Viewing stats

One of the caveats I was given before I started to post again was that I am not permitted to view the stats page of the admin area of the blog, so after I looked at the stats today and admitting it to Miss Fiona when I got home from work I’m in a bit of trouble!

Miss thought it appropriate that my punishment be driven by the source of my disobedience so as such, below is a poll for you  it will stay active until this time tomorrow and then my punishment will be carried out on Wednesday.

16 thoughts on “Viewing stats

  1. Howard

    Naughty, Lois. I hope you enjoy your punishment. It looks like it might be a combination. I am sure you won’t learn your lesson. It’s a good idea to ask your readers to pronounce sentence for Ms Fiona to carry out.

    • Lois

      Miss Fiona has been really quite effective in modifying my behaviour to suit how she wants me to behave and react to things so I have definitely learnt some lessons, whether this will be one of them we will have to wait and see!

  2. skinowner

    Masochism only serves to give you pleasure but the chastity belt…… IMO that would torture YOU best. But let’s see what the rest think.

  3. lawrenceee

    Even though the idea of making a pincushion of your breasts is appealing, it wouldn’t be much of a punishment for you. Furthermore having a few hundreds needles in your breast at once may not be all that safe either. on the other hand a couple of weeks in your belt will surely improve your behaviour significantly.

    • Lois

      Haha, a couple of weeks? I think you are overestimating my readership! As mentioned in my previous post, my safety is in hand, don’t worry about that.

      • lawrenceee

        Come on… I find it hard to believe that anyone of your posts would end up getting less than three hundred views! Besides, this time your viewers actually get to toy with you a bit! I wouldn’t be surprised if your next post’s viewers went through the roof!

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