Still here

I’m still about half way through writing about the needle/chastity/cuckqueaning night, sorry about that! The weekend was a write off thanks to the whole headache episode and work has been ridiculously busy as well, apparently they expect you to do even more work when you get promoted!

I will, I promise, finish that post this week and get it posted and then I’ll talk about the electroshock plans that we’ve put into motion following all the advice you gave after my post. Thank you so much for that, I really appreciated it and don’t worry I am taking it all on board, I won’t be dying anytime soon.

I feel like I tempted fate there…

4 thoughts on “Still here

  1. masterjohn130

    Having had a brush with death last year myself I promise you it is no fun. Not to mention the time I was working in a theatre and some idiot plugged back in the plug I was currently working on which sent me flying backwards across the floor.

    I’m sure you can imagine the very angry and sore bear that went after the idiot once I recovered.

    As for having an increase of work fancy that them expecting you to more work how unreasonable hehe.

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