4000 words…

I’ve gone over four thousand words on the post about my recent session It is taking forever to write it, not least because reliving it in my head has been getting me somewhat…….worked up! I’ve got a pretty full weekend in store so don’t expect anything in the next few days, it will more than likely be towards the end of next week now, hopefully it will be worth the wait!

Thanks to everyone who posted questions on the “Ask Me Anything” page, I think I have answered them all but keep them coming and I will keep answering. I have also added the tasks page back into the site, this is a page where people, should they wish to do so, can set me tasks to complete and when I have time I will pick one-off the list and carry it out, then report on my blog about just like I did with Dante’s not so long ago.

Thanks for the interaction everyone, it really means a lot to me, I find myself checking my inbox a lot more of late to see if anyone has been in touch so please don’t leave me disappointed!

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