My viginity


I’ve been asked so many times how I lost my virginity that I thought I might as well just post the story here.

I was sixteen at the time, some people think that is quite young, others quite old, I guess it depends on your perspective but for me it wasn’t a decision, it was just when it happened.

I was single and at a house party after finishing high school, in the UK high school only lasts until you are 16 and then you have the option of going on to further education at sixth form (aka college) before going on to University. Pretty much everyone from my school year were at the party as well as some older people I didn’t recognise from other schools and after a few drinks (tequila I think) I got talking to one of the older guys.

He seemed nice and after a while, both drunk, we ended up in one of the bedrooms, he locked the door to give us some privacy and then we were kissed and both our hands started to wander as we lay back on the bed.

I didn’t think much of it when he pulled my hands above my head and gripped both my wrists in one of his hands, his other was pushing under my bra roughly fondling my breasts and then under my short skirt rubbing my pussy through my underwear.

It felt good and I wasn’t worried until I tried to free my hands so I could touch him too, he gripped my wrists tighter and shifted his body weight so I was pinned down, he was much bigger than me and I couldn’t move or get away. He pulled my knickers to the side exposing my pussy and rubbing his fingers up and down between my lips.

Looking down I could see he had he jeans pulled down and his cock was out, fully erect and he was moving himself between my spread legs. My underwear was pushed to the side from when he’d been fingering me so he didn’t have any trouble pushing the head of his cock against my opening with one hand still holding my hands and the other squeezing my tits.

I remember being surprised at how easily he pushed his cock into me but it was also really painful and my eyes welled up as I felt my hymen tear and then the fullness inside me before he began to roughly thrust.

He didn’t last long, I was tight and probably felt pretty good to him as he rammed into me over and over until I felt him twitch and heard him grunt as he came inside me. He let go of me then, kneeling up and zipping his jeans back up while I just lay there on the bed with my pushed up so my breasts and pussy were on display. He kissed me and then said he was going to get us a drink and left the room.

I lay there for five minutes before I realised he wasn’t coming back, my pussy was really sore and I venture down there with my fingers to check if there was any damage. It was a swamp of his cum, my juice and blood and without thinking I started to rub my clit using the mess for lube. My other hand moved to my tit and started to pinch and twist my nipple as I brought my self quickly to climax.

Once I’d straightened myself out I walked back downstairs, my pussy felt swollen and sore between my legs and I could feel the mess leaking into my knickers, the guy and all his friends had left the party and I never found out who he was, I didn’t tell anyone about what happened but I think that was the start of making me who I am today.

Of course all that is nonsense! The story of how I lost my virginity isn’t anywhere near as interesting as that, I was at a party after leaving school and had a drunken fumble with a guy from one of my classes, he was just as inexperienced as me but at least he got to cum in the ten minutes it lasted, like most girls for me it was very disappointing but that wouldn’t have made a great post!

I actually don’t believe those events or anything else had any impact on my sexual preferences or my submissive nature and it really frustrates me that popular media feels the need to portray people who are into BDSM as somehow broken or only into it due to some kind of trauma in their life.

10 thoughts on “My viginity

  1. Steve

    Sounds about right L.
    I agree you don’t need to be broken to get into bdsm, masochism etc you just need to try it once, usually by accident , and you’ll know if it excites you or not! Just as well I don’t live with you as wouldn’t have much time for anything else!! X

  2. John

    I keep intending to comment on your posts but rarely seem to get round to it, just going to go for it this time…
    This is a perfect example of why I follow you, waiting patiently through the lean times, although sparing a thought now and again hoping all is ok with you. You have a fantastic blend of honesty and humour with a bit of down to earth philosophy thrown in. I saw an ‘expert’ on telly a few years ago declaring definitively that we’re all the result of major surgical procedures. Deciding to do a quick survey of my kinky friends, I was not at all surprised to find that none of them had had major surgery…
    Everyone finds their own path through life, don’t analyse, just accept. Personally I firmly believe that there is a strong spiritual aspect to our proclivities.

    • Lois

      Hi John, thanks for your message, it makes writing 500 times more gratifying when people take the time to write to me and converse with me about what I’ve written. Sometimes when there are no comments for a long time I start to think “what’s the point”.

      I think that’s crazy talk about surgery being the catalyst for an interest in BDSM, I’ve know a lot of people into the scene over the years and I don’t think any of them have has surgery, I know I certainly haven’t. I think it’s something you’re born with to be honest.

      Some people have it in them but never explore it, some people don’t have it in them at all, some people embrace it and dive right in whilst others, like me, spend a lot of time fighting with the morals of it and the perceptions of “normal” people only to find you can’t escape who you fundamentally are.

      • John

        500 hundred times? Will have to do more to encourage you so..
        I know all about struggling with morality and normality, believe me but normality is after all a question of statistics, and very few people actually have any morality of their own in my experience. They follow the flock when it suits, and if it suits and they think they can avoid repercussions the moral code they hold up goes out the window very fast.
        A wise man once told me to treasure my ‘unusual’ friends, that they are the best type…

  3. IflyHG

    Losing one’s virginity could be a wonderful experience if it were not for the lack of experience of one’s partner. Looking back wouldn’t most everyone have rather had a partner who knew what they were doing and cared enough about you to make sure it was an amazing experience for you? Society as a whole gets all up in arms when a young man or woman shows interest in someone a few years older than them. They think the older person is taking advantage but it could be really good for both parties. Oh well.

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