The one where…

Vote as many times as you like….

16 thoughts on “The one where…

  1. BB

    Love it lo. Welcome back. I just voted so hopefully you’ll post your blogs in the order the poll is at the mo… hannah, k, nailes, lots.
    Take care.

  2. tbutlin

    An ever entertaining blog when your keeping up the writing. If only your escapades involved someone managing your writing as well :p

    Remember… Pictures or it didn’t happen ;p

  3. Lois

    Hey everyone, so there were / are a few issues to deal with on my return from holiday so I’ve been staying at my Mum’s house since.

    I’ll be home soon though and will be starting to write these up, I’m kind of glad I waited though because the voting has now completely turned on its head! Looks like the cum story is going to be first!

    Lo xx

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