Complete my thought…

I have this thought that I’d be interested in hearing people’s ending to. So if you are interested please finish my thought in the comments (please don’t embarrass me by no one commenting!). 

So the thought is…

We’ve been discussing my need to be degraded and dehuminised in extremely sick and twisted ways for some time and finally we are meeting, a kind of casual first date in a coffee shop. 

We’ve chatted for an hour or so, had fun but will both be leaving soon. What are you going to do to/with me in the next half hour to prove that you are the person I’ve been looking for who will force me into the depths of depravity and therefore earn yourself a second date?

10 thoughts on “Complete my thought…

  1. Steve

    Send you to loo in coffee shop to remove underwear. Just short skirt, boots & see through top. Nipples hard and clearly seen. Walk you tho shopping centre like that, stopping fr time to time so people get a good look at this slut. Into gents toilet where you will strip top and skirt off. Naked except boots. Handcuffed behind back and on you knees next to urinals. Men invited to use you instead of urinals in your mouth and all over you. After several you are bent forwards over sinks and men invited to fuck your two holes at will. When last one had finished I will cane you red cheeks giving you some good stripes so sitting will remind you of the day and what might happen to you later!!

    • markh101

      It’s an interesting concept this one. For me I think it could go one of two ways:

      – I pass you two manila envelopes and tell you not to open them until you get home. You open them and find in the first a video of me explaining my plans for you with vivid footage of your predecessor in the role. It would finish by telling you that a second date is required at the scheduled time and place or certain events detailed in the second envelope would happen. You go to the second envelope, it contains detailed information on yourself, Kayleigh and your former mistress Jo with recent images of all of you. Of course, you are there for the second date and your demise begins immediately as you’re put into a box and shipped across the Atlantic using a lopped catheter for hydration purposes!

      – I go an speak to the old guy behind the counter and tell him that his payment will be around back in 5 mins!

  2. BB

    I’d reach under the table and take a scissors I had brought with me to snip snip snip through your skirt. If we’d been talking beforehand you would have nothing under that.
    Then I’d simply get up and leave you there to figure your public humiliation out for yourself.
    Simple. Elegant. Yet unavoidable in the total humiliation and degradation it creates for lo.

  3. Lawrence

    Ok, now I feel like an idiot. So far I was not able to find a way to answer here, so I sent an email on your Collarspace account. I guess that is now buried under the tons of spam of that site.

  4. Intellectual sadist (@ravana_lanka)

    I don’t know what “degredation” is, though humiliation through bad spelling makes some sense. As the waiters is about to come with the bill, you go under the table, you give me a blow job, and when I am ready to cum, make sure your face and hair is covered when you sit back down. When the waiter comes, thank me for desert.

  5. Dante LordZado

    Ah yes. . .a very simple thing to degrade and humiliate. First I would have you stand where you sit and remove your panties, pants or skirt so you are naked from the waist down. Then I would hand you a small vial of cyanoacrylate (super glue for those who do not know) and instruct you to squeeze some out onto your chair (enough to make your ass & thighs stick to the chair), then to sit back down and remain until your ass is glued to the seat. After all of that coffee you have just had you surely would have to piss relatively soon – of course right in your seat however I have instructed that you capture your piss to drink while remaining there at the table. Next I will hand you a small tablet and a black Sharpie to write all of your contact information down along with the words, “I want to be used like this more” atop the page and hold it up, panning the room continuously for all to record your information. I will then take my leave to meet with the photographer I pre-arranged to meet outside the cafe to send him in to photograph you for future blackmail purposes. (I must say. . walking around with that chair stuck to your naked ass with your little cunt in full view should also provide to be very humiliating indeed.)

  6. Digital

    I would you to the bathroom with the small bag I had brought with me, with instructions that everything in the bag must be worn correctly before you come back out. In the box is a plain black collar, a set of magnetic nipple clamps, a remote control vibrating egg and a serious looking chastity belt with small padlocks. Knowing how obedient you are, I know every item will used. When you return to our table you would find me gone, the paid receipt (paid with cash) with a note on the back that reads, let’s see how badly you want out of that belt, call my mobile number below for your first task….

  7. James Jazzy Brown

    Jeez Lois… get yourself some good solid pain already. It’s clear as the nose on your pretty face you need it.
    Wish I could help.
    I loved that your own thoughts were nastier and more extreme than the sickos who follow you!
    It’s a strange world we live in.
    Best, Jazzie

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