Hi everyone, it’s Hannah again.

Some of you may be wondering where Lois has disappeared to since she started wearing her belt. Well, she hasn’t gone anywhere and she has had plenty of time to write but she is sulking!

I know she has found at least some of the keys but i also know she has a way to go yet and I think she is just realising that I have been as mean as she ASKED me to be! Haha

anyway, I just thought I’d update you as seen as Lo is neglecting you


17 thoughts on “Sulking

  1. Gee

    Hannah. I hope you have been using Lois whilst she is locked up. If she is sulking I suggest you give her something to sulk about. Make her come round for the weekend at short notice so her key hunt gets delayed. Remind her how you are free and she is not.

  2. mkay

    Oh Hannah the phrase “careful what you wish for” comes to mind. I do hope Lois ultimately comes round to thank for being the wonderfully cruel Mistress that you’ve become.

    And do keep us updated.

  3. John

    Is Lois one of those lucky ladies who can orgasm through breast and nipple play? Maybe you could have some finding out Hannah? Or you could just bring her close?? 🙂

    • Lois

      No, unfortunately I am not one of those ladies. If I were though I probably would have a chastity bra locked on myself right now because I am very thorough!

      Thinking about that I might be glad I can’t cum that way!

  4. destinator2u

    tsss, someone needs a good spanking, and then some, girl gets exactly what she asks for, starts to get everyone interested and then refuses to write about it 🙂
    Have fun Hannah and I am sure lois enjoys it too or if she doesn’t knows what not to ask in the future…
    or will she?

  5. lwood

    It could be that lois is depressed from the lack of being able to masterbate. As you are the one who caused her to be in this condition, Hannah, it may fall onto you to sort lois out, as in a good caneing to get the “pain slut’s ” endorphins flowing to improve her mood. Just a thought!

  6. IflyHG

    I was looking forward to hearing about the quest for keys, and any of the other adventures that may have sidetracked Lois. Thanks for sharing.

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