Self torture plan


Last week I was feeling 1) brave, 2) horny and 3) masochistic and came up with an interesting predicament bondage situation for myself. It started off simple, give myself a large enema (enough to distend my stomach) and then insert my locking anal plug (wrapped in a condom and with Vaseline applied to create a seal) and lock it for the maximum my timer locks will do, which is eight hours.

Eight hours is a looooong time to hold any enema, never mind a large one (I was thinking a few litres) so by the end I would be in a lot of pain from severe cramping and whatever other discomfort it produces. So then I thought it would be interesting to be in bondage for the whole time as well, maybe somewhere uncomfortable like my garden shed overnight, I’ve done bondage in the shed before and have eyelets mounted around it for bondage.

Then, I mentioned I was feeling masochistic, I wondered what would happen if I attached pads from a tens unit on to my stomach and set it on a slow pulse so that every so often it would shock me and cause my stomach muscles to tense which I presume would force the enema to move around inside me.

One of the things that really turns me on is putting myself into some situation, some torture that I am unable to escape no matter how bad it gets. I know I will get out eventually (after eight hours in this case) but it could be truly unbearable until then, I want to get an hour in and regret starting it, I want it to be too much.

So as it happens I am still feeling quite masochistic and horny, my sister will be staying away on Thursday night and I am working from home on Friday, it almost feels like the Universe wants me to do it and I am thinking of putting the plan into action.

I have an idea of how I could be bound but am open to suggestions, I also thought it would be fun to see if anyone has any good suggestions for one further torment for me to endure whilst I hold the enema so feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments over the next couple of days.

19 thoughts on “Self torture plan

  1. Chad

    You can hang weights from your nipples and a weight from your clit ring.
    Or better yet get alligator clips and put them on your nipples with weights.
    Insert a ginger root up your pussy .

  2. mysterjohn

    Willing to share your experience with your fans? Why do not switch on a cam sending the video of your struggling night on the web, allowing your fan to join the video stream and look at you all along the night?
    Yahoo!Messenger has such a feature, probably also Skype has.

  3. John

    You could wear a hood, ring gag, blindfold and earplugs. To help you avoid distractions and concentrate on your suffering. And make you drool.

  4. Alex

    Unless, you use a full hood which not only can maintain your anonymity, but also deprives you from being able to see and hear perhaps If the hood had an internal inflatable penis gag that would be extra interesting. The ginger root with extra hot sauce in your cunt sounds a good idea too. Then maybe you can consider using a webcam and broadcast your predicament.

  5. lawrenceee

    For the bondage should put cuffs on both your wrists and ankles, lay down on your back with the cuffs all locked together with a single padlock ( or three, one for wrists one for ankles and another for lock the previous two together). Before start cover the floor with some grit (pieces 1/4 of an inch big). As an additional torture a mouthful of soil covered by tabasco and a ball gag for keep everything inside. I bet after half an hour you’ll be thirsty enough to willingly drink your own enema. Is NOW cruel enough, Lo?

  6. Blue

    The plan for Thursday looks good. Additions I’d suggest:
    Move your cage out to the shed and use an 8hr timer lock on the door. Cover it with a blanket too so you’re isolated.
    I’d seal the plug with vaseline and hot sauce. Or just hot sauce if that would work and keep a seal.
    Also once you’ve inserted the root lace as I previously described to you.

  7. cyberdiver26

    So knowing your dislike for spiders, I think it would be a nice idea to include them in this scene. (Ok yeah I know they are not that easy to come by but with a bit of planning or help..) Lock you in your garden shed, plugged and bound as you have already described, and then just leave a big tarantula in there with you. You would be blindfolded obviously so you wouldn’t know where it was…

  8. cyberdiver26

    You could fill your cunt with drawing pins for the duration, so every time you spasmed your cunt would get more and more mashed up. Even better if your cunt lips were sewn shut.

  9. cyberdiver26

    As I don’t believe that you will be able to keep all that nasty shitty water inside yourself for the duration, you rig up a device that catches the mess as it runs out of you, when it gets to a certain amount, it triggers the switch on a cattle prod or something of that nature, with will go on to torture you until you are released

  10. Master John (@MasterJohn130)

    Put on your collar and leash then take your cage out to the shed. Put on a corset that leaves your breasts exposed. Zip tie your tits tightly as well as clamp your nipples using a set of alligator clamps and four on your labia. Hang weights from each of those. Spread drawing pins in the bottom of your cage so that they will torture and torment you as you lie there. Enter the cage using the eight hour locks to lock yourself inside then tie yourself into a hogtie using the leash to tie you to the cage
    Master John

  11. Richard

    My question is would you be naked or clothed while doing this? I think it could be interesting if you are clothed, wearing some jeans perhaps, that way if or when the enema starts to leak out of you, you would have to stay there for maybe several hours in soiled clothing. Might just add another level of discomfort.

  12. Destinator2U

    let’s not forget the pleasure…
    I imagine you standing up, hands tied up or sideways, but unable to touch anything. Adding alligator clamps and weights, or why not a bucket being filled by a very slow drip. This could be from enema bag or baxters. 2 litres would probably add enough discomfort.
    As for the pleasure part, add a crotch rope with Hitachi wand. Set a timer to the electricity supply to give you random 15min stimulation (maybe add one of 30 or more minutes?) during the 8 our ordeal. It will give you a pause, or at least something else to regret….
    Have fun Lois.

  13. Digital

    Ok so assuming you’re filled, plugged and going to be shocked, I would add to the situation as follows;
    1) I would connect your nipple together via your clit ring. But the chain or cord should be short enough to force you into a balled up position so moving to relieve your cramps would tug on both nipples and clit.
    2) I would set a bottled drink nearby so you have access to a drink but it would be filled with piss. There is always a price to taking a drink.
    3) you should have a ticking clock with you so you can hear it ticking away all night but you should be blindfolded so you don’t know how long your ordeal has to go.
    4) your pussy should be loosely pack with nettles, so fresh movement gets a few more stings.
    5) your wrists should be cuffed together and attached to a similar set of cuffs binding your ankles, behind your back. So you are tortured between a comfortable arm leg strain and a nipples/clit strain. You should be able to manipulate a key to open the cuffs once the timer has expired.
    6) However you should prepare several dummy keys, each key would be placed in a random plastic cup. Each would be filled with something unpleasant, one with hot chilli sauce, one with piss, one with cum, one with mud, one with liquid soap, etc Ideally these would be frozen so you would need to melt them in your mouth to get the key.

    Pleasant night.

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