that many, at the same time as being horrified by what it means!

Firstly, it means that this was my breakfast this morning and will also be my lunch and dinner, which I will eat with Mistress after I have made her a delicious caesar salad by the way!


Secondly, it means that I have to post a fully nude picture of myself here and on my Tumblr account. Mistress chose the picture so blame her if it isn’t what you hoped for…


24 thoughts on “Attention seeking punishment

  1. Simon

    I love the imagination for your Mistress and for following through on the punishments. Lovely photo, even better punishment -porridage and water for a week! Love it.

  2. upstatenysub

    Lovely…. did you modify the picture in any way? The face looks slightly disjointed… ok if that is only your body, and I mean no disrespect if it is totally you…. I’ve wondered for years what you looked like (in the cobwebs of my mind I remember the old pictures you had, but I can’t really remember… lol.

    And again, thank you.

  3. masterjohn130

    Shame I missed the vote but it’s not often that I get alerts to posts on there.

    Love the picture to see and enjoy your beautiful and lovely figure.

    I look forward to hopefully hearing how you get on with your punishment

      • jonanon

        in light of the crap (unwarranted) you’ve got over this, I may retract the comment.
        what i mean (based purely on what you’ve written…we’ve never met) is you seem to be into dichotomies . in this case the conflicts between any thrill gained from the exposure against the loss of anonymity you’ve been careful to protect. i assumed (perhaps wrongly) that the potential consequences of the initial endeavour were part of the appeal, a risk/reward type deal.

        in light of the shit you got for giving pervs what they want, it could misconstrued as insensitive, for which I’m sorry, you should be (cautiously) supported in your adventure that you’ve been good enough to share with us and i hope that it has not deterred you.

        sorry for being a smart arse.

  4. hut

    The two shoulders do not align. I’m sorry to say that this looks like a bad photoshop job, as if you had pasted your real head on someone else’s body, or the other way around. Disappointing.

    • Luke

      I agree that the picture looks like it has been messed with but I can assure you, as someone who has known her for a long time and had their cock in her, that is Lois. She always stands cockeyed which might be why her shoulders look odd, who knows. Don’t be mean though, she is super sensitive to this stuff.

      (the friend who organised her fantasies stuff, half of which she never did despite some people (me!) already having had put significant effort in!)

    • Lois

      Mistress has written a post to address this, I hope that is allays your concerns, I’m sorry the picture didn’t live up to your high standards. I won’t be posting any more to avoid this in the future.

  5. Steve

    Great blog but I’m afraid I have to agree with others, the photo is retouched. Most obvious are the shoulders and hair in places. I feel you must come clean on this and be punished for it. You never wanted you face out there and I respect that., xx

    • Lois

      Mistress has written a post to address this, I hope that is allays your concerns, I’m sorry the picture didn’t live up to your high standards. I won’t be posting any more to avoid this in the future.

      • Steve

        I’m sorry if this has upset you and made you not want to post any more pics. I completely trust the explanation for the photo shopping and now I know the reason I am def ‘not’ disappointed at seeing your pic. You are a stunning looking lady and please be proud of it being put up even if by order. I agree with others and would like to see others pics of you especially in bondage etc. sending you big hugs Lois xx

        • Lois

          Thank you for your message, you weren’t the only one to notice the issues, I just wish I’d checked it properly before posting it to avoid the doubt it has obviously placed in peoples minds about me.

  6. Asteryx

    Lois, please keep posting pictures of yourself, you are really lovely. Ignore the so-called photographic experts, unlike you, they don`t have the courage to post pictures of themselves.. And do as Miss Fiona says…..Eat your porridge!

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