Calling all tattoo artists

Random question, does anyone who reads my blog have any artistic skills? Or preferably experience in designing tattoos?

Please let me know in the comments.

Thank you! Xx

17 thoughts on “Calling all tattoo artists

  1. Liz

    I can only draw rude sketches Lo ha 🙂

    The way I am doing mine is finding pictures of what I like and the tattooist I’m seeing will put it all together for me how I explain it. I’ve liked about a million Facebook tattoo pages and scrolled through 1000s of girls with tattoos for ideas. Saved all the pics I like and put it into a custom piece of my own 🙂 xx

    • Lois

      Well feel free to send them over anyway hun, I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve seen so far! 🙂

      I’ve done quite a lot of Googling but I can’t find many examples of tattoos in the area I want one which is basically in the area where my pubic hair used to be. The ones I have found have been fairly horrible so I am struggling for good ideas. As per my Tweet I want to include the words “salope de douleur” in some subtle way, which means “Pain Slut” in French, but I need someone “in the scene” to help me with a design I think. I’d like it to have subtle references to my personality without being obvious or vulgar.

      Where are you getting yours? (As in where on your body not which shop!)

      • Liz

        I’m getting mine on top of my wrist this time, and this one isnt going to be too small either 🙂 Got loads of them planned though as well as lasering the ones on my back off and covering with something pretty.

        Sounds like you need to appeal to a tattoo artist into sm…. Have you had any luck yet?

        • Lois

          No, not had much look yet although I’ve been pretty busy this week. I do know a tattoo artist who would be interested but he is one of Kayleigh’s best friends.

          That’s going to be painful on your wrist, it’s all bone! I have had one layered off in the exact same place as I want one now. That’s not exactly painless either!

          I want something that includes BDSM imagery like the BDSM icon and images representing submission but for it still to be pretty and not to obvious.

          Are you getting my emails by the way hun? Xx

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