My tattoo design

I’ve been having some initial thoughts on the design for the tattoo that I want. As I’ve mentioned before I want it to incorporate different BDSM related symbology as well as look pretty and represent who I am. I’m definitely not an artist but I’ve had a go at a first design and wanted to know what people thought, if there are any artists out there will to help me out, I’d love to see this concept drawn up by someone who knows what they are doing!!

Tattoo Design v1

To explain it a little, the symbol in the middle is obviously the BDSM Emblem which is made up of vines which then circle around and look pretty, ending in roses at either side, one open and one closed. There is no symbolism to one being open and one being closed that I know of, I just liked the asymmetry of it. The “Salope de Douleur” as you will know from my previous posts means “Pain Slut” in French, again no real reason for the French other than its a beautiful language and the words are not easily recognisable to English speakers. Finally there is the hanky on the left hand side (right hand side as you look at it), this is a reference to The Hanky Code, it would be orange which when worn on the left signifies you want “Anything Anytime”!

I’d like to put more subtle symbology into it but I don’t know of any more at the moment, I will keep search but suggestions are welcome.

15 thoughts on “My tattoo design

  1. The_Dark

    Hi Lois, this is my first post on your blog. I like the tatoo idea, and the sketch is very pretty.
    However, I think you need to consider how it could look, if you wear a bikini on beach for example ….. which parts you like to see outside of panties ecc
    So you can choose the right dimension and position. 😉

  2. Onohara

    Nice. I love the hanky idea – that’s beyond subtle, lol. Especially given that it’s mostly an older gay male thing. At least in the US – guys my age and older lived in that era, but nobody any younger, and lesbians back then either weren’t into casual sex the way the men were, or the ones who were just asked. 🙂 Unless it’s different in the UK, given that you’re not much into men and older gay men aren’t likely into you, it’d be interesting to see if you ever meet someone who sees it and gets the reference without being told. (An older bisexual dom? Is there such a thing?)

    OTOH, I suspect more people know the word “salope,” and IIRC it also means shit (as in, feces). So if they know enough French to know one word but not the other, that could be a problem. (It can also refer to a whore, but that’s less of a problem, right?)

    And I also like the design idea – but I have terrible graphic sense, so that might be more of a caution than a recommendation!

    • Lois

      The hanky thing is way before my time I think but I was reading about it and liked the concept, very subtle. I would love it if there was a similar thing these days, like your walking down the street and you see a girl with one orange earing in or something and you immediately know she is a sub up for anything! How can we get it started?! lol

      It isn’t really a problem for people to find out what it means if they see it, I just don’t want it to be a crudely obvious as PAIN SLUT, even though technically that’s what it will be!

  3. Domwithstyle

    Tu be exact Salope de Douleur, doesn’t sound too French and would rather mean Pain Bitch
    Why not directly MASO ? it is clear and direct…Since you are not definitively owned words about your owner (male of female) are not appropriate.
    So make your status and mind explicit !
    After total and definitive laser depilation of course !
    Also FYI, the closer toyour sex, the more painful the tattoo wil be…

    • Lois

      Salope de Douleur sounds very French (try saying it in a French accent!) and according to several translation sites is the correct translation of Pain Slut, although if there are any French speakers who could confirm this I would appreciate it!

      My pubic hair was remove a long while ago by laser treatment so no problem there.

    • Lois

      I don’t like all tattoos either but if they are done by a decent artist I think they can look really beautiful especially the right one on the right person.

  4. Philip

    I really love it. It’s hauntingly beautiful as well as erotic. Have you ever read the best seller: “Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns?” Perhaps add a few pronounced thorns along side the stems of the 2 roses. I thought of this as soon as I read your explanation for the tattoo. Please post the finished product once you gather the nerve. 😉

    • Lois

      I would probably have some thorns on the vines, I’m just not that good at drawing and wanted to keep it fairly simple. I’m hoping to find an artist who can help me polish the design.

      Lo xx

  5. enno

    “salope de douleur” is the right word for your what you are. Another one could be “soumise de douleur”. this rather says “pain-sub”. I personally think that the design is OK. I would make the right closed rose a bit smaller and in balance with the other side. I also would give that rose a tear, since with pain comes tears (be it out of pain or joy).
    And ofcourse you need thorns on the roses maybe you could ad a drop there (blood or tear).
    You could also in stead of the french write it in Japanese. I could look this up for you.
    PS: are you taking tasks again, I might be up to it again 😉

    • Lois

      Thank you for the feedback, I really need someone with good artistic skills to draw this for me, hopefully I will find someone at some point.

      Yes, I am taking tasks on the Set Me A Task page although I have been terribly lax on it really, I hope to improve on that soon!

  6. Stephan

    Dear lois.

    Just saw the sketch of the design for the tattoo you had in mind.
    Being new to your blog but liking the sketch im now left wondering if you ever had the sketch drawn out to a full colour design either on paper of in photoshop.
    Maybee even had the tattoo in one form or other set.
    If so is there a picture of the final design or is the “project” hanging still.

    love to know

    Greetz Stephan

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