Fantasy Progress

I’ve been asked by quite a few people about the other fantasies and where they are up to so I in turn asked Luke and this is what he said (I embellished them a little as he tends to be quite short with me!).

  • Be blindfolded and restrained and left in a hotel room to be used and abused by a sick perverted stranger who I will never meet or even see.
    Progress: 0% – This will be easy to organise so isn’t high on the priority list.
  • Be put into severe bondage and used as an ornament or furniture at a BDSM event for a prolonged period (at least a day). 
    Progress: 20% – I know what I’m going to do with this but need to wait until there is a suitable party, probably when it is warmer.
  • Be given to a dominant BDSM oriented very obese man for his use over a weekend.
    Progress: 0% – I don’t know any fat guys so this one may take some time to organise.
  • Be degraded by being forced to swallow bodily fluids and other disgusting things from multiple sources (potentially at a party).
    Progress: 90% – This one is waiting for you (Lois) to be free, me (Luke) and my friends are ready and waiting.
  • Be put in tight bondage and torture inside a crate and be transported a significant distance. 
    Progress: 40% – This is going to be difficult because we live in England, any significant distance takes you across an international border which would be problematic. My working plan is to do this is America and I might have a willing driver.
  • Be given to a dominant BDSM oriented pre-op transsexual for her use over a weekend. 
    Progress: 0% – Yeah because I know loads of transexuals!
  • Have my body modified (in a sexual way) without my prior knowledge of what will be changed.
    Progress: 100% – Done 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying the new look 😉
  • Be forced to sexually service one or more none humans in as many ways as possible.
    Progress: 5% – I “may” be getting somewhere organising this.
  • Be sold (for actually money which my friend will keep) to a third party for a week of (almost) no limits use.
    Progress: 75% – This has had most of my attention because it will hopefully fund the rest but has required a lot of effort, I expect the auction to happen this month.
  • Be used as a genuine toilet at a bdsm party.
    Progress: 0% – How many BDSM parties do you think I am involved in? This will be later in the year.
  • Have a scene from Torture Galaxy recreated on me.
    Progress: 0% – We could do this any time.
  • My friends own fantasy.
    Progress: 0% – I’ve not even started to think about what I want to do with you.

7 thoughts on “Fantasy Progress

  1. George

    I’m new to your blog and must say your so like minded ,Im a domm inYorkshire I have a sub but don’t see on a regular basis I love all kinds of bondage orgasm denial sensory deprivation

    She got to fulfill a fantasy several weeks ago she was led at night naked with her collar on and lead and high heels to a bench then handcuffed to it caned and then her pussy flooded then made to cum several times with. Wand ,The noises she was making must have made anyone nearby wonder what was happening .

    G xx

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. jessica humphrey

    How about you being throat fucked by a fuck machine, while you are being bred for real with cocks of by 100 men whose cocks are 10 inches long or longer over 8 months of continuous use.

  3. Dylan Maitlan

    Hi Lois,

    I am a 40 year old male Dom and try to keep up with your blog which I find one of the most stimulating on the web. So firstly thankyou and keep writing, i know it must take a huge commitment of time.

    I look forward to hearing about how you meet your forthcoming challenges.

    Should you need any help with the TS challenge let me know, I am in London and know several perverted TS Dommes who would revel in debasing you over a weekend.

    Though for purely selfish reasons wouldn’t the TS experience be enhanced with a hyper sexed 40 year old male Dom being present and combusting his own degrading ideas with that of the TS ;-).

    Good luck with everything and email below if you’d like to stay in touch.

  4. Anthony

    Hi Lois, great to see you back, your blog and fantasies is a joy to read.

    For the toilet duties at a BDSM party, have you considered “clean up” duties as well.

    Have to lick every cock, pussy and ass clean after use?

    Made to crawl around the venue and pick up all the used condoms with your teeth?

    Made to empty the contents of the used condoms into your mouth. Turn the condom inside out and suck it clean as well. A complete clean up slut?

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