Careful what you wish for

I’ve started to write this blog post so many times but I’ve just not been able to get the creative juices flowing enough to write anything worth posting. Maybe my creative juices are connected to some other juices that I’ve been having some issues with for the last eight and a half weeks.

Yes, thats right it has been THAT long and trust me when I say I have felt every single minute of it tick by like time has slowed to half speed.

So far I have collected ten keys which I would be quite pleased about if it wasn’t for the fact that I didn’t expect there to be ten keys in the first place and that I still have no idea how many more keys there are to go.

I’ve been to Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Leeds, Newcastle, Newquay, Birmingham, Manchester, Oxford and Sheffield for the keys I have retrieved. I haven’t added it up but I think I’ve travelled a fair distance in my quest for freedom from this infernal device!

For those that don’t know I have quite a high sex drive, normally I have a minimum of one orgasm per day and that keeps me ticking over quite nicely however I have only ever cum a handful of times without some sort of clitoral stimulation and the chastity belt does an exceptional job of preventing that. So I was pretty badly horny after a couple of days and after a couple of weeks I was going crazy. I literally cried myself to sleep on several occasions because I was so frustrated.

The belt is fairly comfortable, for a foreign body locked around you 24 hours a day, but it does rub sometimes and I have had nights where I just couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t get comfortable in bed with it on. Wearing it under clothes isn’t as difficult as you might imagine, it is quite invisible under jeans and thicker tops and now that the weather has gone colder that is all the easier. For work I wear a business suit and I bought some thicker blouses so that the top of the belt wouldn’t be visible through them. It’s actually quite comfortable to wear it with a knee length skirt as there is no chance of anyone seeing it and once I’d relearned how to walk, sit and cross my legs normally it was fine. The only thing you have to be very conscious of is knocking it against things, even through clothes it makes a very metallic sound when it hits something solid so you have to be careful of that.

Hannah posted to say I was sulking and she wasn’t wrong, I’ve gone through a lot of emotions over these weeks from super crazy horny to totally depressed to happy (ish), it has been a real motion all roller coaster! The belt is so effective for me and for a long time I just wanted to cum, it occupied all of my thoughts and I tried at length to make it happen but failed. Then I begged and begged and made all sorts of promises to Hannah if she would just let me out but it turns out she has honestly forgotten the combination for the safe and retrieving the keys really is the only way out. She is still stubbornly refusing to tell me how many keys there are as well, her standard response being “you TOLD me not to say!”, which is technically true I suppose.

My “fuck buddy” friend situation isn’t going so well, I suspect he is getting bored with not being able to fuck anywhere but my mouth (which he has done a lot of late) but I think the problem is more his lack of creativity. I haven’t told him that because it isn’t part of our agreement for me to have input on how he uses me but he reads my blog so I guess this is me expressing my opinion!

Hannah has been acting quite the Domme through this whole thing, I think she is quite enjoying holding this over me, it might be interesting to see where that goes in the future.

I think that is all I have to say right now, not that exciting an entry I grant you but at least it’s an entry! I will try and post a bit more often, I know I’ve been pretty lax of late.

Last thing before I go, this is the porn I’ve been looking at of late (which by the way is a terrible idea when you’re in chastity but I can’t help myself!):

Body Writing Humiliation, Rope Bondage (esp. Crotch ropes), Severe Prolonged Predicament Bondage, Extreme Body Mods

13 thoughts on “Careful what you wish for

  1. jeeprat

    Well you did get what you asked for …..Curious though what about hygiene?I assume it is stainless steel so no rust , but what about washing? are you able to keep yourself clean?

    • Lois

      Thank you for making me discuss the most humiliating part of this! Basically I only go to the bathroom at home because I need to use the shower to clean myself afterwards. If I absolutely need to go when I am out I carry a small water spray to “rinse” myself and then dry the belt as best as possible with paper.

      Lo xx

    • Lois

      I am on a contraceptive pill. You’re supposed to have a break but if you don’t then you don’t get your period. I don’t think I could handle a period with the belt on!

  2. jose

    You told. The chastity devices provoke a double torture: the physical one is obvious, but I knew always the mot important one was the psychological one, when the sub assumes his/her role and knows where are the limits, the troubles and the knowledge to have a “normal conventional life”. Think, for example about summer….Thanks for reminding to me all these different situations

  3. Onohara

    I love travel. I love road trips. But under those conditions, I don’t think I could…oh, my. I think I’d get about five miles before I just started beating my head against the dashboard.

    Look on the not-quite-as-dark side: Some day, you’ll meet an imaginatively cruel and depraved domme, and the two of you will fall in love. And no matter how painful or humiliating or unendurable a situation she inflicts, you’ll still be able to tell yourself, “Well, at least it’s not THAT.”

    Assuming you don’t tell her about this little adventure, of course. 🙂

    • Lois

      Oh you could, IF you had no other option! I generally go on the train, I don’t like driving all that way on my own really.

      I don’t think I’ll ever meet a Domme who wants to keep me, I’ve pretty much given up on that dream at this point.

      Lo xx

      • Onohara

        In my experience, anyway, that’s exactly when I’m most likely to meet someone – when I’m not looking and have totally given up on the idea. (Or at least I tell myself that…)

  4. IflyHG

    I’m sorry to hear your chastity has kept you from posting, and caused some depression. You do get vacation time from work? I would think you might take a day or two mid week each week to go retrieve another key. That would at least speed up the process. I was also wondering if once you found a key if you traveled back home or tried to make arrangements to travel directly to the next key. I think if I were that desperate I would be leaving on Friday night and working through the full weekend to try to get through as many keys as possible. Since you travel mostly by train you could use the travel time to “work from home” or write posts about this task. Oh well. Thanks for sharing how hygiene works, clearly I was not the only one curious. Thanks for sharing.

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