Fulfilling my fantasies

So for some time now despite not being particularly active with BDSM I have been having more and more extreme fantasies that never get fulfilled. 

I have made several attempts to carry them out but have found it difficult to locate people who are willing to go as far as I want, are sane and sensible and can work around my ridiculous schedule. I don’t blame anyone, I am very difficult and if I’m honest sometimes flaky which is why I’ve not had a proper relationship since Kayleigh. 

One person who has been a constant in my life is the friend who I spent new year with, which I half wrote about on this blog at the time. There is no romantic interest between us despite him being the man who has fucked me the most times by a long way! We get on and have a similar level of depravity buried inside us. 

So I we were talking about all these fantasies I have that are fairly crazy and he said he would help me fulfill them if I met his conditions, which were:

  • He can be involved in the sessions if it doesn’t ruin the fantasy fulfilment. 
  • He can take photos and video of the sessions for his own private collection that will belong to him. 
  • Once I decide I no longer need to anonymity in the BDSM side of my life he can share the material freely. 
  • Within six months he can use me to fulfill one of his own fantasies with no limits and I cannot refuse. 

I spent quite a while thinking about his demands, the first one I was fine with and I was willing to go with the second because I trust him. The third I was worried about, at some point once I’ve reached a certain point in my career I do intend to stop hiding this side of myself but I’m not sure if I want that moment to be accompanied by a flood of images and video of me spilling online. 

I discussed this with him and he assured me that it wouldn’t happen like that, he would be subtle and probably a little more profiteering than that, possibly setting up a pay site using his material of me, which is both scary and exciting if I’m honest. 

The four demand was just as scary and exciting! However I did force a couple of caveats on him, he is not allowed to permanently change my outward appearance and is not allowed to land me in jail or hospital. He agreed to that. 

All of which means that this new arrangement is agreed and he is underway planning one of my fantasies. I won’t know which one is going to happen, he will just let me know to make some time available and then it will happen. 

I’ve given him a detailed list of the fantasies but have also put a more succinct version on my blog. As I carry out the fantasies I will write about them on here (I promise!) and then link to the post from the fantasy page. 

I hope you like this idea and will enjoy reading about them. If you have any suggestions for things to happen during the fantasies feel free to comment on the fantasy page, my friend does read my blog he just chooses not to post on it (a source of annoyance to me!) so your suggestions may end up being included!

You can see the fantasy page here

25 thoughts on “Fulfilling my fantasies

  1. Simon

    re – ◾Be sold (for actually money which my friend will keep) to a third party for a week of (almost) no limits use. – NOW this caught my eye and something I would be interested in exploring –
    First I thought of a reasonable sum, then I thought of a Penny!
    Sold for 1p for a week would be humiliating I would imagine. Either way am interested in helping make this a reality as I could fulfil some of my own fantasies.

  2. Alex

    We know each other for many years and I have followed your writings since long long time.
    I had given you some interesting tasks in the past which you found them challenging and rewarding at the same time.
    Perhaps it’s time now to let me assist you make one of your fantasies come true. I am willing to go as far as our imagination drives us and you know that and I don’t mind your crazy schedule.
    So, when will it be? When will I make a fantasy of yours come true? And then you will make one of mine come true in exchange.
    Text me or email me.

    • Alex

      re – ◾Be sold (for actually money which my friend will keep) to a third party for a week of (almost) no limits use.

      Since the above fantasy is on the table, I would go for this one. Choosing this one will give you the ability to actually make all other fantasies true too plus more I have in my head.

      • Lois

        I thought about replying and saying something about you talking about me like I was an object.

        But then I realised I kind of asked for it.

        Then I realised I kind of liked it.

        So carry on 🙂

  3. Simon (Suffolk)

    If Alex and I are the only two who have shown interest in the ‘Bought for Week’ fantasy, how about experiencing that one twice! I very much suspect Alex and I would have two very different weeks planned for you.

  4. Simon (Suffolk)

    I seem to be the only one active on this thread 🙂 Can anyone tell me where I can get a cattle prod? The long ones (I can source a short handled one but fancy a long one)

    • Simon (Suffolk)

      Update received from Luke. :
      I have a few people interested, some from her blog and some from my contacts.
      Forgive me if it takes a bit of time to organise. And be patient!

      So folks, all fantasies are still available and in progress. It would be interesting to hear from those thinking about one or two of the other fantasies?

  5. IflyHG

    I think this is an excellent idea. You have asked for tasks and some people have posted some. They run the gamut. Some seem pretty tame, at least for you, other I find completely ridiculous, even for you (or anyone really). Reading about what you have done, and some of the stories you have posted, I think I have a better sense for what works for you. Posting fantasies that you really want to have happen gives people a better gauge so hopefully they can develop realistic but challenging/satisfying tasks. Win-win for everyone.

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