Standards of dress


If you read my last post, maybe even voted in the poll there, you will know that the views of this post will determine how many needles Miss Fiona will be pushing into my breasts as punishment for looking at my WordPress stats, you guys are mean! In hindsight I should have made it “unique visitors” rather than views but I guess it’s too late for that now.

A few people have asked me, now that I am a domestic servant as well as a sexual submissive, whether I have a uniform for when I’m cleaning and things. I’m sure most people are thinking something along the lines of a french maid outfit?! Well the simple answer is no, I don’t have any uniforms and in fact dressing up and role play of that fashion isn’t something that interests me or more important Mistress.

The parts of our relationship that made me a maid, cook, cleaner etc are a fairly mundane part of it for both of us, less so for her because it amuses her to sit around while I clean up around her. The main goal of it, I believe, is to reinforce my place in our relationship and to relieve her of having to do things that need doing but she doesn’t want to do.

The long answer is a little more complicated because whilst I don’t have a uniform per-se I do have to abide by Miss Fiona’s “Standards of Dress” for her submissive. That sounds like there is some formal document that describes exactly how I should dress but that isn’t the case, in fact the whole concept is what the solicitor in me would call very “fluffy” because it is very open to interpretation. I’m not sure if that is intentional in order to give me a little freedom in what I wear or to give me the proverbial rope to hang myself with.

That said, there are some hard and fast rules to live by regarding underwear:71uiPKxasML._UY445_

  • All underwear must be lingerie
    It might surprise some of you that I’m not actually allowed to go without underwear unless specifically told to. I’m not allowed to even own “normal” underwear.
  • Bra and knickers (aka panties!) must be a matching set
    Or at the very least they should be coordinated enough to look like a set.
  • Stockings should always be worn instead of tights (pantyhose)
    And they should always be worn with a garter belt (that matches my underwear), they should never hold ups.

Basically the overriding theme of the above is that at any point in any day I should be able to take off my outer clothes and look sexy, even on my period. It’s a lot more work than you think to be mindful of how you would look in your underwear all of the time, at work, at the gym or when sitting on a train for hours going to visit my mum.

When I’m at work obviously I need to look professional but at the same time Mistress wants me to look…well the way she put it was “girly”. So all of my suits are now skirt suits, no more pant suits and all are fitted. Any suits that were loose-fitting I had to either get altered or give away. The same goes for the blouses that I wear with the suits, anything baggy went to a charity shop, all my work clothes are now fairly tight-fitting and “show off my body”.

Speaking of my body, as an aside, Mistress is now closely monitoring and controlling my weight now. I say closely, she doesn’t go to the level of telling me what to eat put she has decided what weight I should be for my body to be the right size and “curviness” that she likes and let me tell you, it’s a fairly specific range of only two pounds and deviating above or below it earns me an unpleasant punishment whereby she does tell me what to eat and it’s definitely not what I want.

Anyway, when I’m out but not at work I’m allowed to wear what I want as long as 1) I’m wearing lingerie underneath and 2) I look attractive, girly and not in any way scruffy. To be honest I never really looked scruffy when I went out before but in the same vein of honesty I definitely slummed about at home in worn out pyjamas or even naked, when my sister was out.

The basic guideline for every day clothing is that it should be body hugging so I can wear jeans, tops, jumpers, whatever as long as it looks nice and shows off my body which isn’t a lot different to how I would have dressed anyway, the only real difference being that floaty bohemian type dresses and oversized jumpers and tops are out.

nakd_slip_lingerie_dress_1013-000075-0002-4282In bed I wear a slip, for those who don’t know what that is one of the ones I have is pictured to the left, it’s basically a lingerie version of a nightie. The only issue I’ve come across with this rule is when I stayed at my mum’s for a few days and bumped into her on the way to the bathroom just before bed. She though I was, and I quote, “a bit overdressed for sleeping at home”.

The times that I don’t dress like this at night are when I am not actually sleeping in bed. Since I moved in with Mistress I’ve slept on the floor, in the cage, outside (in the rain) and in all those cases I wasn’t allowed to wear clothes at all.

The reason I slept outside is because Mistress is a duvet hogger, one night about an hour after we went to bed I woke up cold because once again Mistress had rolled over and pulled the duvet off me completely. I was a little perturbed by this so I yanked it back flipping Mistress over in the process. She was not at all impressed with that rude awakening and pulled me out of bed by my hair and walked me to the back door, then demanded my slip before pushing me out of the door, locking it and going back to bed.

In fact, the only time I can truly just wear what I want without having to think whether Mistress would be satisfied with my choice is when I am in the shower in just my birthday suit.

I hope this post isn’t too boring, I always wonder when I write more informative pieces about my day-to-day life rather than the more erotic sexual stuff whether anyone actually cares how I am supposed to dress or if they are just waiting for me to talk about things like how Miss Fiona ruined my favourite sex toy for me by torturing me with it for hours on end (spoiler for my next post there!).


Marc asked about shoes in the comments so I thought I’d add a bit about that. The answer is basically “heels”! I’m not allowed to wear flat shoes except for one exception, when I’m at the gym. I can wear my trainers (sneakers?) at the gym and am generally allowed to be barefoot at home but if I’m out it’s always heels. The good part about that is that I was “forced” to go out and buy a load of new shoes so that I had heeled shoes for every occasion, work, evening and casual. It was a hard job but what choice did I have!?

18 thoughts on “Standards of dress

  1. lawrenceee

    Good post! I find those posts to be the ones where we can see a glimpse of your life besides the masochist side of you. And they are always welcome and appreciated! Thank you

  2. Mark

    These ‘life’ posts aren’t boring at all! They’re just as interesting as the sexual ones. Anyhow, nice that you are posting again. And curious about the final amount of needles!

    • Lois

      It’s the total views I get today so I won’t know until midnight, I’ll be sure to let you know though! Somewhat disturbingly yesterdays post got twice my current average views, 460, so I’m hoping today is a quiet day!

      • lawrenceee

        I’m willing to bet that it’ll reach 650 before midnight. I told you people jump at the chance to toy a bit with you! I don’t think your breasts wil be big enough at this point! XD

  3. peteDom

    We will have to keep refreshing your page today 🙂
    Good interesting glimpse into your life now I like it and the rules seem very appropriate and certainly to my taste classy pretty and girly rather than slutty. One idea if Fiona likes it to post some pictures( minus head shoot obviously) of some of your favourite outfits and let us have a vote on what we would like you to wear? Could be fun

  4. masterjohn130

    No I didn’t find this post boring at all in fact it was interesting learning more about your every day life and how your Mistress likes you dressed and the things you had to change to please her.

    I am sure from reading about the shoes it was a real hardship having to buy all of those heels lol.

    I seem to remember you mentioning your Mistress changing your eating habits due to you not looking after yourself properly. Interesting that you now have a target to stick by.

    The changes in what you wear I was wondering whether there have been a few raised eyebrows or not seeing everything shows off your figure so well?

    Being made to sleep outside in the cage in the rain sounds interesting I take it the garden isn’t over looked

    Again ty for filling us in more about the changes to your life
    Master John

  5. Richard

    I hope that you can see from the comments that people do like to hear about all aspects of your life, not just the erotic parts.
    For me, hearing about the normal parts of your life as well makes the erotic parts more interesting, it is a little difficult to explain but it kinda makes the erotic parts more realistic, I can see you as a real person doing these things, without you telling us all about your normal life as well, then the erotic posts could come across as just stories that someone has made up. I hope this makes sense.

    Anyway, please keep telling us about every part of your life please, and I can’t wait to hear how many needles will be going into your breast. (even though I voted cane strike to the ass)

  6. BikerJB

    Not boring at all!
    I love hearing about your life. It may feel day-to-day, or mundane to you but for me… I’ve never managed to live in the lifestyle, it’s instructive and exciting.
    More power to your elbow.

  7. BigNev

    Lois, without wishing to bore you by saying the same as everyone else, I love hearing about the more mundane aspects of your life. For me it fills in the gaps and means we get to “see” you as a whole. Your entire life is, in one way or another, controlled or influenced by your kink, even at work, the way you are dressed is controlled. So even the mundane parts of your life are interesting to some degree because there will always be an underlying thread of kink in there somewhere.
    Like everyone else, I am looking forward to hearing about your forthcoming breast torture. It would be incredible to see some photos of your mistresses efforts during the process.
    Either way, keep up the good work, it is greatly appreciated.

  8. skinowner

    Of course it is lovely and wonderful to hear how you got to sleep outside in the rain. It would also be great to hear of your diet control when you slip. Maybe even how others react to the ‘new you’ since you are showing your body off now.

  9. IflyHG

    I too, enjoy reading about these details of your life. Fantasy stories can be so over the top, it is hard to suspend disbelief. Sharing these parts shows you are a real person.

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