Poor boobs!


Well that was an interesting weekend, as expected I hated wearing my chastity belt all weekend but Saturday night was great fun, my breasts are bruised all over, much worse than in the picture above.

I’ve started writing about it and will hopefully finish tomorrow but in the meantime I woke up with a little scenario in my head and made it into a short story. You can read it here on my blog or here on Tumblr. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Poor boobs!

  1. masterjohn130

    Thought you would hate wearing your belt and love the bruises on show in this picture so can only imagine how much worse they look and feel like now.

    Love the piercings btw.

    I look forward to reading your more detailed report on the weekend as soon as you get time to write it

  2. peteDom

    Hi Lois – yes a fun wkd for all. Your little fantasy was good I like that too I think you would be called into the room to act as the toilet so that the guys didn’t have to move while watching the match with you serving them that way. I think if their girlfriends turned up one would maybe quite inventive and decide to humiliate you further by going back out and walking in dog shit and then making you kick her dirty shoes while they all watched and called you a slut. – just a starting idea of how they would use you

  3. peteDom

    True it might not be you but I like the idea of it being you and you do love being told to do degrading acts!
    I was thinking afterwards that any sex that happened wouldn’t involve you and that you wouldn’t be allowed an orgasm but your mouth just used to clean the others after sex 🙂

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