Hotel room


My recent posts related to a fantasy of mine which was recently made a reality. It was an amazing experience and I loved writing about it and have enjoyed the comments about it. The person that my friend arranged did an excellent job of using, abusing and humiliating me and also keeping me guessing as to what was going to happen to me next, I was horny the entire time and was exhausted afterwards.

It was suggested to me that it might be interesting to hear what readers of this blog might have done with me if they had me in the same situation and I did think it would be a good way to interact with my readers. I’m quite certain there aren’t that many of you these days but hopefully since I’ve started writing again it will pick up a little, feel free to share the link of your twitter, tumblr, collarspace, fetlife, facebook or whatever (shameless self promotion).

Anyway, so this post is a call for people to share their ideas (in the comments) for what they would do to me if they had me tied up, blindfolded and submissive in a hotel room for a night and knew that I’d never know who they were.

As an incentive for people to make the effort, I will email the author of the most creatively sadistic one that makes my pussy drip more than the others and they can set me a task to perform and once I’ve followed their commands I’ll write about it on the blog in as much detail as I have written about this. So if you take up the challenge be sure to put your email address in when commenting.

So that’s it for now, I am thinking about posting something about my real life so if you’re interested in hearing about that feel free to comment about that too.

Oh, and at least a few of you post a comment or this is going to be really embarrassing!

20 thoughts on “Hotel room

  1. George

    I love all your post its refreshing to find someone so open minded ,Im a Dom from Yorkshire and open minded subs few on the ground I did have a sub I saw on occasion but she moved away to far to meet .Anytime you want to converse stories etc feel free to get in touch

    • Lois

      Thanks, I don’t feel like I’m more open minded than anyone else but then I don’t have that much involvement in the wider BDSM scene these days.

  2. Randomdude

    Glad you are writing again. Your blog is a favorite. If you keep it up I’m sure your readers will return.

    I will inbox you my ideas when I have more time.

  3. Digital

    Hi Lois,
    First off you’d be wearing a smart skirt suit, underneath sexy/slutty underwear.
    You’d arrive at 7pm exactly.
    You’re instructions would be to put the blindfold on that would be hanging on the door, to kneel down regardless of anyone in the corridor and knock twice. Am sure the time I leave you there would feel like minutes not knowing who may see you.

    When I do open the door i’d lean down, lift your chin and fasten a collar around your neck. The tugging on your neck leash would prompt you to crawl into the room.

    I’d lead you into the room until I have you in position. You would hear me moving around you before I unclip the leash and taking a handful of your hair pull you to a standing position.

    Taking each wrist and ankle one at a time I would fasten leather restraints around them. Once secure I would move away and you would hear a rhythmic clicking sound quickly followed by your arms being pulled upwards and outwards and your ankles being pulled widely apart. I’d keep stretching you apart until I could see the pain on your face. I wouldn’t need to go any further as I know the longer I leave you like that, the more your muscles would cramp and do the work for me.

    Again my patience would feel like forever as you hung there spread out each muscle taut and painful. Eventually you would sense me moving. Something cold would slide up your back from your waist, until your heard the snip and realised it was scissors and I was cutting through both your blouse and jacket. A few more cuts and I can remove both without having to untie you. A few more cuts and your skirt would fall away leaving you wearing heels, stockings and underwear.

    I’d leave you there a few more minutes, with you knowing you were on display for me.
    Once I tired of looking at you (a while I’m sure) and watching the strain continue to get worse I would place something in front of you, which as I adjust it pushes firmly against your exposed clit.
    Since at this stage I expect you would worked out the pressure on your clit was a wand vibrator I would turn it on. If you had any slack from the restraints I would tighten it another notch or two.
    Each time you show signs of getting close to climax I would stop the vibrations. Each time you cooled off I would start the vibrations again. And again. And again.
    After a five or six almost peaks I would cut off your bra so I could attach a pair of clamps to your nipples. You would feel the chain connecting them together as it brushed against your midriff.

    Each time I need to stop the vibrator I would add a weight to the chain. Luckily for me the clamps are tight enough that even with the weights they won’t fall off.

    Six or seven weights later I would take pity on you and stop with the vibrator. instead I would lower you from your restraints and carry you over to the bed. I can imagine the pain as your tired muscles are eventually allowed to relax.
    A few minutes later I would reach over and ‘slowly’ open the clamps.

    Once I think you’ve recovered I would guide you to the bottom of the bed so you are kneeling on the floor over the end of the bed. Using ropes this time I would tie you in place. A few scissor snips later and your now wet knickers would be removed.

    You would feel me sticking something that felt like shapes to your ass and thighs.
    With no warning the first swing of the crop would crack against your ass. You’d feel the different sensations as the tails hit both bare flesh and whatever I’d stuck on you. As the first blow hits and you gasp out loud I’d rush forwards to shove your balled up knickers in your mouth. Which for the past few minutes had been soaking up my piss. I’d hold my hand over your mouth until you accepted that you were not to spit them out. Over and over I’d crop you until I got tired. I’d wait a few minutes then switch to something new, cane, paddle, tawse and hand. I’m sure it would feel agonising but for now only I would know how it looked.

    After giving you a few minutes reprieve I would know it was almost 7am.
    I would peel the stickers from your ass and thighs, then untie you from the bed, allowing you to spit you knickers out.

    I would have to check how wet you were by forcing my fingers into you. I’d be disappointed if I didn’t feel my ministrations had an effect.
    Since I had cut up your fancy suit (sorry?) I would stand you up and slip a summer dress over your head.

    I would push you back to your knees and reattach the leash. I’d tug the leash directing you forwards, round corners avoiding obstructions and the like.

    Tiring of this I would stand you up and push you back against the wall. Knowing you had endured 12 hours at hands without climax I would take your hands and lift the front of your dress, guiding you to start playing with your clit. Once I thought you were well on your way I would step back and push the button for the lobby in the lift I had guided you into, as I stepped out.
    I’d be interested to know if you could get off before you arrived at the lobby or if you had to stop.

    Once you got home there would be an email waiting for you showing you photos of your ordeal, that showed whilst you were suspended spread eagled, you see in front of a window exposed to anyone who could see into the fifth floor room. That whilst being cropped, the stickers on your ass protected part of your skin but now you had letters plainly visible from ass to mid thigh that spelt out PAIN SLUT.

  4. jessica humphrey

    with me I would be waiting at the motel for you in the room ready for you. When you get there I would be behind the door with a rag and press it over your mouth so you pass out , then with the eye hooks already in the ceiling I would hoist you up after placing duck tape over your eyes and mouth while you are still out cold I line up a fuck machine on your ass and turn it on high and then start to eat your pussy until you wake up . Once awake I would whisper to you in your ear that the fun will now start and fifty men come in and they all fuck your pussy for four hours . When they are done and you are dripping cum I sew your virgna shut so the sperm stays in you. I now lower you and take away the fuck machine and the men have their way with your ass while I push your face into my pussy. While this is going on a milking machine goes on your teets and clit for the rest of the time. After the men leave I also leave with you still tied and being milked with a recording saying you will now only moo and not talk , you will only walk on all fours with a cow bell on your neck. When the timer finally shuts off the milking machine and you break loose and you take off the duck tape fro your eyes you see your body painted like a hoistine and you find no clothing for you to wear and last you see your pussy sewn shut and feel the sperm running out your well used asshole. You now get on all fours and leave and as you leave a maid see you and you moo like a cow. She saids let me take you home to my home and milk you dear and she now give you a home on her farm.

  5. dylan Maitland

    Hi Lois,

    As always your experiences are incredibly hot and an experience with you is the stuff of dreams…I have no doubt you must have many readers and I for one am a huge fan.

    The thought of having you to myself for one whole evening with carte blanche over your body, mind and soul brings me close to orgasm without needing to even touch my already hard cock. It really is child in a sweetshop time. But for the record here is what I would do with you:

    “To set the scene and to underline your position in this scenario you would arrive first. You would book and pay for the room. You would pay for a nice arrival guest for me, maybe champagne and chocolates. Not only would you be asking to be degraded and abused you would be organizing and paying for it.

    You would have brought several playtools with you in a bag;

    – a giant dildo – some large elastic bands (they need to be large enough to stretch around your shoulders and in between your legs – yep you got it) – some nipple clamps with a D clip for attaching weights – a riding crop it must be one with a metal core and leather outer skin) – a ball gag – Tabasco – handcuffs for hands and feet and legs – a closed beaker which would contain a mixture of piss, spit and cum from the tramp that recently debased you. It should be clearly labelled “Tramp Piss”.

    Upon arrival in the room you would produce some artwork in the form of signs around the room, detailing what you are and would like done to you. Examples might be “please abuse me”, “I want to be degraded”, “I beg you to ruin my cunt”.

    You would place the bag of toys on the side, placing the beaker of tramp piss in a clearly visible place. You would take the ball gag and dip the ball into the beaker, ensuring that a small phlegm of cum clings to the ball. You would then insert the ball into your mouth and secure tightly.

    You would undress entirely. You would loop two elastic bands over your shoulders, one on the left side and one on the right. Both would loop under your crotch. They would feel firm but not too tight. You would then lie on the bed and cuff each leg to the corner posts of the bed. You would place the remaining toys on your tummy and then cuff your hands to the top of the bed.

    When the waiter arrives to deliver the champagne you must make eye contact but make no further sound. If he speaks to you, you simply lower your eyes away from him making it clear you are not worthy of conversation.

    When I arrive I explain to you that we have a structured night ahead of us, I explain I will abuse you over 3 separate sessions, each lasting 2.5 hours. You will have 30 mins recovery in between each one. You will not be allowed sleep but will be given liquids throughout.

    Session 1 – Know your position This would be mainly about humiliation and degradation. Your mind must be broken first. The giant dildo will be forced inside your pussy. You would then endure prolonged ass to mouth treatment. When my cock would be in your ass, I would push 2-4 fingers into your mouth and spit into it. When my cock would be in your mouth I would insert 2-4 fingers up your ass, and so on. Your mouth, ass and pussy would simply become receptacles for objects. You would be lost in a melee of hair pulling, gagging, bile and anal and oral torment. The elephant in the room is that you would be soaking wet throughout. At the end of this session I would remove the ball gag and you would drink the entire contents of the beaker. You would then rest.

    Session 2 – Find your limits At the beginning of this session I would blindfold you and tape your mouth shut. I would moisten my fingers and gently rub each of your nipples to make them enlarged. I would then place the clamps on each of your nipples and squeeze them so they close themselves more than they would from their naturally sprung position. I would then leave you -for a while. Upon my return I would force the dildo inside your ass. I would then take the riding crop and proceed to whip your stomach and inner thighs. This would not need to be hard as the weight of the riding crop would create welts quickly. I would then remove the nipple clamps and beat your breasts in the same manner. I would then turn my attention to your pussy. I would pull the elastic bands taught as far back as they would go and then release them. This would continue until your pussy was swollen and raw. I would then smear tabasco all over your stomach, thighs, breasts and pussy. You would then rest.

    Session 3 – Meeting my friends Still blindfolded and chained to the bed you would hear the door open and people enter the room. Your think you count 5, maybe 6 pairs of feet walk in. No words are uttered. A plastic sheet is drawn under your body, which is cold and quite stiff. Suddenly hands are touching your body, many hands, female and male. Asses, female and male are pushed onto your face, which you voluntarily tongue without being asked. You give yourself to the group and they take you, randomly pissing in your face which you gratefully take down. For the next 2 hours the group carry out the activities of session 2 and 3, though this time at the same time.

    The dark secret throughout all of this is that despite not having been pleasured once, you came 7 times throughout the evening.”

    Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2016 16:43:29 +0000 To:

  6. Paul

    You hear the creak of the door open and shut followed by the thud of a bag dropping to the floor which I see visibly makes you jump while you’re knelt naked with your vision complete blocked out.

    A couple of minutes pass as you listen intently as I move around the room as I prep for the remainder of the day and evening.

    Finally you are aware I’m now in front of you as I softly, calmly but firmly say “tongue out” to which you oblige obediently. Then you hear in a deep gruff voic “time for a tongue bath, get licking” and you feverishly start lapping away, it feels soft but hairy and you can’t quite place what it is your licking. It feels dry with patches of wet which taste a salty and you continue on. I then move my body position so you are able to carry on and this is a lot wetter and saltier and you can feel a lot more “body” against you and definitely has more of an odour. After a while I shift again and you go back to licking, obviously tiring a bit more and you can feel my cock against the side of your head and you are aware that you’re licking along my groin again wetter and more pungent. When I’m done I grab your ponytail and remark “that was a hard gym session, not easy shifting so much weight”. Putting the thoughts together you realise you were licking my armpit, groin and under rolls of fat.

    As I move away you are now well aware that the taste and smell was sweat which ks lingering in your nose and on your tongue. A harness quickly covers your head with a plastic tube fitted tightly to your mouth. The smell of ammonia fills the room and then the warmth begins to fill your mouth as a very dehydrated stream of urine fills the funnel attached to your face. It bubbles slightly as you struggle to deal with the quantity and taste but as you regain your self control the liquid slowly starts to decrease as you lovingly and respectfully slurp down the vile liquid. the funnel is clipped out leaving your mouth exposed.

    The sound of ripping material fills the room before you are taken by shock as I stuff some material deep into your mouth and clip a plate over your mouth holding the fabric in place. The taste is familiar and you quickly work out that what’s now in your mouth was part of my gym attire. I then move you so you are on your back and you feel a your pussy lips being roughly pulled and tugged, I then grab a big handful and pull it tight against your thigh before wrapping string around before tying it tightly securing it in place before repeating it to the other side. You then feel something pushing against the inside of your lip before a loud click as you jolt in agony before the first industrial staple drives it’s way through into your leg. Annoyed at the amount you moved you are warned not to flinch again. The gun clicks again before another staple secures to your leg, you twist and writh which I decide must be stopped.

    Rustling into the bag I come back to grab a nipple, twisting and rolling it in my hand before  your scream through the gag as I drive a skewer through your tit and out the other side, pulling it through I then drive it into the other breast as a line of blood trickles down the new openings. I loop some rope round the middle and secure it to a beam above you causing you to arch your back. I then move back to your pussy completing the stapling along the perimeter of the pussy…..unsurprisingly you decided to move much less.

    As I untied your tits and moved you onto all fours. The events of the afternoon where taking their toll, i unclipped your mouth pad, removed the cloth popped in a couple of ice cubes to keep you hydrated and close your mouth off again. As the ice melts you become aware of something else in the ice cubes and then it touches your tongue…….it was shit in the cubes which is putrid. As I see you wince I lean in and say, ensure you chew and savour the flavour.

    Then I tied the bar through your tits to be in front of you and made it tight while securing your legs to stop you moving. I use a loop in the top of the head harness to hold your head up looking directly forward into the blinding darkness. I slid an expanding plug into your arse lubed up with chilli which certainly focused your attention. The next few hours blended into a continuous cycle of being beaten with belts, canes, studded paddles and anything else that came to hand.

    As the welts and bruises formed across your entire body the final treat of the evening was the dripping of hot wax all over your body to spell pain whore. With it now being the early hours I untied you and slowly remove the metal skewer, twisting and turning as it goes.

    I secure a belt around my waist and move my hard cock into your throat and attach my belt to your head harness holding tight on my cock. I instruct you to service me and you oblige until you feel the warm cum pour down your throat. As you feel you may get to be released I inform you this this how you’ll be sleeping incase I get any urges through the night. With a final relaxing piss down your throat I drift into wonderful dreams.

    The night was relatively uneventful as you lay beautifully still, I treated you to another small piss but that was it.

    As I woke to the sound of room service leaving breakfast at the door I unclipped you, moved you too hang your head over the edge of the bed and go to bring it in. I went to the bathroom and flushed the toilet and came back in and informed you we were out of toilet paper and as such your tongue was now the toilet paper. As with the entire evening you kindly lap away until I was clean.

    I then inform you there is porridge on the floor waiting for you which was been mixed with my piss and cum and you are to kneel on the floor and eat the entire bowl. I’ve spread cornflakes, Ball bearings and tacs for you to kneel in while you eat. I take a pair of pliers and start removing some of the staples from your pussy watching you wince and chew trying to stomach your vile meal.

    As you finish and our time together draws to a close a cuff your hands and wrists and tell you that there is freshly laundered clothes on the bed. However the one final catch that there are 6 keys on the floor somewhere in the room onky two of which work with your cuffs which you’ll need to locate and try.

    As I leave a note for housekeeping to explain what has occurred I wonder if you’ll get free before they find you. I shut the door behind me and vanish into the world.

  7. Digital

    Second visit.

    Again as you arrive there would be a blindfold hanging from the door handle. Once in place you would knock on the door and wait. When the door is opened I would take your hand and lead you inside the room.

    No pre-amble this time, I would start undressing you running my hands over every inch of skin as each item of clothing is removed until you are completely naked.
    I would lead you over to the bed and have you lay down. I would manoeuvre you so your feet pointed to the headboard and your head hung over the edge of the bed. Taking each leg in turn I would attach large thick leather suspension restraints. Moving away I would turn the crank that would raise your legs into the air over the end of the bed. I’d allow you to use your arms for now to make the lift easier. As you reach vertical I would secure the crank and address the issue of those free arms, by restraining each in a leather cuff secured to the lower corners of the bed frame.

    You would feel me pushing something solid into your pussy before I explained your task. That I had put a nice long candle into your pussy and that I was about to light it. For me to extinguish the flame you had to get me off with your mouth. Twice.
    At which point I would lower myself to a height where I could comfortably use you, and see close up exactly how well the candle and more importantly the melted wax were getting closer to your skin.

    At this stage I’m imagining you would be suitably motivated to do a good, swift job, but if I felt you weren’t trying hard enough (or if I was just feeling particularly sadistic, which is often) after you succeeded the first time, I’d go and have a break for five to ten minutes. I would love seeing those first drops of wax as they travelled down the candle and reached your lips. The first ones being quite cool, but as the candle burnt lower the wax would get hotter and hotter. I guess it wouldn’t hurt if you were making appropriate sounds as the wax reached sensitive areas, might help your cause….

    Once you had completed your task I would extinguish the candle and let any stray wax harden. I’m figuring this would have taken you at least 45 minutes (I’m stubborn and sadistic). So 45 minutes of being suspended, inverted, bound and potentially burned. Sounds like a fun first hour.

    I would slowly remove the candle trying to remove only the shaft and leave any melted wax where it was. I would explain that I was going to help you remove the wax with a crop but that I had been known to miss lots when aiming for specific targets. Then I would start hitting you, each blow of the crop hitting the wax on your pussy, ass and anywhere else it may have dribbled. This could take ages. If you couldn’t help from crying out I would need to gag you as we wouldn’t want to upset any neighbours. I’d have a large ball gag with me that I would secure in your mouth before continuing.

    Eventually I would manage to remove all the wax but it would have taken its toll on your body. I would lower you down from your inverted position, remove the restraints and lay you on the bed to recover with a drink.

    Once I felt you had enough time I would pull you up and lead you to the middle of the room, where you would be pushed down to hands and knees, an appropriate position for you I think. I’d use rope this time to secure to a frame keeping you in that classic doggy pose.
    You’d feel something cold, wet and large pushing up against your ass as I wheel something behind you.
    I’d reach between your thighs to your clit ring, and fasten a cord from it to a point behind you. I’d want the cord tight enough that it hurt even when you stayed still, let alone if you tried to move.
    Next I’d move in front of you and fasten alligator clamps to your nipples, again tied to a fixed point in front of you, so that even in the most balanced position both nipples and clit are in a moderate amount of pain, but any movement tortures one of them.
    I would explain that you don’t have a goal here, I just want to watch you as you try and stay still whilst the large cocked fucking machine behind you ravages your ass. The next sound you hear would be the click of the on switch before the huge feeling cock forces it way into your ass. There is some lube on the cock but not enough for a monster of that size and it will hurt. Initially you would try and move forwards to escape it, but the pain from your clit would limit how much you could move. Eventually you would reach the most comfortable position, the best balance you could achieve given the situation. Which would be fine till I started pouring a chilli infused oil onto the cock. You’d feel a mild tingling at first but as the sensation built up, the burn would set in. I’m sure staying still would become more of a challenge as you tried to stop the fiery sensation.

    Watching you squirm and moan would eventually make me want to do other things to you. So it would be time to stop the machine and untie you from your bondage. As I release each of your nipples and clit, I would do it one at a time to allow the blood to flow back in, so you would feel as each one hurt afresh and as each one looked to be recovered, I would pinch it hard, knowing it was hypersensitive already and that what I was doing could be nothing other than merciless.

    A few minutes curled up on the bed to recover would be granted before I pulled you stood up in the middle of the room. I would leave you there, unrestrained, naked & exposed for a few minutes whilst I admired the view.
    Next I would come up to you and using a marker pen start writing on your body. You’d feel me writing just below your collarbone, around your shoulders, obviously around your tits but you’d be able to tell the difference between letters and arrows when I draw them curving around your nipples. I’d write above your pussy and on your inner thighs. After turning you around I’d continue all down your back, ass and thighs. I’m sure your imagination can work out the kind of messages I’d write.

    I’d leave you for a few minutes to allow my ‘creativity’ to dry before starting to hand you your clothing and instructing you to get dressed. Once fully presentable, I’d check to make sure that a fully clothed painslut isn’t showing any of my marks before leading you into the bathroom.
    I’d instruct you to bend over and brace your arms in the tub. I’d flip up your skirt and pull down the back of your knickers.
    Despite the ravaging already inflicted, I’d push a large enema nozzle into your ass and release the flow. I’d be listening to you to determine when you had enough, then I’d try and force a little more of the luke warm liquid into your ass.
    I’d instruct you to clench that tired and sore ass as I pulled out the nozzle and forced a freezing cold wet medium plug into you. Once in, I’d pull up your knickers and lower your skirt then roughly pull you up and lead you to the hotel room door. I know the plug would very uncomfortable as you struggled with the cramps from being so full.
    I’d whisper in your ear as I was pushing you out the door that you should hurry, that the plug was made of ice and that once it melted enough, you could have a very embarrassing accident and that once you heard the door close, you should count to twenty before removing the blindfold.

    I’m sure you made it somewhere safe in time to avoid an accident, but at the same time you’d find ‘some’ of the messages I wrote on your body were done with henna, so they would be there for several weeks and you need to be very careful who saw those.

  8. lawrenceee

    You arrive first to the room, dressed in work clothes and high heels, but without panties and bra.
    You undress, carefully folding your clothes and laying them down on the chair, and put your heels on again. Then you proceed to bind the wrist cuffs around your wrists and ankles, to place a blindfold over your eyes, use a padlock to close the cuffs together, and then kneel with spread legs on the carpet covered floor, waiting for my arrival.
    I do not make you wait too long and arrive after ten minutes, dropping on the ground a couple of bags, that from the noise they produce contain heavy stuff. Without a word I approach you and start to roughly grab your tits and to pinch, pull and twist your already very hard nipples. Then you feel that your boobs are tied with plastic cable ties, which I tighten as much as possible, and you feel the ring on your clit begin to pull, while I add some weights.
    I then put my hand in your mouth, chocking you a bit, until it is completely covered in your split and then I use it to lube your ass hole. You hear the zip of one of the bags that I have left the ground open, and a very cold, rectangular, object pushing against your anus until it penetrates completely, followed by another and another. The ice hurts, a lot, and when it start to melt your sphincter widens to expel the cold liquid. I choose that moment to stick (with a single, painful, push) an expandable buttplug in your asshole, which at its entry pushes the ice cubes deeper and deeper into your rectum, before expanding, locking you anus completely. Now the cubes hurt even more than before.
    Speaking for the first time, I order you to push your tits, which now are already turning purple, out and you obey promptly. Immediately I strike your left tit with a riding crop, hitting right on the nipple. You instinctively try to draw back, but this only earn you two more strokes, each stronger than the previous. When you reassume the position I order you to count after each stroke and to beg me for another, stronger, one. We get to 60 before my arm is tired and I decide to stop. By now your tits are covered with red marks.
    I keep torturing your breasts, by applying clamps with attached weights, which drag your suffering nipples down. After that I leave you alone with your aching tits for a few minutes, while you can hear me rummage in the bag, grab something, and finally come back to you. I then decide that it is time for you to meet my new friend, who, when touches your right thigh, releases a powerful electric shock that makes you grind your teeth and squeal in pain. Yep, cattle prod.
    Next I put a collar with a leash around your neck, a ring gag in your mouth and clamps with weights on your pussy lips, and then you are ready for your walk. I lead you around the room 4-legged, looking at your face contort in pain for weights swaying with every step you take, keeping you moving with the help of the cattle prod every time you slow down or lose your balance because of your blindness.
    After I grew bored your this game, I put you with your face down on the floor and your ass in the air, and began to touch her pussy, at this point quite wet, removing one at a time the clamps on your pussy lips, while with the other hand massaging your clit, ordering you to ask permission to come.
    Within a few minutes you ask me to allow you to come, and I, of course, deny you, continuing to touch you until you, with desperate voice, beg me to let you come, because you’re at your limit. Without speaking i begin to plug my fingers deep into your pussy while being careful not to stimulate the clitoris. I feel your breath slow down little by little, and when I see that you’re on the edge anymore, I extract the fingers and insert them in your mouth, stifling your groan of frustration.
    After you finish to clean my fingers from your cunt juice, I grab the collar and lead you up in front of a chair, on which I sit, after removing the ring weights on the clit ring. At this point, I express my congratulations as you are a “good trained puppy” including a couple of pats on your head. I proceed to tell you that you deserved an orgasm before the real funs start, but in order to get it you will need to demonstrate once again to be nothing but a little bitch, humping her pussy on my leg for a chance to come. I do not have time to finish speaking when you are already with your pussy on my leg. Seeing how eager you are, I order you to start barking when you are ready to come. Soon you start barking through the ring gag, until you finally reach your orgasm. When you are finished you remain firm on my leg trying to recover, and, since I’m in no hurry, I let you do.
    “Are we ready for the last sprint? I ask. Silly question, because even if you weren’t unable to speak because of the gag, to your opinion would not have matter much anyway.
    I take you by the leash into the bathroom, where I have you kneel in the bathtub which I close the drain. Then I leave the room for a few seconds, and when I come back I place something soft between your spread legs. Suddenly you hear the sound of a zipper that goes down and pants that fall to the ground. After that you already know what’s coming, and wait patiently for the urine stream to hit your face, your hair and your mouth. When I’m finished I take your hand and I drive it to the bottom of the tub, where I had put the soft objects, which you recognize with horror to be the suit in which you arrived, now dripping with my urine.
    I remove the ring gag out of your mouth (which make you realize that your jaw hurt really bad for the position it kept for over two hours), I take your clothes out from the tub, and I order you to drink all the piss is left on the bottom, operation to which you dedicate yourself, still unable to hold some grimace. I leave you to your task, and I go back to the bedroom to prepare the stage for the last act of this opera.
    When I come back you’ve finished and you’re ready to be lead with the leash, dripping urine on the carpet, to the desk, on which I placed a piece of plywood. I place your boobs on the plywood and tie your hands behind your back with the cuffs and a padlock. Before we start, I fill again your mouth with ballgag to stifle you screams.
    Immediately after you feel a small, sharp object touching your right nipple and I slowly start to count backwards starting from 5, 4 … You think it’s funny how many ceremonies I’m making just for hammer a simple nail . 3… How long is it going to take? just do it! 2 … completely without warning you feel a wave of pain coming from your nipple accompanied by a buzzing noise, which, with horror, you realize to be that of an electric screwdriver. As you feel the screw rotate on itself tearing the tender flesh of your nipples, you begin to scream. The procedure is repeated on the second nipple, which makes you produce more screams, strong enough be heard, despite the gag, even in the neighboring rooms.
    I proceed then with the last torture, whipping your ass and things with a long electric wire folded in half, which soon leaves red marks all over the place. Exhausted, I decide it is about time that I receive my well-deserved pleasure, and then proceed to fuck you roughly from behind, bumping against your battered ass with every stroke.
    Despite everything, you come 2 times, before I release my seed deep into your cunt. When I’m finished, I undress completely, I take a shower and get ready to leave, freeing your hands and leaving a regular screwdriver in front of you, so that you can free yourself once I’m gone.
    After I left you slowly take your blindfold off, and start the painful task of extract the screws from the plywood. When you finally succeed, you to grab a shower, tend to your wounds and then look around for your clothes, only to find them hang by the windows, almost dry, but reeking with the unmistakable smell of piss. Once dressed you head for the lobby, where, red faced, pay for your stay to a very disgusted receptionist. Then you head home.

  9. Master John

    You arrive at the hotel dressed in a string bikini hidden under a coat. You check in and then take the bag of items from your toy chest that you have been instructed to bring with you.

    Once in the room you take off your coat and put it into the wardrobe and use one of the chains and padlocks that you bought with you to seal it closed. You place the key into the bedside cabinet drawer and then continue to unpack.

    The safe is next and that is left open on the dresser before you strip off the bikini and place it inside the safe again leaving it open.

    Next you padlock the collar and lead around your neck and then lock wrist and ankle cuffs to yourself with padlocks the keys of which you again place into the bedside cabinet drawer.

    You then lay out the rest of the toys on the dresser and the chair in the room where they are handy these including the cane, riding crop and the paddle.

    With everything ready you then place a pair of binder clips to your nipples and another to your labia put into your mouth your locking ring gag then blindfold yourself then kneel in front of the door and wait.

    After what seems an age you hear footsteps followed by the door opening. Blindfolded you can hear ice clinking against glass as well as more then one person entering the room before the door closes.

    Though you are brushed against as the people enter no attempt is made to actually touch you yet. You can sense them moving around the room as well as hear whispered conversations before there is the rustling of clothes before someone walks in your direction and runs their fingers through your hair.

    It is as they do so you can sense that the fingers belong to a female which I imagine would surprise you.

    Her hands begin to explore your body including pulling on the clamps on your nipples as well as cupping your breasts and feeling their weight.

    Finally you are pulled around so you are facing into the room by the clamps and you sense and feel the other person in the room coming towards you as your held in position. String is run through each clamp before going through your clit ring before being tied off to your big toes. The string is pulled tight so as you try to move your legs the clamps and clit ring are pulled.

    Satisfied all is ready the lead is taken up and you are led around the room making you torture your breasts and clit and labia and the crop is used every time you try and stop. Weights are also added to the clamps each time you stop as further encouragement not to do so.

    During one of the halts the horse tail plug is inserted inside you and the strings are released and you are ordered to your feet.

    The strings are retied to the clamps and your feet as you are made to prance on the spot slowly so we can be sure that the strings are at the right tension for our plans.

    With them in place the female starts to use the crop to have you prance around the room as best you can like a pony. The strings and clamps combine to torture and torment your nipples, labia and clit. This will continue until you are finally exhausted and even the crop cannot encourage you to continue.

    Whilst we allow you to rest and recover we also have a rest and enjoy our drinks.

    When we have finished our drinks we remove the strings from the clamps and then the clamps as well and then drag you over to the bed and force you to sit down on it. Once your sitting down the female rearranges your hair into pigtails. Then we strap on the remote butterfly vibe and then force you onto your front and tie you into a hogtie including your pigtails into it. Once all is set we use the remote to tease and torment you keeping you on the edge of orgasm but never allowing you to cum for as long as we wanted to.

    When we finally get tired of playing with the vibe we would remove it from you and retie you so your arse is an open target and then use the cane and the crop, paddle and electric cable to punish you. As we do so we demand you signal us when you want to give us how to change the combination on your safe and we would only stop when you do so.

    The combination would then be changed so when we choose your bikini and the keys will be locked away until such time as we choose to inform you what the new one is. The keys for the padlocks would be added to the safe but it still wouldn’t be closed yet as there are still a few things to be added yet.

    With everything in place you would be re tied onto your back spread wide on the bed. The riding crop would then be used on the front of your body as you lick the female to orgasm after orgasm before we swap places and she crops your cunt.

    When we have finally finished with you the equine speculum would be inserted into you and used to spread you as wide as possible and a mixture of tabasco sauce and drawing pins would be poured into you before the speculum would then be removed and your steel chastity belt would be locked onto you.

    The padlocks on your wrists would then be changed for the timer ones and set for eight hours and after making sure all the keys were inside the safe would be closed. It is only after we have left you discover that the safe has been set for a longer time period then the cuffs. You also discover that the key to the chastity belt isn’t inside though when you check out an envelope is handed to you which thankfully has it inside.

    Hope you enjoyed
    Master John

  10. Richard

    You arrive at the hotel and look over the simple instructions that you had been given. Make sure you have eaten before arriving, wear only a dress, no underwear, take the key that had been left for you and enter the room, blindfold yourself but leave your hair as free as possible, stand and wait.

    You enter the hotel and take the key from reception, your attire or lack of doesn’t go unnoticed and you head up to the room and let yourself in. once inside you put your car keys on the dresser and tie your hair into a bun and you tightly tie the blindfold around you and then let your hair fall free again. Standing in the middle of the room you start to feel more awkward than anything else, kneeling naked would feel quite submissive and natural but to just stand there unrestrained makes you feel just awkward, for lack of a better word.

    A few minutes pass and then you hear the door open and I enter. I don’t say anything to you just slowly move around you, you feeling my eyes going all over you. Then you feel my hand on your face, in such a way you know to open you mouth and after a moment I let go. Then you feel my hands on your breast, then your butt, then lifting up the front of your dress, then dropping it back down again and this weird feeling examination is over. Then you hear me walking away from you and the door to the room open and close again and then silence. You start to think to yourself if I have gone, how long should you just stand there for, is he ever coming back, what if he doesn’t come back. Then the thought crosses your mind, of all the things you had done or had done to you, to offer your body to someone to do with as they please and them turn it down could possibly be the most humiliating ever.

    You then hear the door open and close again and hear me enter and put a bag down on the floor and a sense of relief fills you body. You hear me opening the bag and moving around you when I grab hold of your hands and pull them behind you and cuff them, then you feel a sharp pain as I cane you behind you knees making you instinctively bend your legs and fall forwards. Now in a kneeling position I roll up the back of your dress and place it into your hands where you hold it and you hear me move in front of you and the distinctive sound of a belt and zip being undone. I place the tip of my dick on your lips and almost without even thinking you lean forwards and take my dick into your mouth and start sucking. After just a few moments you feel my hand on the back of your head and me push you forward further and further until your nose is pressed against me and you feel my dick pushing into your throat, then in quick succession I start to strike your ass with the cane whilst keeping you in position. You grip tightly on your dress and think to yourself that you wish you could clench your teeth together, you never realised that simple act gives you strength to persevere the pain you are taking. I stop the caning and pull my dick from your mouth and you cough and splutter a little, but only for a second as I repeat the process all over again, and again, and again. After almost a dozen of these you start to feel something different, not a cough in your throat but something in you stomach, and when I pull out of your mouth this time you vomit slightly, enough for it to go down your chin and some onto your dress and some inside onto your chest. I push you backwards and you lie on the floor coughing and realising that was what I had been wanting you to do.

    I stand you up and move you to the bed and undo your cuffs, I pull your dress over your head then push you flat onto the bed and I tie your arms to the top of the bed. You hear me undressing and then climb on top of you and lower my ass to your face and like a good little sub you start to lick my ass without having to be told to. Then you start to feel something rubbing over your pussy and where your pubes used to be, it feels a little uncomfortable but not painful and you wonder what I am doing and what I am using, it feels to you like an emery board. After this goes on for a few minutes you then feel me move between your legs and listen to every little sound I make. Thinking to yourself that it sounds like I am putting a condom on, a little insulting you think but each to their own, now it sounds like I am putting rubber gloves on, then you hear that sound you hate so much, the shaking of a bottle, a bottle you know isn’t full of lube. Then you feel it, the burning of Tabasco, now the condom and gloves make sense. You feel me rubbing the sauce all over your pussy and the feeling is stronger than ever before because of me ex-foliating your skin with the emery board, you pull on your restraints to give yourself strength to withstand the burning. Then you feel me pushing the sauce into your pussy, followed by dick and I begin to fuck you. Inside and out you feel your pussy burn but also feel the pleasure it brings to you. Then I pull out and I lift your ankles to the top of the bed and tie them there, then you feel the sauce being applied to your ass, feeling my fingers pushing it inside you and a new wave of burning pain fills you mind, and just as I did with you pussy, I climb over you and start to fuck your Tabasco filled ass, pounding as hard into you as I can, my body rubbing on the welts on your ass cheeks from the earlier caning adding another level of pain. You feel me finish and pull out of you, wondering if I had cum you get your answer when you hear me remove the condom and slap it down unceremoniously on your face, and you smell the combination of cum and Tabasco. Still tied to the top of the bed by your hands and feet you hear me go and shower as you lie there wishing you could shower this Tabasco off you.

    I return after my shower and release your legs from the top of the bed and you are thankful to not have them in that aching position any more, and I pull you up into a more seated position. You hear me going through my bag and then sit on the bed between your legs. By this time the pain in your ass and pussy has subsided to about a dull tingle. You feel me push something into your ass then suddenly the sound of a pump and the butt plug gets bigger, I continue to pimp it up bigger and bigger until it painfully stretches your insides. Then you feel me pushing a large dildo into your pussy, and you are feeling very full down there, I turn on the dildo and you feel it moving in circles inside you. Next you feel me press something against your clit and some duct tape placed over it to hold it in place, then I turn it on and constant intense vibrations start to stimulate you and instantly you begin to feel pretty good. Then you feel something kind of wet and sticky placed over your tits, completely covering your nipples, then you suddenly jump in surprise as you realise it is a tens machine and a spark of electricity fills your tits, I slowly turn up the intensity and the frequency until each second you feel an intense tightening in your chest. You don’t know where to focus, your stuffed ass, you vibrating clit or your electrified chest. Then you feel me kneel in front of you and again I start to fuck your face, holding onto your head as I slam my dick as deep into your throat as I can, until this time I hold you tightly against me and I shoot my cum down your throat. I climb off you and you hear me putting my clothes on and then leaving the room, leaving you sat there in bed for god knows how long, still vibrating and clicking away.

    You hear me come back into the room but you have no idea how long I had been. I turn off the tens machine and one by one I remove the rest of the toys from you. A bottle of water is put to your lips and you down it as quickly as you can, feeling exhausted you just want to sleep now, but then a ball gag is placed into your mouth. If I didn’t mind the noises you made whilst Tabasco fucking you, you start to wonder what I have planned for you now. I pull you back down into a lying position and you feel me sit over your chest and my hands start running through your hair, then you hear the noise of a hair trimmer being turned on, but you think I wouldn’t dare cut your hair. Then you feel the guiding comb of the trimmer run through your hair, but still you think I am just playing, until you feel clumps of hair being lay on your stomach, then you start to buck underneath me and pull at your restraints and scream at me through the gag. Unbeknown to you I had removed the guiding comb from the trimmer and the hair you feel lay on you isn’t yours, but it is fun to feel you buck like a wild horse and shout muffled profanities at me. As you struggle beneath me I start to slap you across the face, continuously until it has your attention more than you worrying about your hair, I continue until you face is bright red all over.

    I then untie you and drag you into the bathroom where I put you on the floor face down and I move you so your ass is pointing upwards. I place a speculum in to your ass and open it up to hold your ass wide open, and then I start to piss inside you ass. I remove the speculum and place a butt plug in you and the stand you up, I grab hold of your throat and start to squeeze it and lift you upwards slightly, you place your hands on my wrists as I push you backwards through the room, stumbling on your tip toes until we reach the door, I open it up and then to your surprise I kiss you on the lips, and then I knee you hard in your pussy and throw you to the floor. You hear your dress and car keys land on the floor next to you and then the door shut. At this point you only have one thing on your mind, more than the fact you are naked, more than my piss threatening to pour out of your ass, your only thought is did I really cut your hair. You quickly remove the blindfold and start feeling your head, then you see your reflection in the mirrored surfaced of the lift and you notice everything looks in place, a massive sigh of relief leaves your body, you put your dress back on and notice the dried vomit on the front, you then grab your keys and sheepishly exit the hotel as quick as possible, hoping no one saw your messed clothes or bright red face.

  11. kittenwithawhip69

    Date night

    (so – I decided to go a little off piste, You’re going to know it’s me anyway so I thought I would change it up a little)

    Dressed in your black dress, with nothing on underneath – just as I told you- you stand shivering slightly in the cold night air. Already your skin, where it is exposed to the chill, is showing signs of goose-bumps, and your black boots barely keeping your legs and feet warm. I know you are waiting for you. You shiver, not because of the cold, although that does carry a factor, but from desire and anticipation. You know you are going to be used, tonight. You tremble as you stand outside, where I told you to wait. Such a good girl.

    I let you wait another ten minutes in the cold, in nothing but your short black dress and knee-high boots, before I turn on the headlights and let you see the car, you look nervous as well you might not least because I can see that you are not wearing the collar as instructed.. I can’t help but smile as I think of the ways I can make you pay for your defiance. However, it’s not to say you are not without the collar, for I see your are holding it in your hand, along with your small, silver clutch bag, that I imagine is concealing the large anal plug I had instructed you to bring, along with the candles and the blindfold. The sweet, black blindfold that will match your dress, your boots, and collar; I will tell you to put it on when you get in the car – I told you so, earlier.

    I pull the car up alongside the curb and beckon for you to get in. You do, trembling, and I know, with one look that you are wet already. I gently stroke your face, before the seatbelt is in place, reaching through your hair, and with a sharp twist of it whisper, “Where is your collar, slut? You close your eyes. I know the grasp of your hair will make you weak and ready for whatever I choose, and all you can do is moan like the needy slut you are. I lean in further, moving towards your neck, your throat. You know what is coming, and whimper, waiting for the nip at your throat – but I do nothing more than breathe on you….

    “Your collar, now!”

    You snap the collar back around your neck, and I slide my hands around his to your face, delivering two light slaps across each cheek. It’s not enough to hurt, other than bruise your pride.

    “Do up your seatbelt,” I command, without looking at you. I know you will, for we are about to make a public trip, and you are sensible enough to know the price of refusing for I have told you already- a whipping until you are about to cum, but you will not be allowed release. If you cause too much of a fuss, I will embarrass you regardless of where we are. Just to remind you of your place in the world. I take the blindfold out of your clutch bag, and instruct you to put it on. You obey. Of course. As you do so, I slide my hand against your thigh, and slip it underneath your dress, towards your glistening cunt.

    At least you have done that much right so far – no underwear: no bra, nor panties… Not even stockings to protect your legs from the cold, or my touch. You are aroused. I can smell your desire. I touch the moisture between your legs, you will almost certainly have soaked through your short dress, and as I do, I can feel your body tighten and clench, what a greedy little slut you are Lois.. You want to ask to cum already, but I place my finger into your mouth instead and you lick it clean.

    I continue to drive us to our destination. You have only the vaguest of ideas where we are going. I tell you we’ll be there soon. I won’t tell you where ‘there’ is, so you re left wondering. You feel the car slow down, and then stop. I slide out the driver’s side, and close my door. Even though your seatbelt’s undone, you haven’t been given permission to go anywhere, so you stay put. You want to fidget, to remove the blindfold, but you know you would get into more trouble so you sit still, waiting. Wondering.

    You don’t have to wait long. I opensyour door and gently, tenderly guide you out of the car, As I edge out of the car, you are bombarded by noises – people talking, almost shouting and music. Are we at a pub? A club? You don’t know.

    A sensation of falling. People, are laughing and you are soon snatched out of my hands. You haven’t been granted permission to speak – all you can do is gasp in fright. Hands moving over your body, over your dress. Anonymous hands, and you start to panic. But there’s nothing you can do, but choke back your indignant screams, and pray that be over soon. Chains are soon around your wrists. The sudden cold of the metal has shocked you into stillness. The hands that are touching your skin, binding you with the chains – are rough and unknown.

    You open your mouth to protest, but a cloth gets shoved into it. You can’t breathe, and begin to thrash and fight in earnest, the voices are laughing harder now. Finally, just as you start to choke, you hear my soothing voice, and feel my hands caressing your face. Your distress is plain to see .. what fun..

    “Have you had enough, slut?” I ask you. You bow your head and nod. You feel my fingers under your chin, as I lift your face to kiss the tears, and remove your blindfold, so that you can see. People you do not know are surrounding us, lots of people, men and women all staring and laughing at your distress..

    A variety of torture devices are visible, and instantly you shiver, and begin to dread which one I am going to choose first. But I am not going to choose – they are…..

    The cat o’ nine was the most popular with the populous. You feel a blade against your skin, and I use it to slice open your dress, and expose your skin for all to see. Your breasts and cunt are on display to the room, and with your hands bound by the chains and ankles being held in place by strong hands the whip rains down in steady succession.

    Ten lashes, fifteen lashes, twenty lashes. You count them all, as you are told to. Your breasts and abdomen are red, and the front of your thighs, including your now dripping cunt, are tingling, smarting with the pain. I am not done yet. I walk around behind you, with the extra chains to bind your feet, where the hands were holding you just before. Once the locks and chains are in place, I stand behind you. You hear me opening the bottle of lubricant, preparing what?

    Out of the corner of your eye, you see me point to someone in the crowd, and beckon them over. You don’t get a chance register the man’s appearance, as the blindfold is put back into place, but you feel him touching you roughly, grabbing at your nipples and seekng out your now dripping cunt. Your front, still fiery in it’s pain, is being casually stroked while I whisper sweet words into your ear, as I gently wedge the locking plug into your ass and fix it firmly in place. Finally without further fuss, the stranger’s cock, rams, deep into you.

    You can feel the pressure building, from being taken on both sides. I whisper into your ear, “Want to cum slut? Do you really want to come, Lois?… in front of all these strangers, so they can see what a greedy cunt you are?”

    Of course I won’t let you, every time I feel you get close I stop pushing on the plug and instruct the stranger fucking you to stop and replace them with someone new…

    You will take as many as I choose, until I get bored. Men with cocks big and small fuck and cum in your cunt, some just wank over your sore tender flesh. Women with strap ons ram inside you until you are sore swollen stretched and broken… and still I won’t let you cum…

    Until the last man is spent and leaves the platform – then I will touch your throbbing clit.. That’s all it takes to release the floodgates. You cum hard. So hard, you ejaculate and sag against the chains. no strength left. Nothing to fight with. Used and spent…

  12. Andrew Jones

    A late submission (pun intended):

    My email:

    You arrive at the hotel promptly at first available check-in time of 3pm. You’re wearing the requested attire of a short and loose skirt and heels but are otherwise dressed normally. I’ve had a small package delivered and left with the reception staff with your name on it and given you instructions to request the package from the front desk, asking that you return to your parked car before the package is opened. You get back to the car, sit down in the driver’s seat, close the door and open the box. Inside you find some handwritten instructions and a number of other items whose purpose soon become clear.

    You read the first instruction:

    “Place your mobile phone in the boot of the car. Sit in the passenger seat. Leave the keys in the ignition and leave the car doors unlocked”. You move over to the passenger seat and follow the instructions regarding the keys and doors.

    The second instruction reads:

    “Take the enclosed padlock and handcuffs and lock the short chain connecting the cuffs to your clit ring”. The reason for the skirt becomes apparent as you slide it up to the tops of your thighs and remove your underwear. Rummaging through the rest of the package you discover that the key hasn’t been included in what was sent. Reluctantly however, you take the heavy duty padlock, loop it through your soldered shut clit ring and snap the lock closed with the chain of the handcuffs inside. The weight of the padlock and cuffs pulls down on your clit as you leave them to rest on the seat between your legs.

    The third instruction reads:

    “Open the glass bottle and insert the lenses”. Puzzled, you unscrew the small glass bottle and find inside what appears to be two contact lenses suspended in a clear fluid, each lens appears to be black. Carefully removing the first lens from the solution, you tilt your head back and using the tip of your finger you gently push it in your eye and blink several times. After the moisture dissipates you realise that the lenses are in fact completely opaque and that only the sun out the car window gives you any sense of your surroundings. Realising that once the second lens is in your other eye you will be left completely blind, you read ahead to the fourth and final instruction. Now able to see out of only one eye you read:

    “Secure the ball-gag tightly and lock your wrists tightly into the cuffs”

    It dawns on you that once the other lens is inserted and the cuffs are closed that you’ll be left blind and helpless inside the car, unable to either remove your contact lenses or drive yourself home. Your only option should I not arrive would be to attempt to reach the car door handle, leave the car and walk blindly around outside with your wrists locked between your legs asking for help. Being Lois, you remove the second contact lens, insert it into your other eye and blink quickly to clear the excess solution from your eye. With completely blacked out vision, you fumble around for the ball gag left on your seat. The large red gag matches the colour of your lips perfectly. The gag fits snugly into your mouth and you tighten it to the furthest notch you can manage. You use your tongue to try and push the gag out, but it’s stuck fast. Finding the first wrist cuff you unlatch it and secure it tightly around your wrist as instructed. The second wrist is your last chance to back out – you could still use your free hand to remove the contact lenses, gag and drive home one-handed. With a deep breath, you unlatch the second cuff and again secure it tightly around your wrist. With your wrists secured to your clit and vision removed there’s nothing left to do but wait for me to find you in the car park.

    What seems like an hour passes without a sound, then two, then three. The weight of the padlock pulling down on your ring has been uncomfortable but not unbearable as you continually adjust your wrists in an attempt to lighten the load pulling down on your clit. After four hours you hear footsteps approach on the passenger side of the car, I must surely have arrived. The sound of a car door opening, but it’s someone returning to the car adjacent to yours. The door opened, but hasn’t yet closed. Are they staring in through the window? A few more seconds pass and the door closes and the car drives away. Another hour passes without sound and you begin to wonder if anyone is coming for you at all. How will you explain to someone outside the car how you came to be in this predicament? Would the fire brigade need to be called to cut off the padlock and cuffs? You resign yourself to the fact that you’re going to have to sit it out a while longer before resorting to such drastic measures.

    By 8pm it’s getting darker and any faint sense of light you once had is now gone. The drool from the gag has long since soddened your top as you wait. The boot opens and the sound of a large suitcase being thrown inside is heard and then the boot is closed. The footsteps move round to the driver’s side door and the door opens, closes and I take a seat inside. Out of instinct you look over to the driver’s seat, for what little good it does you. You attempt a muffled ‘hello?’. The car’s engine starts and the car reverses out of the bay and accelerates out onto the open road. Not sure who it is in the car with you, you have no choice but to wait for the journey to end. Twenty minutes later and the car pulls to a stop and the engine turns off.

    I reach over, using one hand to wrench your head back by your ponytail while using the other to smear the saliva hanging from your mouth over your face. I slap you once hard to the face and instinctively your reaction is to reach up to your face to defend yourself from the next blow. Your cuffs pull hard on the clit ring as your wrists reach the limit of their freedom and you let out a second whimper as it hurts more than the slap itself. Reaching down to between your legs a small damp area has formed on the car seat. I unlock your wrists from the cuffs and remove the gag from your mouth. You flex your arms and your jaw after over 4 hours of sitting motionless, blind and gagged.

    I exit the car and walk round to the passenger side and open the door. Leading you by the hand, you slide one leg out and then the other and begin to get up to stand outside the car, forgetting the padlock and cuffs are still attached to your ring. The weight of the metal pulls down hard on your ring as you straighten out your skirt. The cuffs left dangling from your clit clank together as you steady yourself in your heels next to the car, still unsure of your balance without your sight. I remove a large suitcase from the back of the car and close the boot. Linking my arm with yours, I guide you across the car park as a guide would with a blind person as I wheel the suitcase along behind me. We arrive at the hotel where we will be staying the night, I checked in earlier to get the key so we proceed directly to our room. Your heels click across the floor as I lead you across the hotel lobby towards the lifts. Aware of where we might be, you try your best to walk in such a way that doesn’t clank the cuffs against one another lest it raise too much suspicion – the staff unaware that you are not in fact, actually blind.

    Once inside, I turn on the light and dump the suitcase on the floor. Still unable to see, but with free use of your hands (for now) you reach under your skirt and support the weight of the padlock and cuffs as the weight has begun to get too much. Unsure of your surroundings, you try to stand in one place, but the combination of high heels and no eyesight makes balancing tricky at best. A minute passes before I walk up behind you and secure your hands behind your back in a pair of Irish cuffs. I reach down to underneath your skirt and using the cuffs as a lead, I pull you in the direction I want you to move. The sharp pain ensures you go exactly where I want you to go. Now stood at the end of the bed, I pull down on the cuffs, causing you to bend at the knees as I lock the loose cuffs to a bar at the end of the bed. Unable to stand up and fully straighten your legs but also unable to get your knees to the floor, you spread your legs slightly as you attempt to crouch at just the right height that the cuffs neither pull up nor down on your ring. I secure your legs apart by tying your ankles to the feet of the bed with rope. You’re now squatting down at the end of the bed supported only by your legs, hands cuffed behind your back.

    I take a seat on the opposite side of the room and begin to make innocuous conversation about the weather and video games. Bemused, but also aware of the predicament you’re in, you humour my conversation as the minutes pass and the muscles in your thighs and calves begin to burn. After 5 minutes your legs begin to wobble as you sink lower in your stance, the cuffs now pulling up on your ring. Sensing what’s about to happen, I remove an inflatable butterfly gag from the suitcase and inflate it fully inside your mouth before securing it behind your head. Your yelps of pain are muffled as you see-saw between pulling hard on your clit and finding the little energy you have left to stand higher to relieve the pain for just a few seconds. Screaming into the gag now your legs are on the verge of collapsing completely as what feels like half your body weight is now supported by the ring and half by your legs. Panicking, and thrashing around to get your wrists free from the cuffs behind your back you’re in full-blown panic mode – secured only by your clit to the bed but unable to get free. The sensation of your clit being pulled hard is too much to bear. Should your legs give way completely your ring would surely be torn right from your clit.

    Hard at the sight of your distress, I crouch down behind you and push myself up into your ass. The weight this relieves from your legs and clit stems the panic, yet you claw around with your secured hands against my shirt desperately trying to take more weight off the more sensitive parts of your body. Unable to support yourself any longer you sink bank onto my cock and I grab you around the waist to support the rest of your body. I unlock the cuffs from the edge of the bed and push you forwards onto the duvet. Still exhausted from the pain and exertion of your predicament, I fuck your ass as you lay quivering on the bed just trying to recover. I finish, filling your ass with cum as you finally begin to recover, still breathing heavily through your nose as your sealed mouth offers little room for breathing.

    Untying your ankles and rolling you over onto your back, you’re now laying on your hands with your legs hanging off the end of the bed. Still completely blind, you listen closely as I rummage around in the suitcase for further instruments of torment. Giving your clit and legs some time to recover, I remove the padlock and cuffs from between your legs and return them to the suitcase. I return to the bed holding a needle and thread. I tell you to purse your lips together and, not knowing what’s coming next, you do as you’re told. Taking the needle I push up through your bottom lip and pull the thread through. Clearly not expecting it, you let out a scream in pain as a small drop of blood runs down your chin. Aware now what’s going on, you brace yourself for the inevitable push through your upper lip. Braced for the pain this time you let out a more muted whimper. I continue across the rest of your mouth going up and down between the lips 6 more times and tie off the thread in a knot at the side of your mouth. Now unable to either see or speak and with a full load of cum still dripping from your ass it’s time to turn attention to your breasts.

    I grab from the suitcase a pair of clear suction cups with a hand-operated pump. Before attaching the cups to your nipples I place a handful of sharp cocktail sticks inside the suction cup. The sticks themselves aren’t as long as the cups themselves, but as your nipples are drawn up inside the sticks stab sharply into them. With your mouth firmly sewn shut your noise level remains low as I pump up the suction cups further and further. The combined sensations of your nipples being pulled away from your breasts while at the same time being pushed into the sharp sticks elicits muffled groans with every pump. Giving the pumps time to work I cane your breasts above and below the cups until bright red marks being to appear on each one. With both hands I pull hard on the cups and almost lift you clear off the bed before the suction gives ways and the cocktail sticks scatter over your naked body.

    Returning from the suitcase once again with a set of elastrator rings and tool, I forcefully attach 2 rings to each already sore and distended nipple. The bands clamp down hard on your nipples and you shake your head vigorously as a third ring is added on top of the first two. I roll you onto your side and unlock the cuffs from behind your back. Your first instinct is reach for your nipples to check they’re even still there, the pain now almost numbing the sensation of them existing at all. Next, your hand moves to your mouth to feel for your sewn shut lips and whether there might be any thread to pull on that would set you free. Blind, unable to speak and with excruciating bands on both nipples you shudder in the darkness to think what might come next. With the bands too tight to remove by hand and your mouth out of action, I realise that you could still remove your contact lenses should you want to. Taking a roll of black duct tape from the suitcase I wrap lengths of tape around your clenched fists. A fan of predicament bondage, it’s now time to set you up for the night.

    I start by having you sit down on the bed while I remove your heels and replace them with a pair of black leather ballet boots. I guide you to your feet and to the back of a nearby chair for support. Unsteady on your feet, you wobble around like Bambi trying to find your balance. I grab a black, under-bust tightlacing corset from the suitcase and proceed to lace you very tightly, it becomes difficult to get a full breath. With the corset all but closed I take a step back to admire my handiwork. Jet black eyes, a sewn shut mouth, aching purple nipples, a slender waist and 8 inch ballet heels is a sight to behold. I walk you over to the wardrobe and stand you inside, facing the back of the wardrobe. I tie a length of string around each nipple and tie them to the hanger rail above your breasts. A short spreader bar between your thighs exposes your now recovered pussy as you struggle to maintain your balance in the darkness. I cuff each wrist to the hanger rail and you grab on tight to help you gain your balance. The final piece of the puzzle is to attach a Hitachi wand harness around your waist and between your legs. Programmed to come on every 15 minutes for 5 minutes at a time during the night, I close the wardrobe and loop some rope around the door handles to prevent it from opening.

    I get ready for bed and lie down ready to sleep. Just as I do, your first 5 minutes of the Hitachi kicks in and I hear both the noise of the vibrator and your muffled moans coming from within. The unmistakable sound of your first orgasm of the evening rings out only to be replaced by more panicked noises as the effect of the orgasm on your legs causes you to sink lower in your stance – the nipples bear the brunt. Throughout the night your arms and thighs tire with every orgasm as it becomes more and more difficult to stand, a brief 10 minutes of respite between each time the Hitachi returns to full power.

    By the morning, you can barely stand. Supported only by your weakening thighs and ankles, still suffering the bursts of the Hitachi that long ago ceased to be pleasurable on your already sensitive clit. I open the wardrobe, reach around from behind you and cut the string attaching your nipples to the rail – some relief at least. I gesture for you to bend forwards and stick your ass out. I push an already lubed anal hook into your ass and yank it up high and tie it off to the rail behind your head. I take the dangling thread from your nipples and pull it down to the spreader bar between your thighs and tie them off there. Now stood stooped over forwards and ass out I fuck your pussy. The anal hook gives an extra sensation as my thrusting forces you to bounce up and down slightly, fucking yourself with the hook at the same time as being fucked by me. The tightness of the corset makes it difficult to get deep breaths as you pant rapidly for any available air you can get. You orgasm after a few minutes and I a while later. I head to the shower and breakfast, leaving you hooked and tied in the wardrobe for another half hour.

    Untied from the wardrobe now I guide you back to the bed and let you collapse there to recover. Using a small pair of scissors I cut the elastrator bands from each nipple. The last one on each finally lets the blood flow back to the nipple, the overwhelming feeling is painful in the extreme. I untape your hands and remove the spreader bar leaving you on the bed with the contact lenses, sewn mouth, corset and ballet heels still on. Almost time to check out now, there’s one more torment I have left for you.

    From the suitcase I grab a clear cylindrical plastic tube containing a battery and a small hand-built timer with two wires extending from it and crocodile clips on each end. Now lying on your back on the bed I insert the narrow container into your pussy and clip the crocodile clips to your clit ring. I attach a keyring to your clit ring containing the key to a pair of handcuffs. With the click of a remote control the battery sends a small but excruciating electric current into your clit ring – you thrash around on the bed wildly and your attempts to scream strain at the thread between your lips. Content that the system is working, I have you stand up and put on your chastity belt to prevent tampering with the clips or the battery itself. I lock the chastity belt using a 4 digit combination padlock and set the padlock to 0000.

    I move the large suitcase up onto the bed and empty the contents into another bag. Lifting you up off the bed I place you inside the suitcase and have you tuck down into the suitcase, knees raised up to your chest and head tucked forwards. I cuff each wrist to the side of your chastity belt in such a way that you can still reach the padlock on your front with both hands. The key to your handcuffs is clipped to your clit ring behind your chastity belt! I insert two small rubber tubes into your nostrils and run the tubes out the top of the suitcase. Happy that you’re able to breathe in the zipped up suitcase through the tube and that you can reach the padlock I zip the suitcase up and lower it to the ground. I pack up my things and wheel you out to reception and hand in my room key.

    Now at the car, I lift the suitcase with you inside up onto the back seat of the car and drive us both back to the original hotel where my car is parked. I park up and switch off the engine. I call out to you: “You’d better start trying combinations or you’ll never get out of there”. As I leave your car I press a button on the remote that puts the electrical circuit in your pussy into an automatic mode that shocks you once every minute for a second at a time. I close the door, get in my car and drive away, leaving you in the suitcase on the back seat of your car. The only way to free yourself now is to guess the 4-digit combination lock on your chastity belt and reach down to your clit for the key to the handcuffs. With free hands you can reach above your head and pull the zip to the suitcase to free yourself. You begin to guess the combination to the lock one at a time but have to contend with the frequent shocks to your clit ring interrupting your progress. Each shock seems more brutal and longer than the last. You’re in tears inside the suitcase, screaming for help, but no one hears you through your sewn mouth, suitcase and car. There’s nothing you can do to stop the electric shocks unless you can free yourself from the chastity belt. Unable to see the padlock, you simply have to turn the dials one at a time and try every combination in sequence – blindly, trying not to let the shocks make you forget when to turn the next dial (lest you miss the valid combination!). At one guess per second it should take no longer than about 2 and half hours, perhaps less if the combination is a lower number!

    After almost two hours of being shocked in the dark of the suitcase the padlock clicks open. In the cramped space inside the suitcase it’s difficult to open the belt, but you manage to reach to your clit ring and find the key to your handcuffs. You first unclip the crocodile clips from your ring and then after several minutes you manage to unlock each of your handcuffs in the dark. You reach above your head and using the small gap in the zip where the nasal tubes exits, you pull back the zip and can feel fresh air for the first time in 3 hours. With free hands you’re able to reach your face, remove the tubes, and then pinch at the contact lenses to remove them one at a time. It’s the first time you’ve seen daylight in almost 18 hours! You remove the plastic container from your pussy and then unlace yourself from the uncomfortable corset on the back seat of your car. The ballet heels come off next followed by quickly dressing yourself back into your clothes you came in found in the suitcase. Your mouth still sewn shut, you manage to undo the knot at the side of your mouth and carefully unthread it from your lips one loop at a time. Blood again drips down your face from the holes. Using the rear view mirror you wipe away the blood with a tissue and flex your jaw using your new-found ability to open your mouth!

    Now dressed, but very tired, you climb forward into the driver’s seat of the car. Before driving away your hand drifts down to your pussy and you bring yourself to orgasm underneath your hitched up skirt. You fire up the car and drive home, never having seen my face or even knowing where exactly you were the entire time. Exhausted, you collapse into bed and sleep for hours, dreaming about the night you just had.

  13. wt

    I’ll have to come back to this, everyone else has left such wonderfully detailed propositions. Not sure if I want to be too well planned as it’s rare that every detail can be carried out perfectly.

    Anyway, you’ll be kneeling and waiting behind the door, blindfolded, vibrator on its lowest setting and wedged into your clit piercing. (No orgasms allowed, so definitely on low). Dressed in something slutty, but colourful. Black is all very nice, but a bit of colour here and there is good too. (More detail to follow re: outfit). Cuff your wrists/ankles and immobilise yourself, ideally by being attached to sobering in the room, but just to yourself if there’s no other choice.

    I’ll arrive and spend a while cutting/tearing your clothes off and investigating you inside and out. (So far so ordinary)

    Once satisfied I will open my bag and take out a couple of things. Firstly, a vaginal plug with a dual electrode. This will be inserted and tested before I get out my medical kit and suture your outer labia together along their length, sealing it in, and hiding your clit away as much as possible. This will be plugged into a remote powerpack strapped to your thigh, and tested further.

    Next, a very similar thing will happen to your arsehole, leaving you with two electro plugs stitched inside you.

    Thidly, I’ll add an electrode either side of each nipple (into a second power pack), before mattress stitching over them and inverting your nipples, hiding them away from the world.

    To complete the rag doll look, I’ll stitch your lips together too and wait for them to swell up in the painful way that lips do.

    Once stitched, you will be stuffed into a (large, you’re fairly tall) suitcase or packing trunk or similar, taken from the hotel room and loaded into the back of a van.

    Elsewhere in a clearing in some woods, a few people are gathered, the remotes for the electro list are passed around willy nilly and you are shocked whenever someone fancies. As the group drink and become eager to relieve themselves you will be pissed on of course.

    At some point in the evening, as people tire of the electrics they will be removed leaving your holes available for their usual purpose for every man and his dog basically.

    The electrics will also be removed from your nipples and binder clamps will be used with string to restrict your movements some amount.

    As it starts to come light, those spiky boot scrapers from garden centres will be tied to your feet and you’ll be pointed in the direction of the hotel (within about a mile I think would be reasonable). You’ll need to walk back and get back into the room with the minimal number of people noticing you. Possibly could leave you needing to collect a spare key from reception, although that seems a little unfair to the receptionist.

    Obviously much more detail needed, but I think that’s a rough kinda starting point.

    Do we need to add our email addresses here, or just in the box below?

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