On holiday

I’m on holiday in Portugal having an amazingly relaxing time and loving every minute, it’s been so long since I’ve relaxed like this. Just me and my (completely platonic) friend chilling in a villa, drinking wine round the pool and not doing much of anything, I’ve even got a bit of a tan!

I’ve got loads to write about and intend to get right on it when I get home, I did intend to leave some posts queued up to be published while I was away but work got crazy before I left and I didn’t manage to do that. Sorry!

They’ll be worth waiting for though, I promise, I’ve done some crazy stuff in the last few weeks!

I’ve also started to write an erotic bdsm themed story, I’m not sure if it will end up worth showing anyone but we’all see, it is about a girl called Macy who sort of accidentally becomes a cuckquean slave.

Anyway, the pool and a bottle of “green wine” are calling so that’s all for now x

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