I don’t know if this happens to anyone else or if it’s just me but small ideas that I have just seem to escalate into these huge crazy plans!

A few weeks ago my Mistress and I were discussing various kinks over a bottle of wine, as you do, and I mentioned that I have been having thoughts about cuckolding or rather more accurately, cuckqueaning. For those that are unaware a cuckquean is a female who’s husband or partner sleeps with other people, it is basically the female version of a cuckold.

Mistress pressed me and I ended up revealing that I liked the idea of her forcing me to watch her have sex with a man and then forcing me to clean them up afterwards but never take an active part in pleasuring them or myself. This is most certainly psychological masochism on my part because I would not enjoy seeing her with someone else especially as she is 100% bisexual and I know she enjoys straight sex and only gave it up to be with me.

I don’t often voluntarily engage is this sort of psychological torture because I have struggled with it in the past but I feel so comfortable with Miss Fiona that it is something that has started to drift into my fantasies again after a long time.

Anyway, we discussed it at the time and then it wasn’t really mentioned again until yesterday when she announced that it would be happening this weekend. An old Dom friend of her’s is in the UK for a few days and he will be coming to visit us on Saturday. We discussed it at length and she reassured me that there are no romantic feelings between them and that he will be gone after the weekend, he simply enjoys sex, likes my Miss and agreed to take part in this scene. She assured me we wouldn’t go through with it if I wasn’t happy and I could safe word out of the scene at any time and it would stop so we agreed to go ahead with it.

However, whilst discussing the details of how it would happen, again over some wine, things escalated. Miss had been hoping that the chastity belt option would win the poll, in fact she voted for it herself, as I have been reluctant to wear it due to me really disliking it immensely and for some reason she has never really pushed the point, until now. She decided that as she would be otherwise engaged she wouldn’t be able to guarantee I wasn’t pleasuring myself whilst watching her and so I would wear my belt for the whole evening. Obviously I protested this because I hate wearing the belt so now I’m wearing it all weekend.

There was one other problem, tomorrow was the day we had put aside for my punishment, the punishment you chose of 655 needles being pushed into my breasts. Mistresses hated the asymmetry of having 327 in one and 328 in the other so she decided, with a large smile on her face I might add, that she would push 327 needles into each of my tits and then find somewhere “fun” to put the last one!

BoundHonestly my breasts aren’t that big, I wear a 30-32 C bra and I’m not even certain there is enough room for that many needles. Mistress intends to bind them tightly first which will make them more of a ball shape and may create a larger surface area where it is possible to push needles in. I’m quite excited to see what it is going to look like whilst quite petrified about how its going to feel to have that many needles in them, it will definitely be a first for me. I’ve spoken to a nurse (a friend who is also in the scene) and they said it will be safe as long as the needles aren’t too large a gauge but there will likely be significant bruising so I should plan on covering up for at least a week afterwards.

I’m not exactly sure what order everything will happen in, Miss will deal with those details, but I do know that my other duties for the evening include cooking and waitressesing. It’s going to be an interesting evening to say the least, I think I am looking forward to it and fearing it in equal measure and they usually turn out to be the best scenes so overall I think I’m excited!

20 thoughts on “Escalations

  1. BikerJB

    If I estimate the diameter of your bound breast at 10cm and further estimate that only three quarters of each breast will be available. I come up with one needle every 8mm.
    I’d be happy for someone to check the maths.

      • skinowner

        Math and BDSM: My BDSM like can be complete and comprehensive. I wonder about the correlation between the number of needles and the pitch of your ooh’s and aah’s.

    • Hut

      Your units are perhaps questionable but the calculations seem to check out. According to your assumptions, the available surface are will be 4*3.14*5*5*0.75 = 235 cm^2, so the available area for each needle will be 235/327 = 0.72cm^2. If you could develop the surface area of the breast into a square (not advised) the needles would each be in the middle of a small square of this area, and so the width of the square would be \sqrt(0.72) = 0.84 cm or 8.4mm. Is that where your 8mm distance comes from?

  2. masterjohn130

    Must admit when it comes to ideas it is the one time I am glad if my epilepsy as alcohol is something that was cut out of my life so I always think them through with a clear head.

    Still it is good that you feel so comfortable to not only share your ideas with Miss Fiona but act on them if she is willing to try them as well.

    Good to hear you can safe word to stop things if they become soon but I am more sure it will be the fact your locked in the belt then anything else that you will find hard to endure.

    It does sound interesting about all the needles and I can’t help thinking about your breasts looking like a dartboard at the end of a championship lol.

    Mentioning ideas when it comes to your breasts can’t help but see different colour rings painted on them with different scores for how many goes into each one.

    I agree it sounding like fun wondering where the last needle will go.

    I can’t help but think about having your hands restrained for the clean up part to make things more difficult for you.

    I look forward to reading your report on how things go.

    • Lois

      You really struggle to control your thoughts don’t you? haha

      I really like the idea of my breasts being used as a dart board actually. I had the idea ages ago of being tied to the back of a large wooden board with my breasts pushed through two holes in the board. From the front they would then be painted up as dart boards and then I would be used for a darts tournament at a party or something.

      Perhaps once my breasts have been pulled through the holes they could be inflated with saline so that I can’t pull them back out even if I want to, it would make the bigger targets as well, with my nipples as the bulleyes obviously.

      The darts are quite thick, I think they would be really painful and after a few games the “boards” would be quite a mess!

      See how things escalate when they get in my head?!

      • masterjohn130

        Oh yes my thoughts do run away at times.

        Now why is it not a surprise that you have already thought of having your breasts turned into a dart board?

        It does sound fun having them painted like one and being used in the way that you describe.

        I agree that the dart board would be a real mess by the end but I am pretty sure you wouldn’t object too much

  3. Richard

    I know you aren’t too keen on posting photos of yourself online, but would it be too much to ask if you could put a photo of your breasts covered in needles on here or on your Tumblr blog please.

    Also, when you are cuckqueening will you be watching Fiona and her friend have sex? It is just a thought I had but if they are behind closed doors and you can’t see what they are up to it could be more intense for you, in masochistic worrying if she is enjoying it too much kind of way.

  4. BikerJB

    I only worked it out coz it seemed unachievable.
    Also it’s one every ten seconds for an hour an fifty minutes.
    I worked that out too!
    How heavy is each needle?

      • Hut

        Yes, achievable, maybe not advisable. If your mistress and her friend work together carefully it will take about an hour to get the job done. It may not be the most pleasant in your life but it should be memorable. There could be significant bleeding too when they take out the needles, depends how big the needles are and how deep they go. Binding the breasts for that long needs consideration too.

  5. BikerJB

    🙂Aha, I think so.
    Actually I was wondering how much weight you’re going to have added to each breast.
    Very much looking forward to reading about your weekend.
    Ps Not a real physicist

  6. jeeprat

    Definitely agree with Richard a photo or two. It would be a big thank you to all your fans that voted to …..

  7. Mike

    Concerning the dart board idea you could always push your tits through the board and then take skewers and use them to keep your tits from pulling back through the board. It could also be done as a competition. Paint circles and assign point values. Invite as many people as your Mistress would like and then the high score gets to use the hole of their choice. Second highest then chooses a different hole and third gets your final one. If any of those three make you cum then all get to use you. Females may either lick you or use strapons if they win.

  8. upstatenysub

    i think it is fitting that we would get to see the breasts… it was our voting that picked the punishment…. how would we ever know that you were a good girl and followed through????

    i remember your old pictures and miss them… would be nice to see your tits punished properly.

    So glad I got to get 5 or 10 needles added!

  9. IflyHG

    I suspect all our minds get carried away, you actually go a few steps further though and figure out how to make it happen and then actually make it happen. I’m an engineer so if someone had not beat me to it I would have done the math to figure out how close all the needles would need to be to get them all in and evenly distributed, and also how long it would take. I would probably take it one step further and measure the circumference of your bound breasts, re-do the math, and then use a measuring tape to make circles and lines so that I would have targets for each needle. Hopefully all the setup, the handling and marking of your breasts would build up the anticipation before the first hit its mark. I can even see myself using a CAD tool to draw a half sphere with marks for where each needle should go so I could make sure I got the spacing and count right before hand. At this point my wife would give me an eye roll and tell me either I am such an engineer or to stop being such an engineer.

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