The strange life of a submissive


A few weeks ago on a Sunday morning Mistresses came to me without warning and informed me we were going out and I should wear a long coat and nothing else. Ten minutes later I followed her out of the house wearing my longest coat, which still only reaches mid-thigh, and my indoor collar.

My current indoor collar is a heavy leather collar which Mistress actually bought for me from a pet store, she say’s she likes how it’s complete lack of femininity contrasts with the rest of me.

We drove for over an hour during which time we talked about all sorts of mundane things much to my frustration. Being taken out in my indoor collar is unusual enough but wearing only a coat, not even shoes, is fairly unheard of and it had all different scenarios racing through my mind. However, being the good little sub that Mistress has been so diligently reforming me into I didn’t probe for information.

Eventually we pulled up outside a normal looking house in a very normal looking street. Mistress got out and opened my door for me and I got out and followed her up the path. The door was answered by a woman that I would say was in her early fifties, she greeted Mistress but completely but completely ignored me as she welcomed us in.

I followed them both into the living room where I saw a naked girl kneeling on the floor next to the chair that the woman, who was dressed completely normally, had obviously been sitting in. The girl looked to be in her early twenties which long blonde hair in a tight pony tail high up her head.

Mistress gestured to take my coat so I untied the belt and slid it off my shoulders and handed it to her, no matter how often I am naked in front of strangers it still brings a little colour to my cheeks.

The woman curled her finger under the girls chin and she moved from kneeling to standing quite gracefully and then followed the woman out of the room and upstairs. Mistress followed and I followed her until we reach a very small room with almost no furniture in it. The only thing in there was a small table at one side with what looked like a web cam or wireless cctv camera on it.

The girl was told to kneel up in the middle of the room so that the camera was looking at her from the side and then Mistress told me to kneel in front of her which I did. The Mistresses then adjusted us so that our knees were slightly spread, our breasts were pushed together and our noses were touching. They then placed my hands on her hips and hers on mine and then the woman said “Do not move or talk until we come back for you” before they walked out and closed the door.

Since things got serious with Mistress being naked around other Dominants and submissives isn’t that uncommon and having sexual contact with people I’ve just met has kind of been a constant throughout my adult life but still, this was very strange.

Our eyes were so close to each other that it was hard to focus on her but at the same time it was impossible not to look directly at her, we were breathing each others air and our bodies were pressed against each other, it was bizarrely intense and I started feeling the urge to kiss her my pussy was getting quite wet. I couldn’t see if she was feeling anything similar but I did feel that her hands had started to get a little sweaty on my hips.

After a while my knees started to become sore and my legs began to ache, Mistress has been training me in holding difficult positions and I can do it but it is very uncomfortable some times and this one is a struggle because kneeling up puts all your weight on your knees and thighs.

I don’t know how long had passed but it was quite a while when, at extreme close range, I watched the girls eyes begin to well up and then a tear run down one and then the other cheek. I knew exactly how she felt, my legs were burning and we were both struggling to stay in position, I wanted to say something to her but she was following her orders and I did the same.

After what I later discovered was exactly three hours the Mistresses returned and allowed us to sit back on our feet, the pain in my legs was immense but as the girl sat back she broke down into tears and her Mistress took her in her arms as my Mistress helped me and and led me out of the room on very shaky legs. As I got up though I did notice the girls pussy and thighs were coated in her juices.

Mistress took me to the bathroom where she cuddled me for a few minutes and then used a warm cloth to wipe away the perspiration that had formed all over my body and also to clean up the swampy mess that I hadn’t even noticed I had between my own legs.

Once I was cleaned Mistress took me back to the living room and helped me on with my coat before the two Mistresses hugged and said goodbye before we left the house and went back to the car and home.

Even now Mistress has not given any explanation for those events or even talked about them at all. It was such a bizarre but exciting and sensual experience and I so want to ask her who they were and what it was all about but I know I’m not allowed so I just wait in the hope that more is revealed to me!

Anyway, I know I’ve been quiet lately, life is so busy it’s hard to find time to write but I hope you enjoy this little insight into the new life that I am forging with Miss Fiona, it really is nothing like I’ve experienced before.

16 thoughts on “The strange life of a submissive

  1. masterjohn130

    Sure sounds like an interesting experience and I can’t help but think that the webcam was to keep an eye on you both to make sure you held position as ordered to.

    It sounds like a lot has been going with your training and is a great new step on your journey together.

    Hope there isn’t such a long gap before we hear from you again but I realize life and your Mistress come first

    • Lois

      I’m really curious about the webcam, I can’t imagine Mistress would broadcast me without telling me first but at the same time it is exciting to think it is a possibility.

      Yes, there has been much training during my absence from writing.

  2. Richard

    It’s weird how excited I feel when I see the email come through saying there is a new post from you.

    Glad to hear things are going well with you and Fiona, and I hope all aspects of your life are going well.

    Looking forward to anything more you want to write about.

      • Richard

        Weird in a good way though, I think, lol.
        I know you worry sometimes if there is any point to you keep doing these posts, I hope you do carry on doing them as I am sure I am not the only person that you excite with them, and inspire to have, ahem, “reactions”.

  3. BigNev

    Hi Lois,
    I always enjoy reading your stories about whats been going on in your private life. It never fails to arouse me hearing about the control that Fiona has over you and your your uncompromising will to be the best slut that you can be. Fiona is a very lucky lady owning such a fine and obedient whore as you. You are the perfect mix of obedient slave and pain slut, and a fine example for all other women like you to aspire to.

    You may remember that we conversed quite a lot last year on CS, where we talked amongst other things about a mutual friend of ours. I am very pleased to say that a meeting is now on the cards upon her return from holiday. Hopefully she will write about her experience, as she has in the past.

    But for now, keep up the good work, be good for your owner and write as much as you can whenever you have the spare time. xx

  4. Hut

    Some kind of test. It looks like it was harder for the other girl. Kneeling up like that for hours cannot be good for your knees though. Be safe.

  5. IflyHG

    Strange, sure, but not at all boring! I get that Fiona enjoys torturing you mentally by withholding information but somehow it feels incomplete to not talk about it at some point in the future.

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