I was slapped in the face repeatedly today, quite hard and quite unrelenting but it didn’t leave a single lasting mark. However, the only reason the slapping stopped was because I slipped off the bed and hit my face on the bed post on the way down and now, for the first time ever, I have a black eye!

A little background, throughout my life as a submissive masochist I’ve tried many things, some I liked and some I did not. Generally speaking I’ve managed to stick to doing the things I like, not “like” exactly that’s probably the wrong word, things that I’m “into”. 

However, my Miss believes that to be a well rounded submissive I should be able to participate in whatever activity my dominant wants me to and be able to at least act like I’m enjoying it. This desire arose from a new fascet of our relationship, whilst she is now completely monogamous to me she enjoys “loaning” me to other people and the first time we did this I was given an unfavourable review because I showed reluctance to do something I was asked to do. 

In my defence I was asked to get on all fours and open my legs so that the other party could kick me hard between the legs, that might not sound like something I should flinch at but when I was a lot younger I ended up in hospital with a fractured pelvis from doing that exact thing so I was a little reluctant.

Anyway, since then I’ve learn to moan in pleasure whilst sucking on someone’s toes (which is totally disgusting), kiss someone I’m not in any way attracted to with believable passion (harder than you think) and drink strong urine without making a face (unbelievably hard but has also made me better at doing sambuka shots!). Future training that I am not looking forward to is “full toilet service” (with a smile) and orgasming whilst being strangled (breathe play scares the shit out of me, it scares my orgasms too!). 

However, back to the point, getting hit in the face is something I’ve never been able to deal with well and it can dry things up down there pretty quick! So not for the first time this weekend Miss was holding the wand between my legs and had been edging me for a good while (until I was soaking wet) and then started to slap me repeatedly in the face. I was taking it pretty well when my leg slid out from under me and my bum slid off the bed and all of a sudden I was in a heap on the floor seeing stars. 

Whilst trying to stop myself falling I’d managed to hit my cheek directly on the spherical bed post and it was very quickly swollen up and starting to bruise. Ten hours on and it is turning into a nice black eye that I have to go into work with tomorrow! I’ve spent the last few hours looking at videos of how to cover black eyes with makeup (that’s almost certainly got me on some list somewhere!). 

Anyway, so that’s what happened to me today, the dangers of getting your kicks from pain and submission!

I did just want to say thank you for all the nice comments after my last post, it really means a lot when you comment even if it’s just to say hi. 

33 thoughts on “Irony

  1. Richard

    Glad to see you’re writing again. But sorry to hear about the black eye, if it is the first you’ve gone into work with then hopefully you’ll be able to explain it away without too many raised eyebrows.

  2. jeeprat

    I won’t be able to drink Sambuka again with out thinking of you and this account. The look into your world is always fasernating thank you

  3. Steve

    Sorry to hear about your eye. Some people don’t respond well to face slapping, no doubt you will find out which you are. Good luck at the office 😏

  4. Hermann Steiger

    Hi Lois Thank you for all the nice reports you send us from time to time. I do envy your mistress indeed. I would like to have your body once for my disposition even if I am living in Switzerland. Big grin. I always imagine as how your body and face looks like. Let us all know of all your experiences in the future as well. Esp. the service als toilet slave. Hopefully the female master does some pictures when you try and must eat shit out of the as. Have a wonderful and successfull week as masochist as well as in your profession dear slut lois.Yours Hermann


  5. edozw

    I was missing your posts, Lois… I’m very happy that you write again…
    even if i’m really not in whatever concern face hurting or slapping… You’ll go through this odd period if your relationship with Fiona gives its promises…
    Respectable dominants must respect submissives they use and abuse…

  6. peteDom

    Hi lois
    Lovely to hear about your life again and glad everybodys best wishes helped you.
    A bit of a pain about the black eye not what your mistress wanted but as it’s a one off I’m sure you can think of a good story for work 🙂
    Interesting about Fiona exploring your less favoured activities but the key part is you making the experience of the dom pleasurable even if you are not so keen it’s a good lesson for her to teach you and I’m sure you won’t let her down.
    I know you have served as a full toilet before and I look forward to hearing more about that and you being keen and happy to serve whoever Fiona gives you too. Making them feel it’s an honour for you to perform that service will make them happy and fiona very proud of you and I suspect you feel very proud and submissive too. Good to have you back

  7. Marc


    Just wanted to say that your two recent blogs have been a delight. I just read your last one out to my slave who is a bit of a writer and she loved it. Full of humour and real insights that make it both personal and enjoyable.

    She said that having your pelvis kicked in just have been horrific. Have you written about that before?

    Anyway, I just had to say we are glad you are writing again.

    Take care.

    • Lois

      Hi, thank you I’m glad you both enjoyed it. No I don’t think I’ve written about that before, it was a long time ago before I started my blog and before I realised I was into women!

      He kicked me about four times and I just thought the forth one was particularly painful but then when he was fucking me afterwards it was agony so afterwards we went to the hospital and it turned out it was fractured, not badly but it was still very painful and required awkward lies to explain.

  8. skinowner

    Hope all went well at office

    Is a “welcome back” warranted? Am certainly glad you are back. Also glad to hear your relationship is flourishing.

    • Lois

      Thank you, I don’t know if a welcome back is warranted yet, we will see. I’ve enjoyed writing the short pieces I have posted this week.

  9. Howard

    Lois, tell them the truth. It’s often stranger than fiction, You were playing with your partner, fell out of bed and hit your face on the bedpost. I always enjoy your adventures and wish I could enjoy you.

  10. Dr Hut

    Hello Lois, thanks for the news.
    I apologize if this is going to sound judgmental, I’m not judging you or your mistress but this blog post raised a few concerns. Here goes:
    Regarding your recent and future activities, you may make it sound worse than it actually is, but it is absolutely 100% fine for a submissive to have a list of hard limits. In particular “full toilet service” is not only disgusting, it is actually dangerous. Kicking in the pelvis area, as you have found in real life, is dangerous too. Breath play is incredibly dangerous when done poorly, people have actually died. Usually you get to these points after a long relationship involving a lot of trust, not with random strangers your Mistress is making you play with and you have never played before. These people need to respect your limits too.
    You have a lot of experience, you know that if your partner does not respect your limits and does not take care of you it is no longer BDSM, it is full on abuse. It will not end well for either of you.
    That said pushing your limits with your consent is absolutely fine, but Be Safe.

  11. IflyHG

    With a black eye, instead of trying to hide it you could just leave it be. When people ask what happened to you, you say “you should see the other guy!” implying you came out on top in a fight. Then of course you have to tell them some story of how you got it. Close to the truth could also be fun, “I slipped off the bed while having sex and caught my face on the bed post”.

  12. Malou's Figments

    I have been reading your blog this afternoon… well evening now (I mean, I’m now at a post from May 2017…) and I am really enjoying it a lot. I love your humour too. The little bits of sarcasm and irony here and there. But also, your journey is inspiring and relatable in a way. And you know when you watch a series and there is this couple that you ship? I am so incredibly happy for you and your Mistress. It genuinely makes me happy reading your posts. Thank you for sharing all of this, even if I won’t make it all the way back to the beginning.

    • Lois

      Thank you for your lovely message and for reading, it’s really nice to hear when people have gone back and read through it, it feels like there is so much of my history captured here!

      Thank you for your comments about me and Mistress, it really feels different to anything I have had before and I can’t wait to be Mrs Mistress!

  13. Malou's Figments

    Of course! I hope you’ll keep on writing for as long as you enjoy it and I think I’ll be reading every new post from now on 🙂 And aw, thank you! x Sometimes I want to write something kinky but then I remember my blog is not one where that would go well (I mean it would, but the people who read it don’t know that I’m into bdsm so haha)

    • Lois

      Haha, yeah I was going to post a comment and then I thought you might not appreciate my username appearing on your blog! I really regret that username now but it’s hard to change it once you’re known for it!

      • Malou's Figments

        Haha! I guess it wouldn’t matter because I doubt people really go through the comment section unless they leave a comment themselves, and even then, you commenting on my blog wouldn’t necessarily mean that you have any connection to me. But I appreciate the thought a lot haha. And your username works for your blog, but might not be as discreet everywhere haha!

        • Lois

          Yeah, discreet is definitely not the word I would use to describe it! Maybe I’ll create another more subtly named account to comment on other peoples blogs! Maybe “SweetAngelLois” would work…

          • Malou's Figments

            That’s a nice name! I think it would work. I think wordpress might let you switch fairly easily between accounts as well? but maybe I’m wrong… Do you still use your tumblr blog/account too? Or has it become mainly this blog? Is it working out in terms of views? 🙂

            • Lois

              I did use tumblr quite heavily to advertise this blog but since the rules change I’ve pretty much given up on it. I do need to write here more but I have so much going on in my life at the moment it’s hard to find the time to be honest, especially when I’m trying to maintain as well.

              Views are up and down, if I post then I get good views 500-800 a day for a bit and then it dies down again, obviously people don’t come if there is nothing new to read. How is yours going?

              • Malou's Figments

                That makes sense. I’m really disappointed about the rule change. Feels like there is no point going to tumblr now anymore. I completely get being at a loss of time. I’m currently trying to motivate myself to make time to post again.

                It’s really cool you made though. How much work is the maintaining?

                My blog never had good views, it might get 50 on good days haha. It’s probably because I don’t have a niche or anything, and just write… things. But the people that follow it are dedicated followers (most are people who know me but who I’m not necessarily close to) and every now and then someone I don’t know. The problem is that I don’t know how to get my blog to readers I guess. But it’s okay, I started it for myself anyway.

                I think it’s really cool you started aiming for a certain amount of views and pretty much succeeded to get that amount (when you post anyway).

                I’m about to head to the gym (ugh – friend duty) so I won’t reply immediately after this message but I have this random question that just popped into my head. I guess you don’t know anything about me as a submissive, but I have been trying to learn how to walk in high heels, and was wondering if you ever had to learn how to walk in heels as a submissive? like it becoming a part of training.

                • Lois

                  Yeah it is disappointing but I can see why they did it. Verizon is a huge company and they won’t want to be associated with a porn site which is basically what tumblr was. Other sites have started to pop up, I joined but to be honest I’ve been hanging around fetlife more than anywhere.

                  Fet Library is going well, most of the work is done so it’s not loads of maintenance, there are just a few bugs to iron out, nothing major though. Mainly it’s trying to get people to the site so that it can get to a point of being self sufficient in terms of visitors, it’s hard though. Someone included it in an “end of tumblr” post which gave the user base a massive jolt but it’s settling back down now. It went from 100 people a day to 2600 a day and it back down to 500-700 a day at the moment which is still pretty good.

                  I used to really worry about my views which is why I had the big effort to get more readers last year but over that year it has become less important to me because I’ve had to accept that I just don’t have the time to write so much anymore. Maybe that will change maybe not, we will see. For the moment I am happy with it as it is and like you say, you write for you not them but it is nice when people talk to you and tell you they appreciate what you’ve said. I think a lot of young gay girls could really benefit from reading your posts.

                  Haha, I love going to the gym so I’d be the friend dragging you along! I can’t remember not wearing high shoes to be honest so it’s never really been a problem for me. Do you struggle with it a lot? Do you have a Domme?

                  • Malou's Figments

                    Yeah, to be fair, it makes sense that they did it. I never really figured out how to use fetlife or how to make contact with people on there. Which is funny actually, the fact that I’m barely using it while I had an account before it was allowed because I wasn’t 18 back then, all those years ago haha.

                    Have you tried promoting it on fetlife as well? Or is that even allowed? I feel like the best way to get visitors is by getting your site linked through another popular bdsm kinda site because that is how they would find it, other than google search, but seo is also a bit tricky. I’m actually quite interesting in reading the stories you’ve written, because you write really pleasantly! When I was younger I would read loads of bdsm stories but they’re often not very good and eventually I got so tired of mainly finding bad ones that I stopped reading any at all.

                    I’m glad you’re more okay with less views now! I often find it more rewarding if an individual says that something you’ve written touched them? which is worth more than extra views in my opinion.

                    Haha! It would be good for me if you did. I’m actually very sporty, but I dislike going to the gym / I don’t really know how to use it effectively. And it’s only to bridge the break before I can get back to football and tennis. My friend however, she set foot in the gym for the first time since arriving in this town, this month. And I’m joining because I need to keep at least some fitness up, as well as for the social aspect and to motivate her. But our abilities are vastly different so I don’t even know if I would call going to the gym at this moment in time exercise? it’s not enough anyway, haha. So then the effort of getting to the gym doesn’t seem worth it as much, because it doesn’t feel like I have been productive afterwards?

                    Yes, I do have a Domme, but it’s online atm. She actually linked me to your site. I was kind of expecting you to say that to be honest, because it is never mentioned on your blog and if I was writing a blog on this topic I would mention it because it’s such a big thing for me, but apparently it is normal to every other woman on this earth to have walked in heels before/and to consistentlyly wear them a lot of the time.

                    I struggled with wearing heels generally because they make a sound, and they seem fancy and before I just wanted to disappear and be invisible. One of the tasks my Domme gave me a few months back was to go out in heels for an hour with a friend, just walking around town and it was the most horrifying thing. I had like a semi breakdown, couldn’t stop shaking. It was awful. However, a few months onwards I’m fine walking in heels, well, up until a certain length. I’m still like… practising daily to be able to walk in stiletto’s for example. But it’s literally been months. My Domme obviously knows I struggle with it, but I just wondered if maybe someone else had too.

                    • Lois

                      I’m sure there are plenty of people who struggle with it. My sister very rarely wears heels and when she does they rarely stay on long whereas I am very comfortable in them. It sounds like for you it is more psychological though, maybe your Domme is teaching you how to feel sexy and the shoes are just the start?

                      Promoting on fetlife is difficult, it’s mainly groups and they generally have rules against promoting, well, anything from what I can tell. I’d happily link your site from mine but I’m not sure it is the right demographic for you, if you want me to though let me know.

                      Also if you want to chat less publicly my email is

                    • Malou's Figments

                      I forgot about your offer when I sent you a message through email, but I feel like it’s rude not to respond, because that’s so kind of you! Thank you! You’re right though. It’s not really the right demographic, but I appreciate it. I would happily link yours too if my blog wasn’t exposed to everyone in my life – not that it would actually get you any more views because I don’t really get any. You can ignore this tho, no need to respond. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate it a lot.

                    • Malou's Figments

                      Hey, I’m just checking to make sure- When I talked to someone before about kinky stuff over email, her emails would often not arrive in my inbox, not even in the spam and as a result we both thought the other had stopped responding. I don’t mind if you hadn’t had time yet to respond, that’s completely fine haha, but in case you have (since you said around Thursday (which really it’s fine if you didn’t have time yet) then it hasn’t arrived because my email is strange?

                      Anyway, hope you’re doing okay! x

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