Friends past and present


As I mentioned some people have expressed an interest in reading more about my normal life and quite often I mention people from my past in passing of in blog posts and people don’t know who they are. So, I thought it would be of interest to write about some of them.


About ten years ago I used to visit a very sadistic person called Tom, he had no interest in me as friend, partner or lover but he enjoyed playing with my body and did some quite creative and painful things to me. I haven’t been in touch with him in years.


She was my first real full time Domme and the person who help me realise that I liked girls, although that was probably as much for her benefit as mine. She was very dominant and very sadistic and I was really happy with her.

She is the person who had my pubic hair permanently removed, she had me tattooed (although I later had it removed) and she (forcibly) introduced me to inter-species sex!

In 2008 Joanne was offered a temporary position in Australia for six months which turned into a permanent position which was too good to refuse and that basically ended our relationship.

She took with her various videos of me that I’ve never seen and have completely lost control of but I trust her to keep them safe.


I’ve known Luke longer than anyone else I know in the BDSM lifestyle, he is a true friend and I trust him implicitly. He has no interest in me romantically, as far as I know, and we rarely spend time together socially (although it’s fun when we do) but we have played together on many occasions.

Luke is a really twisted sadist, extreme is his default and loves to push the bounds of what is acceptable even within this very liberal of communities.

He is the person who has been organising the fulfilment of my fantasies and is also the person who removed part of my clit hood and inserted an obscenely large ring through my clit piercing and soldered it shut.


When I was with Joanne she was very close friends with another Domme and that Domme had a sub, Hannah was that sub. Our Mistresses spent a lot of time together therefore we spent a lot of time together.

For the enjoyment of our dominants we pleasured each other and other people, we spent time sleeping in cages together, were left bound together and did everything that sister subs do together.

I lost touch with Hannah when Joanne and I split and when we got back in touch she was more of a switch and became more and more dominant as time went by. We played a little together but it never developed into anything more serious.

Hannah is now completely dominant and has her own sub and I spend time with them both socially quite often. Hannah has written a few posts on this blog and still has access to do so.


Kayleigh was my Domme for most of 2012, I was very close to her and was upset when it ended.

She is a wonderfully creative, clever and perverted person who seemed to love finding unique ways to torture me that did not involve physically punishment. That said she was also very adept at inflicting physically pain on me as well, although she always managed to do it in unexpected ways.

As well as dominating me in a sexual way Kayleigh controlled my wider life and I loved that too, by forcing me to do certain things she had a profound impact on my life. For example, she forced me to reveal my true sexuality to my friends and family and despite my fears they all accepted me and I loved her for that.

The time I spent with her was probably the most content time of my life.

7 thoughts on “Friends past and present

  1. Hannah

    You forgot to mention how beautiful I am and how much fun you have with me and my Toni.

    Lois is in desperate need of some retraining, she is completely out of practice being submissive and has become far too big for her (ironically small) boots!

  2. Luke

    Despite having only met you once I can attest that are in fact beautiful Hannah, I’m embarrassed for Lo for not mentioning it. As well as not mentioning that I am a thoroughly nice chat despite might slightly sadistic tendencies.

    Completely agree with Hannah, she needs to relearn her place.

  3. Blue

    lo, you are anything but well behaved. you’re wilful and disobedient. As I learned recently. Some hands on retraining would definitely be of benefit to you.

  4. Richard

    Hi Lois.

    I read your post about your visit to Tom again and this time I noticed something that amused me, towards the beginning of your post when talking about the women who had replied to your ad you said ” I’m not a lesbian or even bi, I just find it more humiliating to be abused by another woman”. I just thought it was funny how differently you viewed yourself all those years ago.

    I left a story for you to read on the other post, only a very small selection of the things I have thought about doing to you. Not particularly sadistic this fantasy but I hope you enjoy reading it. I wanted to ask, when I post things does it tell you my email address, or would I need to post it as a comment. Just in case you like my story the most and wanted to contact me.

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