Got away with it

It appears as though my hours of makeup practice the other night was time well spent, either that or my colleagues are currently whispering behind my back and preparing an intervention! Either way “slap training” has been suspended for the time being.

It’s been a while so I thought a little update might be in order. As you’re aware from Miss Fiona’s update on here I got a promotion at work but no, I wasn’t offered a partnership as some suggested. I won’t go into the details of what the promotion was but I will say it was a significant milestone in my career and came with the rewards and additional work you would expect. Oh, and a very nice office!

I wear a collar of sorts every minute of every day, when I am out of the house I have a couple of “day collars” which are basically necklaces that lock around my neck in one way or another, one of them is pictured int he image at the top of this page. I have more than one so that I don’t have to wear the same necklace every day to every occasion, which could get suspicious. Plus they don’t both go with everything! When I am in the house I wear a steel ring collar, all of these are locked and unlocked using keys that Miss Fiona keeps on her all of the time and are only interchangeable by her.

Speaking of “the house”, before I took a break from posting I was living with my sister and Miss Fiona lived a short distance from us. Since then I have moved in full time to live with Miss Fiona and my sister is living in my house for the moment. Part of the arrangement of me moving in was that she cancelled her cleaning service and I became, amongst other things, her maid.

My responsibilities include:

  • All Cleaning
  • Shopping (Food, cleaning supplies etc)
  • Evening Meals (with a maximum one take away per week)
  • Maintenance (I call people to fix things, I’m not good at diy!)
  • Washing and Ironing (I hired an ironer, again not good at it!)

My cooking has actually improved a lot although I can still only follow specific recipes, I don’t think I’ll ever get to the point I can just make things up and have them taste nice!

Body wise I’ve put on a little weight, only a little though and only because Miss Fiona decided I was too thin and limited how many times I was allowed to go to the gym a week. It’s not in any way unhealthy and I’ve come to realise that maybe I was overdoing it a little on the exercise. Also, I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this on here before but Miss had my nipples pierced again. Nothing crazy this time, she just liked pierced nipples so she got them done and has me wearing silver rings in them at the moment with pink balls to close them.

I think that’s it for now, I’m just doing a few short posts for the moment and seeing how it goes, I’m not allowed to look at the stats or anything like that so I’m just using the comments to see how these are being received, seems like so far so good, so thanks for making the effort.


21 thoughts on “Got away with it

  1. PeteDom

    Hi Lois,

    Thank you for the update and it definitely seems like Fiona has put some structure in your life and that you seem a lot happier. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures and wishing you all the best in your “new” job Pete

  2. jeeprat

    Congratulations on your promotion. Personally I don’t like pearced nipples. They just don’t feel right in my mouth

    • Lois

      I know what you mean actually but fortunately I don’t put them in my mouth so it’s all good. I do like being lead by them though, which she likes to do.

  3. Steve

    Congrats on promotion. Love the fact you wear a collar everyday. I’d want that from you. Also like your nipples pierced, very erotic and ‘owned’ I would also have your clit or clit hood pierced with my initial hanging from the ring. Constant reminder you are owned. My girl has that. Nice sparkly ‘S’
    Enjoying g reading your posts L x

  4. Lorenzo Ciola

    It’s great to hear that things are going so well in your life! With all of your new duties, and the promotion on top of that, it’s surprising that you can still find the time to write new posts at all. Congratulations about the promotion, btw! I’m sure your Miss didn’t fail to put the privacy granted you by the new office at good use! Do you have any specific rules for your time at work?

    • Lois

      Well I already had an office, this one is just bigger and brighter. There are no permanent rules for work but sometimes she’ll give me one for the day or something.

  5. upstatenysub

    congratulations on the promotion! so glad your nipples are pierced again… it would be nice to see just your nipples with the pretty pink balls???
    I hope you are learning to be a good slave… it sounds like it… I hope she is using you to yoru full potential!

  6. masterjohn130

    Congratulations on the promotion and really glad all of your practice with the make up seems to of paid off.
    Happy to hear you are re pierced just hope no more accidents this time.
    Home life for you sounds interesting especially being a maid as well as a slave

  7. Simon

    Hi Lois. Great to see u are loving life and have a Mistress to ensure u take care of yourself properly. Was interested to read about ur being loaned out and trained in areas u are not keen on and look forward to hearing more on that.

  8. LondonTrainer

    Promoted at work; and demoted to skivvy at your Mistresse’s home.


    Do you have a formal cleaner / maid uniform?

  9. Jazzie (Strict-but-Fair)

    Aaahh… so good to see you’re connecting again.
    Is it fulfilling to do the menial cleaning tasks?
    Hmmm.. personally, I love the way pierced nippples look… any chance Mistress will allow a close-up photo?
    Ditto – the black eye.
    Besst, Jaz

    • Lois

      Is it fulfilling, hmmm…..well not on an intellectual level no. I do feel a lovely sense of pride when I’ve done something well, made a nice meal or something, and she tells me so. The everyday stuff though, cleaning and washing etc, doesn’t really do anything for me except reinforce my position. It does get on my nerves when I want to be doing something but I’m stuck cleaning and she is sat around reading or watching TV while I’m doing it but she knows that and it amuses her.

  10. Tom

    Well done Lois, lovely to hear from you, sounds like everything is going very well. It’s great to hear, I bet you enjoyed having your nipples pierced, does Miss Fiona have plans for more? You really should get a rubber maids dress!

    • Lois

      No plans that I am aware of but who knows. Yes I did enjoy having my nipples pierced again, I always do, it’s such a delicious sensation and Mistress sucked on them before we went in so they were super sensitive. Miss isn’t really into rubber I don’t think, she wants me to get a latex outfit but latex is such a nightmare to wear.

  11. IflyHG

    Congratulations on the promotion! Congratulations on getting your nipples pierced again! I have a fantasy of a light weight evening dress that is supported by a thin rod that goes through both piercings in your nipples. Thanks for the update.

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