This weekend


Today I am working from home, which I do quite often as my staff don’t disturb me at home unless it is something urgent and I can get through more work than I can in the office. However today Miss Fiona also decided she would work form home, but not from her home, from my home. In fact she is stood behind me watching me write this.

Ordinarily when I’m working from home I’ll wear something comfortable and completely unsexy, sorry, but today Miss Fiona….

OK, just in case you don’t look at my Tumblr blog and are unaware of this, I’ve been given a rule that I have to address her as Miss Fiona or Miss Fi, or Miss and have been failing terribly at maintaining that. In my defence if you aren’t used to doing so it is incredibly difficult to make referring to someone by a title as habit. As a punishment for failing she logged onto my Tumblr and submitted a full facial photo of me wearing a ball gag to someones blog who then posted it! I’m not going to tell you where it is because I don’t want it to be circulated anymore than it has been.

8135-1… today Miss Fiona decided what I should wear and after perusing my wardrobe and my drawers she decided on some old black stockings that I have that have the word “SLUT” written all over them in big white letters and a shelf bra, which for those who don’t know if a bra design to push your boobs up but that only covers up to just below your nipples thereby providing lift without hiding them. So I’ve spent the day virtually naked basically.

Every time I have made or received a phone call, so far five times, she come up behind me and wraps her arms around my body and kisses my neck and rubs her fingers between my legs which open instinctively. It’s very distracting and also frustrating because as soon as I finish the call she stops and goes back to her own work, so I’m pretty horny and my productivity is declining fast.

Tonight we have the house to ourselves so we’re going to relax, have some wine and see what happens, I’m looking forward to it!

Tomorrow I have a job to do, Miss Fiona has given me a job to do. She is leaving at around 8am as she has some things to do and at 9am someone is arriving, you might call them a pupil.

The pupil is the female submissive of one of Miss Fiona’s male friends who has decided that his “overly straight” sub needs to be trained to pleasure women as well as she does men and my job is to teach her how to pleasure a woman, namely myself! It sounds fun but it’s going to be very strange with a girl who is entirely straight and so won’t be turned on my any of it.

The day will end with a test, we both have to get dressed up and then Miss Fiona will take us to the Doms house so that his sub can show him her new skills by making another Dom’s sub cum in three different ways which are both pleasurable to the other girl and to the “audience”. If she fails then both of us will be punished.

So not your average weekend, it should be interesting if nothing else!


15 thoughts on “This weekend

  1. Richard

    Sounds like you have a very interesting weekend coming up, i hope you write about it once it is over with.

    Have you ever met this woman you are teaching before? Or will this be the first time, just to add to the awkwardness of teaching a straight woman how to pleasure another woman.

  2. Hugh

    Seriously, what do you think of the publication of your full facial on your tumblr account? You can say no to things like that. They can have very serious consequences on career, family, vanilla friends and otherwise. All the best.

    • Lois

      Seriously….I have mixed feelings about it. Am I scared it is going to be seen by the wrong person, yes I’m petrified but at the same time it feels incredibly liberating to finally show a tiny part of who I really am. Yes I could have said no and Miss Fiona would have respected that but I didn’t, and I’ve been much better at remembering to call her Miss since so apparently it is working!

      Thank you for your concern though and thanks for asking a question that I can (try to) give an thoughtful and intelligent response to x

  3. Paul

    Sounds like a very shrewd way of working and I do hope there wasn’t any misdemeanours.

    Still need to get your grammar sorted……..sloppy behaviour.

  4. IflyHG

    Sounds like at least Fiona had fun for your work day! I suppose if she were too distracting you could threaten to go into work anyway, but that wouldn’t be the sub thing to do I suppose.

    For your weekend task it sounds like the both of you should be properly motivated for the training to be effective. This is certainly a new challenge for you!

    Thanks for sharing.

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