Your favourite story


Now that I’ve released all of my old stories onto the blog I am curious to see which one is the favourite so that I know what is best to include in any future stories I write. So please cast your vote and use the comments to make any suggestions of comments you have about the stories.

5 thoughts on “Your favourite story

  1. edozw

    I understand your envy of knowing what works the most… I vote for the task because the thread excited me, to go from a task to another one and another one and so on… but the best you can write is not the result of a poll, it’s simply what excite you the most . I red your last posts about Fiona, there is nothing exciting in this, I also expected a better devellopment of this new relation, but I got the feeling that I was step by step getting closer to you and closer to the incredible dream you want to make of your sexual life… it is what I wish to you and expect to read about… not really the facts… the way you keep your creative goal…WRITE ! Fucking pain slut !!! And forgive me for the English of the French guy I am… But know that I can see the quality of the way you manage writing, your subtility, your vocabulary and your talent of writer…
    Don’t let me hanging on…..

  2. Pete

    Unfortunately not much watersports or really degrading action such as in the alley after the café or with the tramp – would like more of thank. Thanks for all the hard work

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